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Hey guys! Next Tuesday the 11th, to celebrate the release of my new web series Dragon Age: Redemption, I’m gonna do a fun experiment with Google Hangouts from 1pm-4pm EASTERN!

Here’s my idea:

-First, learn how Google Hangouts work if you haven’t already. Here’s a great place to start to learn about the Hangouts ( ) Basically, you can create a video chat room with up to ten people in it. It’s super fun.

-On Tuesday at 1pm Eastern time I will make a post to kick off the Housecalls here on my account.

-You reply to my post with a link to a Hangout you’ve created (the link is the address in the browser window of your hangout)

-I will be popping in and out of as many public hangouts linked in the thread as I can from 1pm-4pm Eastern!

-I’ll answer questions about the show and we can even pose for a photo that you can screencap and post later! Cool? Cool.

Here's another link to the trailer: Dragon Age: Redemption Trailer (ft. Felicia Day)
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Haha, can't wait!

Oh, and you are pretty excellent Felicia, no wonder us gamers actually like you.
Awesome idea! Now if only I had a web cam. :)
Damn, now, if only my webcam worked!
Hmmm. Hangout on Google+ or play Forza 4... Choices... Maybe both at once.
Google Hangouts is supposed to be pretty sweet. My friend Andrew uses it to gamemaster his Earthdawn games.
Nice! Wish I could be there. Surgery day :)
This is a very cool idea and will definitely avoid the 10 person limit that usually plagues famous people's hangouts.
If ever there was a reason to learn Google Hangouts, then that would be you , +Felicia Day! Gotto go learn now...
Fantastic idea. Good use of the Google+ Hangout, too. I look forward to seeing the results
What about us people who have to work on Tuesdays! ;-)
Barry V
haha.. very cool!
sooo, 1-4 what time zone? This is important to those of us that slave for the man. Damn the man.
This is a brilliant idea. I hope it catches on.
+Darrel Edson I'm with Darrel. I just moved again, so I'm all confused. What time is it in...where the hell am I? Virginia!
I'll be at work for those hours, but I'm looking forward to seeing all of those screenshots!!
Wish I could play. :( Gosh darn work!
You are so awesome Felicia! Its so amazing that you are going to do this!!!
Is So, is Google paying you to attempt to stress test their servers?

If this were 'after hours' I'd be interested. Good luck with it.
"Ding! Dong"
- Who's there?
- Day.
- What day?
- Tuesday.
Sorry. I'm sure you know all the jokes about your name.
The Fur
I am off that day, and have a webcam I have borrowed from a friend. This will be the perfect time/place for me to try it out. Not to mention the opportunity to see your pretty face in realtime. ;)
Thats epic, now i just gotta find 8 other people that arent working on weekdays
Nifty idea. I'll be interested to see how it works and how many you can hit.
You're just too cute. [also small and pale]
I can't wait! I'll have a girl geek hangout made up and waiting.
Anyone of you on google+ that wants to make a hangout for tuesday let me know, surely we can get a few of us together if we network here
I'm fairly certain you are the coolest woman on earth.
AWW, i'll be at work... pretty sure I can't do a G+ Hangout there without getting in some sort of trouble.
Lor Kem
I tried your link, to see where to learn about Google+ Hangouts. It didn't bring me to any where having to do with hang outs, thank you.
This is really cool Felicia, I won't be able to attend do to work, but I would like to applaud you on reaching out to your fan base in a very personal manner. I can only image that it is daunting and possibly some what annoying with the fear of 'fan boy' mentality, but its cool that you are giving it a shot.
Oh great, does this mean you are going to shutdown G+ due to the number of your fans hanging out? You might break the Internet.
Too bad I get off of work right at 4pm eastern or I would so like to do this. :-(
She even redefined redefining!
Be prepared for dozens of live penises. Jus' sayin'.
ditto that Lundie - while it's seems while we may be a little late to this party - what your saying is that there's a chance...
+Marlin Thompson THat's a GREAT idea to network people together, I'll definitely prolly give preference to larger hangout groups so i can cover as many people as I can!
Sounds cool. Not sure which of my friends won't be at work, but I'll definitely be there.
Maximum awesome! I'd ask which Dragon Age you prefer but it's obvious you prefer the one you are in. :)
Any chance of doing a night one for those of us who work during the day? 
Holy crap, this is awesome! 10/11/11 will be known as Felicia 'Day'! (aka: the day Felicia takes down Google+ single-handedly). :)
Man, if this were not in the hot middle of my school day, I would be on it like white on rice. I will, however, be watching the premiere as soon as I have time to do so. #icantihaverehearsal
dammit, i'm in class. so upset that i'm missing this.
damn i'm gonna be at work. well i guess i'm going to be getting sick monday night.
I hope you have fun, but I and probably many others will be watching Samsung and Google's Unpacked Conference.
and by the way hangouts really is awesome.
...and this is why your fans love you. You show you care. :D

EVERYONE ELSE: We definitely need to network together so that we can have as many full (well, with a spot reserved for Felicia, of course) hangouts as possible! There's no need to force Felicia to jump into a bunch of sparsely filled hangouts. The more almost-full-capacity Hangouts we have, the fewer she has to eventually join, and thus the more time she can spend with everyone! LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
+Felicia Day not sure if hangouts still has the 10-person limit. you should try that out beforehand. Hopefully it'll all work out!

