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If you missed it, all the videos we uploaded for +Geek and Sundry launch week, catch up at this link!

This week: Flog on Monday, Guild Season 5 ep1 on Tuesday, Dark Horse Umbrella Academy Wednesday, BTS Guild Season 5 Thursday, Sword and Laser Friday! Thanks and subscribe if you like it!
Our entire lineup from Monday April 2nd - Friday April 6th.
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cant wait to see the new episode of "the flog" and the "sword and laser" start! i appreciate that you, kim and all the other guys from the crew created that new youtube-channel!
Are you going to be doing the full umbrella academy? (all 15 stories)
+Charles Davis Nope, most of the season is one-off episodes, with an extended Hellboy arc of 3 episodes on July I believe.
I enjoyed The Flog much more than I expected. But I enjoyed it all. And The Secret was creepy and awesome!
I'm looking forward to the new the guild season and of course the start of Sword and laser
+Felicia Day - I missed you at PAX, could only go Sunday. I thought it would've been great timing since I had just watched the latest Guild season!
I love all the stuff you do, +Felicia Day , but unfortunantly streaming is just not doable and I cannot seem to find a way to view off-line.
Any suggestions?
Love the flog, but you realize you are now the Oprah of geeks?
When's the next Table Top? That's my favorite of Geek and Sundry's new shows. :)
This is great stuff you're producing and thank you! Don't forget to take of yourself too! <3
I absolutely love this channel. Even though there is only one episode thus far, I am addicted to Tabletop.
+Brian Covey , there are browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox that let you download YouTube videos to your hard drive. You may try one of those.
Can't wait! THE RETURN of The Guild! I'm totally digging the rest of the line up as well! I dream of a day where my show could get on here... one can dream.
+Matt Hewes based on personal experience none of those work all too well. While I agree that it's an option to explore, it can be a fight. +Brian Covey , good hunting.
+Matt Hewes +Eric Carpenter I've used "Youtube Options" for chrome in the latest months and it works very well. You can set an lot of defaults on the site and video, and hide extraneous stuff (like the obnoxious comments, say).

To enable the download links you have to use the "full" version downloaded from their website instead of the one in the Chrome Market. But the link is IN the "normal" version, in the options page.

Thank for these Felicia. In many ways "Geek and Sundry" is an inspiration :)
Hello... Is it me you're looking for?
Hey. How did I miss Guild Season 5 ep? Keep it rolling, Felicia. You rock!!
wish i could have said hi to you at PAXeast <3 someday <3 xoxo
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