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Remember that 12 hour Subscribathon we did on April 1rst? We have a highlight reel we posted today! Individual interviews will be posted starting Wednesday, a few a day for a while. Thank you so much for supporting +Geek and Sundry
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im sorry Felicia, I dont recall, I played too many video games and ate too much Texas BBQ since then...
Look at that laugh Day[9] caused... awwwwww yaaaaa... linin 'em up!
I was wondering how will you do with 12 hours of video online... I was thinking about some kind of "menu" with time links. But the "separated video" option is better: you can see each one alone, you can make a playlist, etc..
Congratulations, people, for the successful launch! And congratulations again for the subscribers then! Now tripled!
PS: I missed the dance break! With that chirpy tune! Where can I find that chirpy tune?
From 12 hours of the broadcast they were able to squeeze just 2:40 min of that digest? Wow...
Bwahahah! I just watched +Felicia Day deliver a surprise donkey-punch to a unicorn. I swear I saw candy, rainbows and equine teeth explode from its head like some sort of magical pinata!
Punching a unicorn, or 'smacking the pony' which, if you know what it means, is something entirely different.....
If I watch Geek and Sundry on Google+ do you get YouTube viewing credit? Or should I watch on YouTube so they know you're successfully drawing views?
missing this makes me sad :( so much fun... i wish i could go back and have been there...
+Alpha Rutabaga Youtube does count the views from videos embedded in external websites like this -- and the uploader can see how many views were on youtube, and how many were elsewhere... so as long as you watch it, everyone wins :)
I am so sad I missed the Crowdsourced script! I had so much fun with everything else.
I like the behind the scenes with the Guild cast, especially the end bit. It looks like you guys have a great time together!
Thank you for uploading this video (and all that will be released next time) from your 12-hour hangout. Due to the fact that I'm living in Germany, I only could watch the first 5 hours. Looking forward to watch the other hangout videos.
Nice summary of the portions I missed. Look forward to the next handout.
Hey, nice! Amber Benson= Tara from Buffy. Greatly understated character.
Ah that 'looking to the future' look!
+Felicia Day

I like the preview shot for the video. Do you get to choose those or did it just happen to turn out to be that?
So much fun! I was one of the artists for your contest and I just received the most amazing package of goodies from the +Geek and Sundry crew. Thank you so, soooo much!

Check it out here:
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