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Felicia Day hung out with 3 people.Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton, and kiala kazebee
Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #4
Felicia Day and 3 others participated
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I am gonna pass on this hangout.
Pastis is another drink that tastes like liquorish and has the same milky -effect.
It's a book club. What do you guys want? This is an awesome book club.
Ladies: as a comics enthusiast, and a man, I'm often accosted with the notion that comics are sexist; while I don't necessarily disagree, I wanted to hear y'all's opinions on the subject of women & comics. What makes a comic appealing to women? Should it feature more women? More (body) types of women? More romance? Women writers? Should people stop trying to gear them to women and just make high quality product, and women will follow? Any thoughts would satisfy a lot of curiosity. Thanks! PS LOVE this hangout, I consistently LOL.
I have been a steampunker for the over a year now. I am more of a dark steampunker.
Was anyone else bothered by the fact that we never got a real answer as to why Rhy's nanobots weren't affected by the tower? Because I really wanted to know!
A kraken is an octopus/squid on Game of Thrones isn't it?
Dude, the Kracken was on Pirates of the Caribbean lol
I think the mongol/half breeds were killed off/aborted. The only reason Mina survived was because her mother was wealthy and chose to keep her.
Is there any chance that you could post these as a show on Geek and Sundry??
We need to uptick #frenzyfriday on G+!
Do you think people had specific "Frenzy Frendzies"?
Am I the only one who wants "frenzy fridays" now? best idea ever.
Wait. Was the raccoon's name Sheridan? From Babylon 5 maybe?
I think the sex part took way too long to get started. They could have kept developing the story but had the sex earlier.
No means no unless you are in the context of a bdsm style relationship where no can mean yes. safeword ftw.
Felicia what is your safety word? Also your the best
Can we come up with a synonym for "Lady Cave?" I'm not naming names (Veronica!), but we need a new term. Don't we?
Blue heavens might actually make sense too if the steam/coal has polluted the skies enough that the nanobots are constantly cleaning gunk from their least as a curse/oath.
the parasol protectorate is awesome. I thought I would never care about other characters love stories, but I did with these books
Yeah but they told him to stay awake. That she couldn't be excited by anything...even his presence.
Amazing book, such a good story that I bought the second which is also amazing! Looking forward to the next book for this group!
+Felicia Day wouldn't it be so cool if you could integrate Vaginal Fantasy w/ Geek & Sundry somehow?
Wow Felicia & Friends (Bonnie, Veronica, Kiala) #vaginalfantasy & +Felicia Day 's Flog all in one day. That was almost too much! :)
+Ian Menard Good idea! I think we should do a graphic novel month maybe in a few months!!!
Yeah Graphic novels are great!
it used to contain poison that would cause you to hallucinate
+Christen Pacheco thats a myth created by the wine industry. The amount of absinthe needed to hallicinate would kill you first.
+Patrick Harron Not entirely true. In the America, the legal amount of wormwood in absinthe is weak enough that your statement is true, but outside the US, there is enough wormwood in it to cause very mild hallucinations (wibbly wobbly street lamps, etc.)
+Katherine Fuller Patrick is actually right on this one, although worrmwood doesn't make ANYONE hallucinate, because it's a convulsant.

The legal amount in the US is 0.0002%, vs. 0.0007% in Europe. I've personally had some that had 100x the legal amount in either place, and it still doesn't cause hallucinations.

Science for this here:
+Amber Peter Interesting- I have had experiences with absinthe which did involve hallucinations (no drugs were involved.) I'm not talking about crazy acid trip type hallucinations though- as I said, the lamp posts got wibbly wobbly and looked like they were bending down towards the taxi. Others I know have had similar effects.
My, you really have such lovely friends.
She always does, her FLOG on youtube is awesome and Veronica
Belmont since I watch Tekzilla.
You 4 should totally review Shades of Grey Just because of the porn content Bonnie would be happy !!
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