Sorry, I totally misread everything! Ignore...
Squee!! I'm learning about hangouts now.
Hah! Freakin' awesome idea, Felicia. :-D Poor Google... Not gonna know what hit'm. ;-P

Ahhhh dang! I will be in class! Noooozzz
Again if any of you wanna network together for Tuesday so that we have a full group just let me know, Im sure there's alot of us who would like a chance to kick it with Felicia but dont have all our friends availible for Tuesday
Damn you school! Sounds like fun.wish I could participate.
LOL going corporate!!? ahhh, nerd, jk, <3
Why aren't YOU the moderator for BlizzCon!? You've got the perfect gamer's spirit...
FYI guys if it goes well I'll do another one later in the web series release at night so work people can arrange :)
Aw man. That's the middle of the night here in Japan. I'll miss it :(
OMG Felicia your awesome. I'm totally geeking out right now but don't care.
Just in the late afternoon / evening here in France, perfect! Just need to find a group now.
Why do I have to work Tuesday? :(
Its great nice wonderful tho....
Too bad it can't contain more than ten, would be kinda awkward to have one on one hangouts.
We may be witnessing how the future is going to look. Great idea, bring on the 21st century I say. Keep going! :)
you are an amazing person to do this for fans
The day Google+ ground to a halt.
Well that is intriguing. And potentially genius. It's likely I will participate :)
That means I have to setup a video camera at work. Since I own the business, the only one I have to answer to is my wife. And she is a Day fan too. Win/win.
Tom B
damn, i'll be at at work during that time.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
That's awesome! I hope you end up getting a minute for me.
You are so awesome! Now I totally need to do this. Hope to see you Tuesday.
LOL man I live out in the country so I got major bandwidth issues and won't be able to participate but this is why I am such a fan of yours Felicia is you take the time to do stuff like this for your fans. Keep being awesome!
I foresee horrible chat roulette related NSFW activity this day
Awww....I will be at work then. :'(
That sounds like a fun experiment. Too bad I'll be stuck at work during those hours. :-(
I work Tuesday, but I work from home, so I can just leave a hangout window open. Guess I won't wear PJs. But I guess Codex often records her vlog in PJs, so maybe I should. Too bad it can't be Monday, as it's a public holiday in Canada.
I'm pretty excited about this! But dang it, I'll be in class! :(
So I guess I better learn about timezones, huh.
I wish I wasn't going to be out of town (and therefore, without reliable internet)!! ;_; I will be hanging out in spirit, I suppose.
Everything is happening on the 11th this year! I'll be too busy to celebrate my birthday! haha
Any redheads wanna get together and form a 9 ginger hangout she can join in on? We could start a new meme: the red queen and her dork court. There would be various pictures and we'd all make millions. Or something. 
This is an amazing idea... to bad it's during a time I'm at work and am unable to hangout . G'luck and have fun with your midday housecalls +Felicia Day . Keep us posted if you plan on doing any after business hours drop-ins :)
This is a great idea! I am sad that I won't be able to participate, but I love that you are doing it!
I got all excited, then I remembered I made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. :o/ Maybe I'll get back in time... <crosses fingers>
Baaah. Stupid job, holding me back!
Hi,Halloween Month I love it! :)
as if psudo-binary day couldn't get any better Thank You for being exceptionally awesome +Felicia Day
YES!!!! I'm so in!!!! :-) I <3 you Felicia!!
Sounds awesome. Wish I didn't have to be at work. I am a little concerned, though. How many penises do you expect to unintentionally see? 
@ +Matt Horrocks I think with her primarily going to groups that are full or almost full, the people in the groups would police the group they are in. As with anything there's always a chance you'll have the Park-Strangler type Creeeeeper, but I hope that everyone can be adult and civilized. You have to hand it to Felicia for being one of the first that i know of doing something like this for fans.
So I think this is made of more then just win.
+Marlin Thompson Exactly. I'm sure people will be able to police their respective hangouts enough to keep things from going too awry.

