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This service is confusing! I'm part of people's circles but I didn't agree to be in them, I don't know who I'm sharing with and how...eeep! Trying to figure out how to use it more like Twitter than involuntary Facebook groups.
#1: Email notifications OFF!
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If you're in their circle, but they're not in yours, it's like a Twitter follow, if you're in their circle and they're in yours it's like a facebook friend.
Keep it together... You're breaking up on entry... :P
So, in this case, you're in my "following" circle, because you're a witty redhead, but I doubt I'm in your circles because you'd have little interest in a random developer from South Australia :P
When you post you can also decide if its public or if you only want to share with specific people or an individual circle.
Oook so if I do a "public" share then it goes here to ALL people who have added me to their circles regardless of my own circles, so that's basically the Twitter method? Then check replies here. Like with this post :)
Google+... more like Twitter+! It works like Twitter, but you can share other things too. Don't worry, Felicia! Also, making circles = following people.
Anyone can add you to their circle which lets them see and comment on your updates. I'm not sure if I agree that you have to be "mutually encircled" to be like a Facebook friend.
Just don't do anything crazy like a public hangout
Correct. Your level of control is who you broadcast your updates TO and not who gets to follow YOU in a general sense. If the default circle/public setting for updates is properly done, I don't see a big problem with that.

And as long as you don't get to see the names of the circles people put you in ;) I just put you in 'Following', 'Techies and Gamers' and 'Games Industry', but other people might get a little more... 'creative' in their naming.
Hangouts are limited to 10 people apparently BTW.
@Anjuan How did you add Felicia's name link to your message?
Yeah, this thing is flooding my Gmail. Gonna fix that.
Circles are much more relevant from the perspective of the poster than the recipient -- on the receiving end, you just transparently get whatever you get. As the poster you choose what subset receives it.
And 'Public' is even seen by people who haven't added you at all (or even have a Google Profile set up for Plus).
@John Ruth: I put an "@" in front of her name, but this only works for people I have in a circle.
Last question, is there a way between "Public" and "people who added me to circles but I don't have in my circles" to broadcast, or is it public or private, essentially?
Slow down Felicia - you're all good. :-) People are adding you to circles to follow you but they will only see things you post to "Everybody" or things that you explicitly share with someone in one of your own circles. For example you should make a circle called "Guildies" and only put the cast and crew in it, then when you share a candid photo from the post production session with only that circle only they will see it, and at that they will only see it if they already put you in one of their own circles. We call that "asymmetrical sharing."
I don't think this answers your question, but the Incoming section lists updates from people who have added you to circles, but that you don't follow yet.
I think once you get used to it this service will become not only intuitive but very flexible...
Yeah, I'm still trying to figure it out myself. But it's Google, if there is an issue it'll be fixed in a little bit.
Feels like a decent blend between twitter and facebook. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
Under where you post is who you can share with and edit every time. :)
Felicia, I just added you to my 'following' circle, and you'll get a notice for that, but you never need see or hear anything from me except if I post on an update from you. email notifications of is correct though... I can't imagine the amount of spam we'd get from that.
"Public" is the same thing as "People who have me in circles" the people who have you in circles get notified (like twitter) but people can still look at your profile and read your public posts (like twitter)
+Anton Fletcher, I don't think that's a good way to describe public. As I understand it public is absolutely everyone who can visit the site, whether they even have an account or not. If you lead with 'people who have me in circles', you're suggesting a more limited exposure than it actually is.
it's not very intuitive.
Haha yea, you can turn off the ability for people to add you to their circle. That's how I found you lol.
I think a lot of people are conflating Circles with Facebook's Groups when they really aren't similar at all. If you put someone in a Circle, the only thing they know is that you've done so, and that's only for the first one. There doesn't seem to be a way to create a construct where every person can see every other in a given grouping.
Felicia, to be honest, we were all confused when we started this program, but think of it this way, just express whatever you want to express but make it something that does not inflict pain or cause distress. G+, is here so that if a topic or something is posted, then everyone can see it. I am sure in the future they will apply certain rules to disallow people to see things but since this is a new project, it will eventually head down that road
This isn't going to help with the misanthrope part of you, me thinks. :)
Somewhat confusing initially, yes. Public = twitter. Circles = facebook (sort of). Public is one-way. Circles is either one-way (if they don't put you in their circles) or two-way (if they do). Better?
It's much more like a better facebook than anything twitter-ish. Well, I guess people can put you in their circles w/o you reciprocating, and that's twitter-ish. But don't think of it that way. :)
Hope I didn't creep you out by dropping you into a Following circle. I just thought you'd like to be invited.
+Joost Schuur That's why I claimed it to be 'Like Twitter' circles work almost exactly like twitter, if you're in mine, I see what you post, if I'm in yours you see what I post.
It's pretty simple actually. If you make your post public anyone who has you in their circle will see it. If you post it into a circle only people in that circle will see it if they have you in their circle.
Ah yes ... it seems that posts with the most comments stay on top just like on Buzz, which means that Felicia's posts will float to the surface like so much cream. Which will get annoying when it's like a month old. ;-)
Well you could just mute the post from the button on the top right of it ;) or on the bottom right when its in the notification field.
I like it that things with new comments float to the top. Lets you read the latest comments, which is good.
Is it sad or awesome that I read '#1: Email notifications OFF!' in Codex's voice?
Its awesome! I only followed this Felicia Day character 'cos she looks and sounds just like Codex!
+Craig Day I heard rumor that Codex was jealous of Felicia's singing skillz. Come back to PAX!
Not really a loophole; anybody can copy and paste anybody else's information. Besides, the button up in the top right of everybody's own posts allow you to set your posts as non-re-shareable.
Also you can pick where you comments show up. Most of my comments that i have made, are public but it's my understand that when i comment and just want to keep it between friends and family I chose that options as I post the comment
Indeed. If you share "intimate" stuff with your close friends, and it gets passed on to everyone else,...well that's not really what you call a friend is it.
It's all so confusing. I think I'm figuring it out, but they keep throwing new terminology into the mix, which isn't helping.
If you share something as public everyone can see that and the circles can help them to sort things on their homepage, on the other hand if you share something to particular circle only people you have in the circle can see it (eventhough they don't have you in any circle)
omg this made me check my email. lets just say I have a giant mess to clean up o.O
Optional quick video tutorial plezz <3
Can people see what circle names we've used for them? Cause, you know, that might get weird...
People you add to your circles only get notified that they've been added to a circle, not which one or how many.
+Marc Hustvedt But you can have the list of circles appear in your profile. They asked whether you wanted that when you accepted the invite.
Good, I was afraid someone might see the "stalking" circle that I created.;-) 
Circles are about managing who you want to share content with, and who you want to see content from. Sharing via Circles is much closer to Twitter than Facebook, but still different enough that Circles should be approached as a completely new model for sharing content that extends beyond the virtual wall of the Google+ system. This is very important to understand. You can share with anyone, even if they don't have a Google+ account.


