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Embrace the change! Its pretty cool actually...
Queue up the bitching and moaning sessions now!!!
I get the feeling this new design is going to be used to improve the mobile app. At least I hope.
It feels like more of a mix of facebook and twitter. I like it.
Was certainly a WTF moment when I opened G+ earlier, cant say its growing on me either :(
Now you can see Robert Scoble in amazing 3D!
It's different, but it's awesome!
My only "bitch and moan" is all the horribly wasted whitespace taking up a huge chunk of my screen. It's 1/3 of my screen width just sitting there blank, white and unused.
Bill C
Still not seeing it. Wonder if this is what it would feel like to miss the Rapture or something...
Wow interesting mashup of design elements from FB and Twitter.
The new Hangouts section is really nice.
I really like it! Can't wait to get a banner for the top!
Too good to be true, I guess. Google+ pulled a Facebook.
Its freaking me out! I dont know if Im using G+, Twitter or Facebook!
I agree with +Jason B, seems that there is a lot of wasted space where other parts of the screen are pretty busy. First impression is that I like it overall, though
Focal point of page should not be flushed left, should be center. We'll see what they do with the white space of doom in the middle though before I pass too much judgement.
Most of the functionality is the same. Just prettier. I'm in favor of the "improvements."
If you have a tablet device this is not a new view for you. This almost exactly how it looks on my wife's nook tablet.
It's so scary. I don't like change.
By and large I like the update. I really wish I could hide or minimize the chat bar on the right, and I really wish the stream wasn't fixed-width (on a big monitor, there's a lot of wasted white space).

I'm also not a fan of the circle/saved-search drop down at the top of the stream. I have a lot of circles, and clicking the 'more' button fills the page (which seems strange, considering that my streams don't fill the page!) I would much rather have my circles where the chat bar is...
I don't have mine running in full screen in order to allow my IM application to run attached to the right hand side of the screen. By Opening the Google chat portion, it basically fills the "white space" here in G+. So far, I'm good with all this.
looks the same to
When I'm on the "Home" tab everything feels lopsided to the left. I wish there was a way to resize or change the columns even to the point of getting rid of one I don't use.
It apparently is not pushed out completely yet. So not everyone has it.
+raji kodja, it's rolling out over the course of the day, you might not see it immediately...

I'm totally digging this new layout though :) kudos to google!
Wow, definitely a new look. I think I like it so far -- gotta poke around a little more first to know for sure.
Yeah I like it too... but for some reason half of my screen space seems to be wasted with whites before the <Start hangout and chat screen> starts... Need ... to ... fill... with ... something.... ah! stickers... :P
Went to Google+ pin on firefox a few minutes later and boom, can't find anything for a few moments. I will need to give it a day or two before I have an opinion of it.
I just tried something... using Chrome I zoomed in to 150% and voila! Everything fits nicely! All the buttons to the left fit the screen as well as all the content of the posts as well. Its just that everything looks big and overwhelming right now. But at least I got rid of the huge white space which was frankly... asking for it! :P
Fred L
the tabs are on the left side now haha
seriously! I actually broke mine already (in less than 5 mins, I'm that good) by trying the "wide" option with my "Plus Minus" extension for G+ in Chrome now the screens all F'd up and I can't click the "normal" mode button again because it's behind stuff. Had to switch from chrome to Firefox and/or Android for G+ till it's fixed now...

If anybody uses this extension... DON'T CLICK WIDE SCREEN OR SHRINK.... learn from my mistake lol
+Asjad Hasan yeah im getting alot of white space too. I think that the feed should be centered but im sure there will be more updates and fixes to this change.
Oh that Google. Never know what they're going to pull.
Now there's hoping that the Android app gets an update removing the waste of space on the left side.
Looking forward to the updates, wonder how long before Canadians get it?
Actually, I do think the new profile layout is pretty cool.
And the Kina Grannis music really helps sell it, good choice.
I kinda like the way it looks now.
And all the text stopped wrapping... at all. So now like everyone's comments are one long line. Bleh. Guess I'll have to give up on G+ and go back to mailing lists and IRC.

update: okay maybe it was just a temporary css glitch from google, seems okay now.
I think Google still got some work on the Layout. Especially on full screen it looks broken. Scrollbar on the far right but the only thing thats scrolling is on the left.
Text an comments don't wrap at all now its just a long thin column.

:( Its a good try but need a lots of work to fix it.
I'm not real keen on how my stream is smashed off-center to the left.
Me either :( I seen the article on it but nothing has changed on my end as of yet.
+Sean Bradshaw, disable all extensions for G+ until they're updated. None of them that I use still work and many just mess things up.
Text is wrapping fine here with nothing trying to change the page.
+Felicia Day Thanks for this post, it gives me encouragement that people are actually liking the new layout. Now to see if +Wil Wheaton likes it or not... HEY WIL, R/WILPOWER NEEDS YOU.
I kind of like it. I will need to explore some more before I decide how much however. The banner photo immediately made me think of Facebook. Not sure how I feel about that.
I really like the new look (not something I've ever said for a FB update!), unfortunately it doesn't fix my biggest G+ gripes...