As for networking everyone, once the 11th comes around if everyone hasn't figured something out, maybe we can just try and join whatever hangouts are posted in Felicia's post as they are posted, and if they're full then people can just start their own? That way, existing hangouts will fill up, and small hangouts will be at a minimum?
mutter grumble Have to work.
I would love this, but will sadly be at work the while time. :-( 
:( of course it's in the middle of class. I think I might have just died a little bit....
I'm digging this idea but move it back alittle. Some of us have regular jobs and would like to play.
I want that picture as a wallpaper!!!
We'll have a hangout created with some of the people who have worked on the AMD stuff for Dragon Age: Redemption. We'd be stoked if you'd pick us and our coworkers would be totally jealous.
This is such a cool thing to do. It sounds awesome. I will be there for sure, even if it means missing my first class this semester.
Amazing idea but still can't figure out how to start a hangout lol been workin at it a while, hard to do with this cam maybe not sure but, great idea :) Hope I can get in on it
Oddly enough I took Tuesday off but all of the people in my circles work between 1-4pm. I hope you share some photos.
This is a wonderful idea. The only issue I can think of is if you actually show up, I'd have nothing to say. XD

Shyness for the win!
What a very clever idea. I hope I can make it.
Same here!!=] Hopefully I can drop by!
Figures that it would be the middle of the night for me, lol! Oh, well, these things always are!
6am in the morning on a Wednesday... can I justify skipping a whole day of work for the slim chance to talk to F-Dee for a couple of minutes?

...and that's how I will tell people I got fired.
+Shawn Brockmeier Same... But I've got my priorities straight and I'm gonna be at home on my laptop patiently waiting from 1 to 4 for my turn =)
I keep forgetting just how awesome you are Felicia, thanks for reminding me.
WOOOOO! I have to buy a web cam... OMG! OMG!! :) ahah!!! Google+ better deliver what it promises.
I will again remind you of the high likelihood that upon entering a Hangout you will find yourself hanging out only with fan boy wangus. You're own personal Chat Roulette. Good luck! Bring eye sanitizer.
Like the creativity of this idea!
Great idea Felicia, just wish I could participate. I work until late most of the weekdays.
+Brett Ranger so she just makes a "Eww" face, does a screen cap, and then posts 'em all in a Wall of Shame. Then we block them.
Vokle is better suited for this type of thing. It's set up for live video presentations. Also, you can pick people out of the crowd to do video questions. Give it a shot,
Sounds like a fantastic idea. be interesting to see how it goes
Wow, that sounds awesome. I'm not sure I'll be free at that time, but it'd be great to participate!
damn, too bad I'll be at work :/
again some day!
Nooo! That's when I have my Italian class </3 hopes for another one
this is awesome, to bad i have to work, almost worth taking the day off...
Lana, In regards to your Italian class, you can always forgetaboutit.
Sounds fun Felicia. Will try to participate. Love your work, so this should be a blast. Hope it all works as well as you are planning.
I'm going to do this for sure! The 11th is my birthday and that would be the best present ever!
Will you be wearing that outfit, Felicia? Because, you know... rawr.
Do you get mad if people take pictures with you and don't send/share it with you?
Need to do it when "normal" people aren't working. lol
Lou G
Great, now Bioware will have to find another name for the next Dragon Age! :P
You are the coolest. I bow to you Web Goddess...before Zod.
interesting, but i'd rather have another season of the guild, lol.
Noooo why during my work hours? Man that would have been so awesome!!! Have fun everyone who gets to!
This idea, evolved:

+Zak Smith runs a D&D hangout during the period and signs it up. When Felicia appears, she jumps in with a character for a round or two of the game.
Skipping school to hangout with Felicia Day? Check.
Oh boogers I will be at work :( but Sam I like your idea. You DnD via that hangout feature!!!! That is epic!!!! And I'm a little jealous 
I will so be here/there/whatever. I'm just stoked I won't be at work!
This is soooooooooooooo amazing :) Count me in!
I am gonna try to participate, but I am on call with fire and rescue during those hours so you may come into a chat with me to an empty chair. :( Now to think of a question to ask. lol
I'm pretty sure I'd just hyperventilate with excitement and then you'd have no question from me. :P
This is gonna be awesome! Though may possibly crash the "Hangout" function. Remember when ever she suggests a link, it crashes from the wave of fans. :)
Sara C
I'll be looking forward to this :)
Love the idea... Sadly, I too will be at work... So I can only hope it's a raving success, and perhaps there shall be a next time ;-)
Sounds like a disintermediated satellite media tour. Neat idea!
Aw damn. This is a fantastic idea, and I'd love to do participate, but I'll be in class the whole time. I'll be there in spirit!
Really excited about finally being able to see the web series and the new content too. Think there might be a chance for you to do a Mass Effect series next?
That sounds totally awesome, I think I wouldnt be able to speak to ask you any questions though lol
sigh... living in India makes the timing too hard to manage - but will try for sure!
Just in case: You really are a very talented and innovative person Ms. Day, keep up the phenomenal work and I hope this new series goes big.
Ding Dong is also what I thought on seeing this photo
Seriously, what a great idea and a classy way to interact with your fans. I would love to participate but I'm working. I have 26 ambulance shifts this month...
Very cool. I may have to give this a go!
That's my birthday! Unfortunately, my last class gets out at 4:30 eastern. Otherwise, I would jump at the opportunity to talk to you. ;_; But having the new webseries is enough of a gift already. Keep being awesome!
This is a wonderful idea, but I've seen this sort of thing get overrun before. I can easily see hangouts posted as a reply filling up fast and staying full even if people try to leave to make room for Felicia. If people make independent posts with the link and explicitly share it with +Felicia Day , she should still get the notification, but then there's less chance of the hangouts being mostly full of fans. It's a bit of a conundrum...

