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NEW FLOG!  I get really enraged over a video game with my brother and we had to bleep a lot, sorry :(
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Dropping everything to watch this!
The gaming with Ryon segments are great because +Felicia Day really becomes quite animated which is funny.
Possibly my favourite game of all time - it was so inventive!
David H
You are forgiven, everyone has their moments.
Instead of bleeping them out, try replacing profane exclamations with barnyard animal noises.
The Flog has become my favorite part of Mondays :)
I have that game.  It was a pain in the arse at points but if I remember correctly it was possible to beat in a single day.
Some of the best boss battles and crazy weapons ever. A fireball that you control after firing it by moving around? Yes please!

And of course the 'Not-A-Lightsabre'...
you and your brother are hysterical together!
I loved Gunstar Heroes as a kid.  If I remember correctly, the blue laser + green homing missile combination pretty much breaks the game.  Just hold the fire button and you can beat the game in 20 minutes.
Although on a couple of the bosses it homes in on an invulnerable section so you have to change it :-)
I will bet money the guest Flogger will be Wil Wheaton.
+Robin Hollingsworth Ah you're right, I forgot about that.  And didn't it get stuck on those robo-birds sometimes too?
You and your brother are very funny together. Was great fun to watch.
I remember finishing this with a friend, a thousand years ago. Great gaming achievements.
Ill have to try Gunstar now! As for the fuppets they're probably Americans speaking Portuguese because the accents aren't native accents (my hubby sounds like that). Although all the names that appear on the credits are the animators, and based on their last names they're mostly "Spanish". So who knows? Ps- your brother's quite handsome!
Too funny..  I have to bleep myself when playing Call of Duty!!  Actually I don't, I just don't turn on the mic!!
OMG, this is probably one of my favorite games of all time!
That was like, my favorite game on the Sega Genesis.  Me and my little brother still play this all the time.  Really fun game.
awwww +Felicia Day i feel like you listened when i told you to play it (even if it was just a coincidence i take it as a win). i feel validated :)
Wait what?  I named a baby cow after her and sent her pictures and didn't make it to the Top Three.  (I am refusing to call it Trio Mio :P )
The tiny fuppets is everything but portuguese.. i guess they are spanish that's the worst portuguese i ever heard!
Gunstar heroes is one of those great games that... nobody seems to know about. Glad to see it get some much deserved pub!
Why do you have to bleep things out? It makes american television almost unbearable but why do you have to do it too?
Fuppets, who-da thunk it!!!
Adorable, even in rage. 

My guess for the guest flogger is Rev. Ivan Stang.  (No it isn't.)
Thanks for the Co-Optimus mention...that's my site!  :)  
Playing games helps with the stress a bit but it sure does not help with the finances...
I love that game so much! It's fun and easy. Great for relieving stress.Me and my friend use to play 'henchmen toss' and try to hit each other by throwing henchmen
Gunstar heroes! Good times, good times.
I would cut off the small finger on my left hand to see you guys play through Black's Dice Maze.
Felicia, you may be from Alabama, but you curse like a New Yorker... Brava :)
I'd like to flog you Felicia Day !!!!
+James Countryman you must be nuts! +Felicia Day could pass out or die from that, the swearwords would be flying out so fast and hard that she wouldn't have time to breath in. Asphyxiation from excessive swearing, not sure its happened before but there is always a first.
How fun!  I want to play video games with +Felicia Day .  Watching this made me feel better about my own video game...moments.
Annnnd this is why I don't tape myself playing video games. XD
My guess is gonna be Wil. Cause Wil's badass.
What a cute puppy! You need to curse more often.
and he lied to you about the moose knuckle
Can't you release a bleep free version? Though I somehow like how those bleeps actually don't cover much ;)
Why by the way are the profanities bleeped out? It's it a YouTube crazy rule?
Never seen this game! Is it from US?
About the portuguese issue... its not true. For sure I know this. I live there.
Lol that game looked fun...I think I'd freak out playing too >_>;
It's just because Felicia is polite.
Well, Felicia is the cutest vlogger around, but beauty semms to run in her family's blood.
Awesome vid, Felicia, as always!
Keep it up!
Kinda reminds me of the original RocketBoom
Got inspired by the +Felicia Day split to try some of my old taekwon-do training. My first conclusion is that ms. Day must be labeled with a warning that she might encurage old men of +30 to do things with their body that they never should....  My secound conclusion: NEVER use strong muscle balm against a groin strain.... Well, at least the Flog makes my life more interesting and hillarious in a painfull way.
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So much Love for Gunstar. However the most awesome part of the Flog for me was the fact that +Felicia Day plays Secret World. Huzzah a sign of Good Taste if ever there was one!
ROOOOOOOLLLFFFFF LAWL COPTER!!! omg that was hilarious. I'm supposing that you two never found out that on the pyramid you can actually be on separate brick levels to keep from throwing each other.  Man the good times I had with that game! best co-op ever in existence. That and Contra Hard Corps.
I literally have no feeling left in my left thumb due to this game. And yes the 3D was mind blowing at 12.... that was 20 years ago now... sadface. I now have a feelingless thumb and grey hairs.
The best game ever; I used to play that back in the day so much my cartridge is probably worn to shit ahaha.
laughing out loud watching this. so great!
just wondering what your rates are for the party trick
Is it just me, or does this game look like a Contra knock-off...?
Similar in gameplay and style but definitely not a knock off
Weird -- Contra was the first thing that popped into my head as they were playing it.  I realize the plot is different, but as you pointed out, the gameplay and style are pretty close from what I saw in the video...
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