- Lack of events/google calendar integration
- No ability to import a feed (even as a one off manual process) to Google Pages, so can't move my site to Pages without losing my news archive.
- No ability to post to G+ without going to G+ itself

The last one I understand, Google want us to stay in their garden, and not play next door. The second one, I kind of get, it's not really what Pages was designed for, maybe Blogger needs to be integrated into G+. The first one however there's no excuse for that I can tell.
There's too much empty white space on the right half side (at least for me with a 24" monitor). It would be great if I could manually resize elements. At least I can properly see all my Circles now.
Positives: it's clean, crisp and easy to navigate.
Negatives: too much wasted space, the Circles button should be higher (it's a core feature after all) and games take an extra click (though I'm not really here for games).

What I really would like to see is a built in Post Collapse feature. It makes things so much easier.
I like the design. I immediately knew how to use it even though it was totally different. A bit opposite of an experience from that of Facebook or Twitter. :-)
+Colin Jones You can click and drag the icons on the left to change what order you want them in.
I definitely approve. Loving the new layout!
Why SO MUCH unused space ??? we can't see pictures or videos in a decent size and 3/4 of the page's space is wasted for NOTHING !!!
I dig it. Though I wish we'd get more content width.
I don't see anything different. It must not be rolled out to my account yet.
mmmm indeed, so much unused space. the whole thing feels like an app now. grey backgroiund in white boxes. i like clean white on white. feels more spaceous!
OK.. but I STILL don't have integrated Gmail on G+? I have to go to a whole other tab.. pffft.. lame.
Gik! Everything's in the wrong place. Use your superpowers to put it back!
I can't scroll using Chrome! Please bring back the ole G+.
I like this a lot. Just rolled out to my account a little while ago, and while I think a bit more space could be given to the posts themselves, overall it's really nice.
Weird interface is weird. I think I could get to like it, but as others have said, there's a lot of wasted space on my screen, and the scrollbar for the main content area is to the right of the chat panel. Also, scrolling the stream feels more sluggish than before. It definitely needs some tweaking.
I'm generally pleased with the new layout, nor am I having any issues with scrolling in chrome.
Guys there was a ton of wasted space in the previous version of G+. The wasted space was just to the left AND right of the stream. That said, it would be nice if the stream could be widened or centered on the screen.
I like the new layout in comparison to the old layout. There's a bit more to do in terms of formatting the center of the screen, but it's an improvement nonetheless.
I want the saved searches more easily accessible... that was what made G+ unique!
Boo! I hate new Facebook! I hear they're going to start charging. Boycott Facebook! Oh, wait, you said Google+. Crisis averted.
awesome! HTML5 orgy all around... :D
Hm... I'm not sure I like it. Everything feels weighted on the left now... liked it better nice and centered. Oh well... hope I get used to it.
Does anyone else feel off-balance with this new layout? I don't hate it, but everyone's flushed left. I keep fighting the urge to tilt my head. Mind you, I wouldn't want to compromise by having it filled with ads.
I still can't get over the fact Felicia got a Google VP to comment. Awesome
this is pretty different but I guess I'll have to play with it when I get home.
+Jessica McCormick is not off simply depends from your monitor resolution and how is sized your browser window. Beside that the content in the right side is not needed for navigation.
OMG. LOL. ROTFL. UR. etc also shows disrespect for the English language and the reader but there is no accountability
They need to make the layout width-responsive.
Took me a bit to find the block button. So many blocks today... what the hell happened? Did we get a bunch of douche's with the new update?
The stream definitely needs to be set to a variable width. My content stream is 700px wide, with 780px of white space between it and the chat panel!
As long as they don't change the interface every 3months like Facebook does - I'm okay with it!
Disappointed. Much more real estate is devoted to stuff I will not use ever. These updates now take up 1/3 of the screen space, but these are the important things. No obvious way that I see to get rid of "trending" or "start a hangout".

Maybe my experiment with social media is over.
From the screenshots (can't watch the video right now) it looks a lot more like facebook now... Not Sure If Want.
Hate the changes, thanks for fixing what wasn't broken. >.<
Part of me was freaked out it all changed but really I like that it keeps getting fresh designs #newgoogleplus
This new format sucks! I want my previous Google+ format back. And I think most other Google+ users preferred the previous Google+ format over this too! Perhaps if users could have the freedom to select which format they prefer. But were all stuck with the same format.
I have a tendency to resist change, but often times I find out that it was good. It just takes me a while to adapt to it.
I miss the lonely robot in Hangout. :-( Otherwise it's all pretty cool!
Need to get used to it. Big panel of white space for me.
And it looks like the +Sebastian Mauer extension requires the use of Chrome.
New interface finally activated for me (wasn't a cache issue or anything), I can see what everyone is complaining about. That is a LOT of white space to the right of the main feed.
Looks like widescreen owners are punished or something =\
i just got mine updated tooo.. this is horrid.
The new look kinda squish the content toward your left. I don't like that part of it... Lot of white space on the right... =(
I opened a Diaspora account today. The new +Google+ design only allocates a quarter of the screen to the actual content.
Jsut found one more bug... I cannot do +1 anymore (Firefox7.0.1) anyone experience that?
Everything is hanging to the left!!! Anyone else find this odd?
Very different... going to hold out on my opinion until I've given it some time. =)
"I wish the stream was centred...." Or at least an adjustable width would be nice.
They seems to fixed +1 in firefox! Since it works now... +1 for you!
Love the new look, it's fantastic! Not sure why everyone is complaining about the white space either. Have you guys forgotten the old layout already which was mostly white space on both sides of the stream. This is a much better use of the screen.
At my age, everything seems different but usually I think it's memory loss instead of technology.
Too bad they didn't announce the end to their war on anonymity and pseudonyms
I like it. Clean, concise, organized and visual.
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