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ALSO I have a HUGE guest starring role on Supernatural next Friday (April 27th) so please tune in! I did Dialogue recording for it today, and it looks really awesome, so excited!

Oh and I'm in the next Eureka episode too on Monday, so you can bookend your week with my face on TV for once :D
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That was a really good episode of Eureka - and you obviously had far too much fun doing the show.
tht is amazing i wish i was famous but im happy with the life i hve now:))
I was looking for your face in the fastened circle of Eureka's brain drain team. I'm curious to find out who the others are - it seems like there are more lounge chairs then seats on the spaceship.

I wanted to prove how loyal a fan I was by referencing the name - but google failed me on "eureka spaceship name".
I love the character you have in Eureka, she brings a great touch to the show, definitely a role made for you
Congrats on your continued success! You are an inspiration.
Lol. Felicia bookends... sounds like something you can actually buy...
I, for one at least, would LOVE to see you on Big Bang Theory!!
Looks like I have a reason to progress beyond season 5 now. That was such a good ending I haven't been able to bring myself to keep watching.
Fablous! Have looked at Supernatural ads but never watched show - NOW it's in my calender! can't wait!
Supernatural is excellent! The first five season make a coherent ark, then it picks up a new storyline. I've heard mixed reviews past 5 (which is where I ended), but will give it a try now.
wow, I should probably not get onto G+ after just waking up from a long nap. When "ALSO I have a HUGE" was the only thing in my blurred vision right next to your picture on the G+ stream to start the post, that was definitely NOT the direction I thought the post was going. Very cool about getting a slot on Eureka!
hi kimi carr my name is gabrielle carr r we realated
I am so jealous that it kind of hurts my heart. Rock that episode! And if you want, you can help me collect fake-jensen-ackles on G+...I have 63...they're like my pokemon, I gotta-get-em-all!
Congratulations! Make happy memories ( or spooky ones, giggle)
I love Supernatural and the fact you got to hang with Sam & Dean (Ackles and Padalecki) ...color me envious. :)
+Amanda Rachelle Warren I wonder if anyone has thought of creating fake profiles of the guys with their fake names from the show like.. John Bonham or Angus Young or Geddy Lee? But of course with profile images of the Winchesters.
+Aaron Kuykendall , that is another brilliant, fun, and slightly weird use of circles...I might have to go on another quest.
I didn't bother with the Sam or Dean Winchester fake accounts...too many of those.
wow, that's awesome. Supernatural just got 100% cooler
I'm now seriously jealous of Neil Grayston. That was a great season premiere last night.
I cant wait.. you just keep popping up in my favorite shows.. Keep it up :)
Apparently I'm going to have to start watching Supernatural now. I'm really excited but there's only so much TV a person can watch. :)
I always look forward to Supernatural, glad you are making an appearance!
You are sooo Awesome on's sad that this is the last season:(
I'm going to watch just to say I have you as one of my G+ Circle friend. :)
Never got into Supernatural, but you and Wil have been awesome in Eureka (Though your characters are oddly similar to Codex and Fawkes)... Looking forward to Monday :)
ooh I need to watch that! I am such a fan :o)
(as in huge crush lol)
I prefer sandwiches to bookends. Food metaphors are where it's at.
You're doing great on Eureka. Love the new season. Glad they kept you on!
Can't wait to see you in Supernatural, love that show!
I kinda hope you can spin that into an appearance on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.
I know what happens next episode...major tongue-biting going on...:)
Can't wait to see you on Eureka again!!
So looking forward to this!
Bookending sounds great! I'll use that if you don't mind.
Big Supernatural fan here, looking forward to seeing you on it. :)
@gabrielle carr I don't think so, don't remember any gabrielles in my family. Of course carr is a pretty common name. Lol
Wait, what's TV? Is that anything like an internet series?
You're such a charming girl (admired you since Vi). I'm glad things are taking off for you. I guess sometimes the good guys (girls) can win! Of course, it also helps that you're insanely talented. ;-)
I watch Supernatural religiously (cough!), so all I can say is 'Awesome', can't wait! BTW The Flog on G&S has been great so far ^_^
I am a big fan of your work +Felicia Day , but i seriously was not loving the new twist in Eureka season 5. Having hard time to accepting it and thinking of dumping the series :(
I'm a closet Supernatural fan, so I will totes enjoy this.
Another reason to love Supernatural even more! Awesome
Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for it to appear on Netflix. I'm too poor to have cable, but this post alone makes me want to have it.
Definitely enjoyed Eureka looking forward to Supernatural 
So all you do now is plug what online shows you're on. Remind me never to try to be a celebrity. It seems like a professional choice to being lame to everyone just to get something noticed.
I hope you subtly felt up Jensen Ackles.
Felicia can u assist me pls.... how do i make live chat on Google+
Congratulations on getting the role! That would be Supernatural, Season 7, Episode 20 "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo", and Eureka, Season 5, Episode 2 "The Real Thing". +Felicia Day get a spot on the The Big Bang Theory already! You'd be a perfect fit.
Yeah this last episode wad great. The way your character tagged along with her man to shriek and hold things... and the way Joe tagged along with Zane to hold his laptop and point. That was a great episode where the female characters did absolutely nothing useful and had no purpose other than as the other half of a romantic relationship. Way to empower women.
I've been waiting for the supernatural episode since I saw you in the cast at imdb =)
Awsome i am defenatly going to see that. i love that show
After last week, Eureka's not really my thing, but for Felicia I'll see if I can catch the Supernatural Ep, looks like it's on Hulu.
booked!! itll be nice to see you there!!
Great.. Supernatural is a excellent mix of horror and comedy.. hope your char. survives so you may drop by the show again :)
cool. i think you are a great actress. i love how you play Holly Martin on Eureka. can't wait!!!!!!!!!! :)
The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo? Awesome! =)
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I just started watching last night, got through ep 1 and 2. Awesome show to say the least. I'm sure you'll be amazing as usual!
I've been waiting so long for Eureka to start back up I almost forgot you had been on the show. LOL
for once? try every other weekend =D
Now you can be officially written up for the RPG! :-D
Second that--perfect counterpart to Fargo! I will so miss this show when it ends this season. :(
That is a very good episode,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Excited for Supernatural, not much of a fan of Eureka though.
I just started supernatural on Netflix. I'm in the 3rd season. Excited to hear its not over!
Really looking forward to seeing your appearance on Supernatural. One of my favorites!
Sorry Day...I'll be rocking guild wars 2 that weekend
Awesome!! Huge Supernatural freak and Felicia Day fan. I'll be watching for sure.
yes love supernatural love you!!!!
So freaking Jealous of you, Felicia. Awesome. :)
wow, i looked the last episode of supernatural five minutes ago and am excited to see you in the next episode! :)
Looking forward to Eureka returning to SyFy UK.
Huge fan of the show, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your addition.

