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Wow this looks pretty good. Steampunk = Win
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More Victoriana than steampunk, but still levels of awesome to be seen.
holy fuck. for the first few seconds i was thinking "game or movie?".

graphics evolving so nicely.. now i fear my vidcard will pretty soon™ not be able to deal with the newer games (so far iam hitting the limits on mass effect 3, barely able to have most details on max)

also interesting to see that more and more games are kinda into "retro technology", and not future tech..
i noticed this first on that wolfenstein game with the greenish odd shields and those "shadowrealm" thing. this was kinda retro aswell ^^
Revenge solves everything. Nice.
I dig #steampunk ! Arkane always does a great job coding.
The Art direction is pretty captivating. I'll be excited to see how this develops.
Thanks for sharing this, it looks pretty epic. And yes, Steampunk does = win.
What a wonderfully-imagined world!

If the game is anything like the trailer (which is, of course, by no means a done deal!) then I'm very interested!

Thanks for the share +Felicia Day!
Looks good but there is something about steam punk I don't like.....

I'm not sure!
Looks like more amazing work from Bethesda.
gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie.... (oops, inner child on the loose!)
oh my giddy freaking aunt....
Bethesda... The bugs in this game are going to be great.
look gud shud be enjoy able game
I like how he takes no shit. He just kills the guy.
If you like steampunk, you'll love +Iron Sky It was fantastic :)
Holy steampowered bullettime batman, this looks pretty badass.
I have been in the mood for something steampunk lately - nice timing.
Very promising. We'll just have to see how it plays out.
He's a short eared Worgen and thats Gilneas. And oh boy I'm looking forward to it.
Interesting! Must learn more >_<
Bethesta is like the new exchange kid who everyone wants to hang with. He still can't speak properly (very buggy games) but even then its cool since he take his mistakes with humor.
I don't understand Steampunk: its definition, its style, nor its popularity. Does Back to the Future 3 have elements of Steampunk? It was my least favorite Back to the Future, so I'm guessing I won't like Steampunk too much.
Except that Bethesda has been around since before most exchange students were out of diapers. And their games have always been buggy. But we forgive them, because they're just too otherwise awesome for us to be dissuaded from playing them.
Atmosphere just reminded me old good Thief series... Anyone got that feeling ?
In this comment chain. People who can't tell the difference between a game published by Bethesda and a game developed by Bethesda.

Arkane Studios is developing the game, not Bethesda.

But don't let that get in the way of all the Bethesda games are buggy circlejerking going on here.
that's pretty intense and impressive that the same time reminds me of assassins creed
it reminds me of Assassins creed a little bit
The chief level designer behind Thief, the art director behind Half-Life 2, and the team that made Dark Messiah: MM.

Um, yes please.
It just looks like a very promising stream punk game. Hasn't been a good one since ... Arcanum.
You know i love how much people bitch about Bethesda games being buggy. Daggerfall was the only game that bugs ruined for me. Nary a single problem with anything since. I have seen the bugs in videos but never on my own computers. I did experience underground shark scorpions in fallout :NV but it got fixed a day or 2 after i saw it. people just love complaining.
One of my most wanted game. Cause yeah, Steampunk FTW ^^.
Steampunk is like an alternate timeline where many technologies are based off of steam and other less advanced technology. Sometimes magic and stuff too. Its kind of a big thing.
Ah yes sweet sweet revenge, a reason to get up in the morning.
I cant wait till I get my cog wielding paws on this game.
He looked like Jimmy Raynor at the beginning. Some of hise side story, or childhood :)))

But very nice!
looks pretty cool...might have to look into it
Well it certainly has some of there trademarks. First Person, High Graphics etc. I suppose it will be a great hit and I will still be unsatisfied.
I love steampunk but not CGI....uhm...
WELL, this looks like possibly the greatest game ever created.
if those are in game graphics, I am in.
Lauren, you're potentially inviting the wrong element
That looks awesome. Definitely reminded me a bit of Thief too. #steampunk
Thanks for the share, Felicia! That looks incredible.
Crikey! I wonder if the game graphics will be that good...
Cool video. It doesn't give us any evidence that Bethesda has made any strides forward from Oblivion (I still don't understand how people play that game, let alone rate it positively), but I do love my steampunk. Besides, they have iD software as partners, now - maybe they can be of some help, in spite of Rage.
If it's anything like their previous game, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic then it'll be fun. :)
It's Bethesda so it's Fallout Steampunk. Works for me.
Magical steampunk Altair by Bethesda? works for me!
Hello Assassin's Creed, meet Infamous in a Steam-punk setting... Very nice trailer, not so sure about the "I SOOOO definitely want/need this" factor.
Now I just need China Mieville involved :x
Thanks for this Felicia. Reminds me of the old "Thief" game series a little.
Looks cool!
It's London steam punk fallout without the fallout
Looks very like Thief, which reminds me I should actually complete them at some point.
hey!! After google-ing your name a million times i finally found out who you are!! Penelpoe!! +Felicia Day
HOOOOO Doggy i love it B-) i got to get that game man
This trailer reminds me of an audiobook series on called "The Gearheart" which makes me want to play this even more.
Looks great, but looks a lot like the Prince of Persia series.
This looks amazing. We need more steampunk. It's a genre with so much potential.
awesome, i think my boys will love it,
THAT is pretty badass!!!!
+Darren dela Torre Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah weren't exactly known for their stability, so giving it a pass because it wasn't developed by Bethesda is premature.