Blue Circles are the ones you can put people into.
You can create your own blue circles, to categorize relationships.

Putting someone in a blue circles means:
- I want this person to see what I share with this circle. Aka, Facebook and private Twitter accounts.
- I want to see content shared by this person. Aka, following someone on Twitter.

Posting to a Blue Circle means you want to actively share/push content with the people in that Circle.
- If they do have a Google+ account and you are in one of their circles, then your post will show up in their stream. Aka, Twitter and Facebook.
- If they do have a Google+ account and you are not in one of their Circles, then your post will show up in their "Incoming" feed. (Users can choose to include these types of posts in their regular stream as well.). Aka, Twitter @user mentions.
- If someone doesn't have a Google+ account, then they will get an email with the content (and an invite to the service, I think). Aka, email distribution lists.

Blue Circles enable sharing with people who are not on Google+.


Green Circles are meta circles for passive sharing.
You cannot create green circles.

Posting to the Green "Everyone on the web" is exactly like a Twitter post from an unlocked account.
- If someone has you in one of their Blue Circles, then they will see the post in their stream. Aka, being followed on Twitter.
- If someone from your Blue Circles does not also have you in one of their Blue Circles, then they will not see the post. Aka, Twitter (they are not following you back).
- If someone does not have a Google+ account, then they will not see the post.

Posting to the Green "Circles" or "Extended Circles" behaves like posting to "Everyone on the web" except to the appropriately restricted set of users.