I don't have a webcam myself, so I hope it works out for everyone else.
Oh man! This is awesome but I'm going to be stuck at work!!! Maybe I can take a super late lunch or leave really early. Hahaha. Looks like I'll have to catch you next time. It's a terrific idea though! >^..^<
Chris S
I'm in the Eastern timezone, and that's an unfortunate time for me because I have an 8-4 schedule. I imagine many full time workers in the timezone have a similar issue. Oh well, maybe next time.
I would totally call in sick for this.
Well, if I were going to be at home at this time, I should so be there. Road trip though. :(
oh man! I wish I was going to be home at that time! That's a great idea, Ms. Day!
+Felicia Day looking around I cant find out when or where the first Dragon Age Redemption episode will be released. Can you give us any more details or is it all hush hush?
hate this!!! i'll be working at that time as I'm Central so 4pm is just 3pm :( now I cry
Hmmm, that's such an odd time, most of us @ EA Redwood Shores have to work even
This is a great idea, Felicia! Perfect way to utilise a Hangout! I'll get some friends together tuesday to say hi!
I missed you at Dragon Con and now I'll miss this. :( Fantastic idea, though!
Ms. Day, that is a wonderful idea!
You are awesome! :D I'll probably go home for lunch to try this on Tuesday
This is an awesome idea.... except for those of us that will be working or as a friend pointed out in class during that time frame. Oh well, too bad I won't be able to partake in the fun.
awsome ill be back from work by then :) :)
I love you and I love Dragon Age! Double WIN!!
Love this idea! I hope more people start to use hangouts like this!
u are so being a woman with active mind
The hangout & the ding dong graphics make me think of dear Jonathan Coultons lyrics to Over There : "_And the men go around with their ding dongs hanging down_"
I have to 2nd Richards comment, you are awesome and I want my kids to grow up to be just like you. You are an inspiration in everything you do.
Unfortunately I have to miss out. Jobbie job and all that rot.
Oh boy.. I'd love to hang out with +Felicia Day! But my public hangout would most certainly be empty. I'll be working that day anyway. Ah well, sounds like a fun little experiment!
+David Webb, therein lies the bonus lack of anonymity on G+. Though I'm sure at least one or two shameless buggers will still Prince Albert the place to hell.
So where's the post where we put our hangout link?
I'd totally hang out with you. Your my hero.
I wanna be in on this! Is that 11-2 pacific?
If anyone needs an extra to fill up their group just let me know! Thanks!
Wonderful idea, I may find myself participating.
+Alake Malik The post will go up on Tuesday 10/11

+Sarah Jane You may be able to look in the thread on Tuesday and see if there are some hangouts that are open that you could join. Or you could start one and leave it open to invite others like yourself who might be looking for one.

+Mark Tehnsuko +David Webb this getting "Chat Roulette'd" is a possibility, but since +Felicia Day will be joining the hangouts (and leaving when she chooses), there will be some social pressure not to misbehave. In theory, right? Plus, you don't have to create public hangouts, you just have to make one with a circle that includes Felicia, or make one with a circle and invite her specifically. Maybe we need a "ding dong" counter.
Unbeknownst to her there is an impending 5% drop in workplace productivity due to the massive amount of "sick" days about to be used on Tuesday. Including me, I have the flu now, oh so sick, and a cold too for good measure...
This.Is.Awesome!!!!! I can't wait!
This is going to lead to anywhere from 50-100 marriage proposals...
All I can say are a BRAVE BRAVE woman...
Reasonable excuse to miss class? I think so.
Will it be distributed via zune like the Guild?
Congratulations on all your success.
Wish I wasn't at work during those hours. I love your work and talking to you would be amazing.
I'm not sure what I am seeing but I am strangely excited by it...
Hey Felicia, I like your Foots.
They are absolutely beautiful.

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