Never mind the fact that the publisher generally does (at least) the final QA pass.
If I remember correctly its a collaboration with some guys from bethesda and someone from valve (hence the Half Life feel of the dystopia), and the third party dudes. Even if I'm getting my facts wrong, the game looks kick a.
omg that would be soooooooooooo scary
i thought this is a CG movie and now i see it is a game...cant wait for this it is freaking cool :).
Very cool trailer! Although, I personally rely on my peripheral vision allot, I don't fully understand "masks". But the Steam Punk set is AWESOME! This is a GAME?! Wow, with graphics that good, I'd rather see a feature film of it! :D
Does look good. Steampunk is always a win.
Check out my Water Color paintings!
hmmm, it looks okay, but at the end its wrong. revenge DOESN'T solve ANYTHING!!
As long as is not a first person shooter, It looks great
Why don't these games ever hire decent actors to do their VOs. WE NEED BETTER SCRIPTS!!!
If this is what they salvaged from Prey 2 I'm okay with that.
it looks ok but i agree with the script thing
I know a great YouTube video
it's called twich and tod
I immediately remembered those steampunk fellows from The Guild Season 5 when I saw this. Looks really sick!
Better than Assassins Creed? Doubtful.
If only they could spell dishonoured.
They probably just live in the US, it doesn't mean the spelling is wrong, just different from what you're used to.
sweet Mother of Chuy !!!... this is sooo fuking awesome!!!.... i want that mask...
Ok, time to buy a new PC!! Because, Lady... I wanna play this :)
assassins creed + fallout + half-life = win
games like this make me happy i bought a 580 GTX with 3 gigs of ram!!
WOW. That looks so nice. Can't wait for it to come out.
Right on! Looks like a great story-line. Good graphics.
Behold the love child of assassin's creed and's freaking AWESOME!!!
goosebumps....nothing but goosebumps from awesomeness
woaoooooo me 2 luv ths its amazing yaarrrrrrr
when are you people going to start playing real games...
there are interesting problems to solve, missions to win...
we are going through an important social transformation and you'll miss all that fun playing virtual games?
at first i thought it was a movie not video game because of how good the pixeles looked!looks fun!
Does anyone on here would like to talk to me please
Looks like a Steampunk Assassins Creed. No bad thing.
OH MY GOD. It's amazing!!!!!!!
More like Crysis with all the physical augmentation. (time stop, speed, strength, agility)
Thx for sharing this - now I have to save up for it, but it looks awesome.
Did anyone spare any thought to why those innocent people were brutally murdered by what looks like the police? And why the problem started?
Wow. I am so not a gamer but that had me wanting to get it - awesome!
Don't be fooled by the trailer, the in-game graphics take after the concept of Brink and/or Badlands. see for yourself at
It's like a combo between Assassins Creed, Skyrim, and (steampunk game)
So this is essentially the Half Life storyline with an Assassin's Creed gameplay, in a steampunk/Bioshock environment?
A Nice Movie Called Dishonored, Super Good. The Casts
Bethesda + Steampunk?
I think I might as well just mail my credit card to the Bethesda office.
i don't understand, is it a game, or a movie??
Love it, Want it. Reposted.
Hello Friend Good Morning
wow, Bethesda is rollin' out good shit!
Not a gamer at all, but this looks pretty good.
That guy looks almost exactly like Jim Raynor in Starcraft II.
I'm down for Steampunk, 1st person Assassin's Creed
Half-life meets Thief meets Assassin's Creed equals profit?
I'm intrigued.
Oh crapolio!!! That looks sooooooo cool!
This is awesome , cannot wait for this
CGI can make anything look good

it does look sic though
This isn't so much steampunk, but it looks friggin amazing!
Holy crap when can i buy this!
hi flacia day how are you you are so nice so ur pic and video nice too
I saw the video. this is a fantastic game with very realistic graphics.
thanks for the post Felicia
I'll buy that for a dollar!
arcanum was one of the best games ever, in his genre. We can but hope this one will be equally fun and deep.
Preview info from last year suggested Dishonored would basically have a steampunk setting with assassins that could use magic. Go Arkane.