Here's to hoping you don't get killed horrifically :)
I just started watching that show.
I've got to admit, Supernatural and I never quite "clicked". I think I'm picky on my "X-Files" genre television.

"X-Files" and "Fringe" I've liked, "Supernatural" and "Grimm" less so.

Though your +Geek and Sundry Subscribe-a-thon did inspire me to do one of my own for On The Bird. Sadly, I don't have cool people to do webcasts with, but free books are still good, right?
oi felicia muinto legal os vidios
O.M.G. I am leaving a comment on an FD post! EyeheartUbabe!!!!!!
Can't think of a better way to bookend my weekend :)
Hello Felicia, have a nice weekend. ! preparing already for the summer? Pleasant day to everyone.
That's awesome! Supernatural is one of my favorite shows ever, and I really enjoy Eureka.. so much theoretical science! <3
Good work, Felicia! Your fans are proud of you!

ps: You did a good job as the "crazy" lady in Prairie Fire. ^_^
Next should be guest roles on Castle and How I Met Your Mother :D
Yeah, YOU should be the "mother" on How I met Your Mother
I vote Castle too, it was funny seeing the man they call Jane and Maptain Mal back together this week so a Dr Horrible episode would be cool 2.
Sounds like a dream come true!
I've noticed quite a few Eureka stars have guested in Supernatural
That is so awesome that you are going to be in supernatural!
AWESOME I love supernatural Watch it all the time but sometime's I pee my pant's!
Finally got to watch Eureka Episode! You were EPIC!
NICE!! Good for you, I will keep an eye out for you!
I was watching Star-Gate Universe the other day and I saw a commercial of Eureka with you in it. I was seriously like, "OH MY GOSH!!!! IT'S FELICIA DAY!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!"
Yep. I even have the last Season of Buffy on DVD with you as a Slayer in Training...
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