There is no way to create Blue Circles for sets of users that you want to be able to passively (Green Circle behavior) share content with. If you think about Blue Circles as ACL lists for posts, or the way Facebook thinks about Friends, then this will be frustrating. If you think about Blue Circles as people you want to share (via push if necessary) content with, then this is really, really nice.
It's like twitter.I think you can keep the post seprate for each circle.I'm pretty sure that you can anyway,still learning :/
I guess you can lock down your stream for circles, but heck where's the fun in a locked twitter or G+ account
Ok, so how do you turn off email notifications? I'm still trying to figure that out?
Are you feeling nonplussed?
It's weird, you can add people to your circles, but you can't see which circles you're in for others, which I'm not to keen on.
Brian, that's because anyone can define a Circle for any reason. Do you really need to know that you are both in your mom's "Shares Funny Cat Photos" Circle as well as her "Family" Circle?
Why wouldn't I want to know that? You can see which lists your on on Twitter and so on.
Same with private Twitter lists. On one hand, I'd like to see the info, but on the other, it's certainly less stressful to wonder if you are in a "know-it-all" circle someone has created.
Possibly privacy issues? If I name a group "People I'd Like to Hump", I'd feel somewhat awkward when Google inadvertently revealed it to them.

After the big privacy calamity that was Buzz, the ReBuzz that is Plus may be going the other direction intentionally.
If you're friends with someone stupid enough to make a list called "People I'd Like to Hump" it's time to defriend that person.
Im sure you will eventually understand this,.. but circles aren't just for your friends, they are for organising contact with ALL the people in your life.
Pretty much the same thing with Twitter, and I can usually see which lists I'm on there.
Welcome to Google. Were they do stuff with out your knowledge
Anyone can add you to their circles, but the information you post will only show up to the Circles that you want it to go to. So, for example, if you had family on here and wanted to send something to only them, you'd add them to the Family circle and when you make the post set it so that it only goes to "Family". Otherwise, if you just use the default option it will send your updates out to anyone in your circles and anyone in their circles.

I thought that would make it less confusing, but I'm pretty sure that might've made it even more confusing! :/
+Craig Day What he said... in that way they might be going after LinkedIn after a while too.
Heh. I barely know how to use Twitter, so using it like Twitter is going to be a learning experience.
Welcome to Google+ Felicia! Happy to see you here. And given the number of comments your first few posts have garnered, I'm not the only one.

And agreed. Email notifications are trouble... Though I hope they implement SMS somewhere down the line, like Twitter!
The Circles work like Twitter. Anyone can add you. However, you can control whether your posts are public or restricted to specific circles YOU created. :)
As long as you can block people you really dont want, Im happy. lol - you can select the circles who can see a post at least.
#1: Kill your email notifications (for sure).
#2: People can add you to a circle (Twitter) but they'll only see things that you post to Public.
#3: Add people to circles that you are either interested in following (Twitter) or sharing content with (Facebook) without that content being Public.
#4: Add +Ed Healy to the circle you plan to share gaming / convention appearance to. ;)
Hi Felicia! I agree. Circles present very difficult challenges for the celebrity use case. Private threads don't meet the needs of public figures and the public threads are pretty random and chaotic, yeah?
I'm one of those random fans following you. To be honest, it feels odd to follow someone on a social network, because normally that is reserved for people you know. I'm a little curious how this will work with Google+ in that someone can follow someone else without the other person approving them. The onus is on individuals to be mindful of how they share posts, and whether or not they share them publicly.

I'm experimenting myself personally about whether or not I should follow people I don't know. At the moment, only about 20 of my actual friends have made it into Google+, so my Stream is pretty quiet. It makes sense to follow people I'm interested in. If everyone of my friends was on Google+, I'm not sure I'd have the bandwidth to also follow various celebrities.
Pretty sure the ideal place for people to put you is likely their "Follow" circle. Less stalker-y :)
+Anton Fletcher I'm giving you a +1 just for your awesome usage of your/you're their/they're. Truly, this is no Facebook.
be more open, that's not so bad
You're not even in one of my circles, yet I'm a-commenting on your postses. Creeeeepy.
you can pick who to share with but you would have to group everyone following you really lol.
Anything you post public I see. Anything to just a circle I don't. You can see my stuff in the incoming section (basically a circle for people that follow you but you don't follow back and it's off in stream)
You mean you dont wanna be in my AWESOME PEOPLE circle with Patrick Rothfuss? lol
you can decide when posting who can see and who can't based on circles
That's what will spawn a new website called "google+failbook" or something similar. I personally like the idea of having "groups" that can only see what I want them to see.
So let's see, if I comment on this really old post, will it bring it up to the top of the stream for everyone?
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