Assassin's Steam.
American movie actors are so fierce.
There are many movies bloody
Wow, maybe this time Bethesda will give us some decent story.
A new assassin's creed + steampunk? Looks really good.
Phali z
steampunk ftw :)
Attractive video..seems very interesting , thanks Felicia for your very sweet share ....
Reminds me of Thief for some reason
I like steampunk and this is very nice (also there's a Half Life atmosphere around...)
The problem will be the Bethesda pricing policy...
awesome ... one doubt starting part looked so real , was it animated or real ??
It was pre rendered. Still very well done.
chanty vargas dale que tu puedes te apoyo
This looks like a futuristic steampunk Assassin's Creed with magic! pretty cool.
The GFX are astounding...would make a kick-ass movie!
OMG!! Steampunk Creed!!! lol, that was amazing!!!
I would really like steampunk (I love Victorian novels and kick-ass in a corset) but everyone I know who is really into it, well they are giant butholes. They are pretentious and difficult and smug, which annoys me, because doing something as FUN as steampunk, they should capture the excitement of the enlightement and have lovely manner.
cool it's like a modern assassin's creed ^_^
Am I the only one who originally read it like “Dish”-honored?
That was sweet , that has quite a bit of action in it,I'm hooked.
Nice video, but we need to seem some actual gameplay.
i love move very very fine
No Felicia Day, YOU look pretty good! >_<

Yes, it does look good, actually. This is probably going to be the new "Bioshock" of games, (in fact looking at this trailer, it's almost too similar already), but you can't really complain about getting another deep polished FPS/RPG games like Bioshock.
This reminds me a lot of Assassin's Creed with a little Infamous tied in there... I just hope it has a good storyline and maybe a twist in there. It's pretty interesting though.
Not too much into gaming, but this is gorgeous.
شكراً لكي علي هذا الفلم .
At first I thought this was Thief 4 - but then it turns out it's not.
Mirror's Edge + Assassin's Creed + Half Life / Steampunk??

Sounds pretty epic. Hope they can match the previsualization in gameplay.
been looking forward to this game for months now. Can't wait!
Looks like will be selling more ceiling fans to keep people cool while they are sitting around with their blood pressure rising and getting ticked off trying to finish this game. Seriously though, the graphics in this game look amazing.
soooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooool..................:D
Looks awesome. Can't wait to play. Sky rim doc is much needed too. Oh well I'm only lvl 50 so I guess I still have to get to 81.
games are so addictive these days because they are always getting better....looks like we're in for another great game :)
Looks incredible, hope the game lives up to its trailer
It's like a scene straight out of the Mistborne series. Cool.
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how is your university ?
Bethesda is totally in their own league, noone even comes close. Wishlist updated :P
I'm throwing my money at the screen, but nothing is happening.
I think it would be a fun game. It looked amazing
I'm so excited you are on Google+ that I made my own 'Felicia Day Circle'. I'm going to update you everytime I play Dungeons and Dragons, you know, in case you want to throw some D's.
Well, I'm not much of a Steampunk fan... but I think I may have to try this. =)
Let me get this straight, the guy who worked on the Half-Life 2 storyline and game left Valve to develop this??? When is HL3 gonna come out? Stop wasting time and focus!
On the other hand, the actual game looks amazing, not just the trailer (which frankly has like 20x more real-life graphics than the actual game, which has more artwork-based graphics)
No game play is shown here, which is disappointing. Deciding to like or dislike a game based on a cut scene is impossible.
At first it seemed a bit like Thief: The Dark Project, due to stealth and going along the roofs. But then it turned ridiculously violent. This is nothing at all like other Bethesda games; I don't want to play an assassin. Does the game give you a choice to be a good guy, to be neutral? In Thief you can play without killing anyone. In Fallout 3 you can play with a very minimum number of kills (all self-defence). Etc.

In big attraction of video games is to tell an interactive story, but this is not a story I want to see. Guess I'll wait longer for a good Steampunk game.
I've been able to take a look at it at the gamescom 2011. It was pretty much like Thief combined with Half Life 2. It's a big, open city, you walk around in it, trying to cause "civil disobedience" by murdering Officals, stealing stuff and morphing into animal forms.
I want it, all over my body.
This looks great. Thanks for the share!
Keep in mind that Dark Messiah of Might and Magic was also Arkane studios and that game was badass. Possibly the best first person RPG I've played to date.
Bioshock meets Assassins Creed?
Meh.... Show me some gameplay footage. Dead Island had a great trailer and that turned out bum.
Holy crap thats a vid game??? Awesome graphics!!!
Need - more - video game playing time. I already have Free Diablo lined up through blizzard and no idea when I'll have time to play it. This looks awesome though.
Recently became a fan of Bethesda from their work on Skyrim and this looks just as incredible, more so, in fact. Can't wait :D
Wow Felicia, I'm trying to save my money, but now I gotta have that. That looks seriously amazing!
that look it going to be a great game.
I'm really looking forward to this game. I love Steampunk
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