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Still on vacation (WASSUP GERMANY?!) But new Flog on Geek and Sundry AND we guest on the Nerdist channel for Chris Hardwick's Bowling show!!! YAY FOR VIDEOZZZ!
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You shouldn't have been killed off. :(
Hi, sorry u speak very fast so i understand u. my English ist 6 grate scool or so. i reply sorry. Greetings from Germany
She could be one of those comic book deaths. You know how they kill off a character and mysteriously they show up again later. Or maybe she can come back as a zombie!
Wow, i thought that was the guy from Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs"... Silly me.
I say we up this to Fave 10's so theres more video to watch!
+Felicia Day Germany is waiting for two more very long hours before we can play #Diablo3 . Grab a computer, and play before the Americans can!
Germany - so close! Any meets & greets planned? Sign my G+ ;)
Totally worth it just to see her freaking out about her flight. = )
Sorry to see you get killed on Eureka, but I guess it's the last season so no long term harm done. Enjoy vacay!
Welcome to Germany +Felicia Day ! I hope you have a good time. I'm not sure that I can get to FedCon, but I'll try.
Muli-tasking while driving would have been more efficient to shoot top five then drive to airport but not as funny
@JoanaCastro Probably Berlin; what German would like to see Huntsville/Alabama, when there is New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and so on? ;-)
Welcome to my most fabulous home town Düsseldorf :)
Wow, I actually want to try crocheting out again now...
OMG and so close to me! :D Any chance to meet you outside of FedCon?
Idea for you +Felicia Day -- Talk to the Epic Rap Battles of history, Codex VS JAINA!
Is it just me or does Colin look quite a bit like the "would be celebrity" Mike Rowe (the guy that does the Ford commercials now and used to do that Dirty Jobs tv show.
Germany, how nice.
Be sure to try the delicious German food and most important, the beer.:-)
Awesome informations and video with your mates, Thanks :)
@Joana Castro You are so lucky! I'm living not so far away (about 110 miles), but I don't have time right now, it's a family thing. Oh ... and all tickets are sold out. I should have expected this ... :-(
Didn't enjoy the Crochet Segment very much, but the rest was great.
Hope you enjoy your vaction in Germany.
I think you should name colin's mouse chu-chu (choo choo?) He is so much better than you at croquet, felicia :)
Colin Ferguson plays tower defense. I am pretty sure we should be friends.
+Shawn McMahon, just trolling :) But I did think they looked similar when I first watched Eureka. Someone started the "brother" rumor years ago.
Any possibility you'll go to Sweden? That would be extremely awesome!
Oh welcome in germany^^ Düsseldorf is a little bit too far away. So I hope you enjoy your vacation.
I've enjoyed every Flog so far but this was the best one yet. I'm still waiting for Holly to somehow reappear in Eureka. Bummed she was killed off. Enjoy Europe!
Hi, hope you're having a really good time while you're here. Have fun. Greetz and best wishes :)
Welcome to Germany. Try some "Schwarzbrot" while you're here :)
Colin should name his mouse "Croquet".
For a second there I thought that said nudist ... so disappointed ...
I miss read it too ... trying to have a conversation while driving is always disastrous ... talking while motorbike riding is EVER worse! ... funny as to see Colin croqueting ...
Somewhere in another realm, an elder God was playing a joke on Colin Ferguson. Guiding his hand to create the effigy of the great old one, Shub Mouseroth. Lord of mad croqueters everywhere. (Yeah, I meant to misspell it).
Colin Ferguson.. funny in real life too..

on the list of famous people to have dinner with. This ep was a double tick
My wife & I spent the evening checking out The Flog and we were laughing the whole time! Very entertaining. She especially enjoyed this episode as she is an avid spinner, knitter, Crochet-er (AKA a "hooker") , tatter... we'll just leave this as "fiber artist" shall we?
Anyway, great show! You have two knew followers!
Felicia is pretty awesome at everything she does. Always a good time :D
you should do achievements even more as something that people can strive for
Fewf Glad to see the Flog is still with us as your on vacation! Hope your having fun!
Dirty minds think alike ;)
Ooooh! Love crocheting =)
+Felicia Day We have a Tuesday night gaming group near Heidelberg, plus various role-playing and other off-schedule sessions. Drop me a line if you want to join us. +Parhoon Naval Yards
WASSUP GERMANY? ... You are so close to Czech Republic, You should really visit Prague.

Anyways...Felicia in that is why stocks rises this morning :)
I'm sure you get this Everyday, but you are a geek goddess! Thanks for all of the great shows and fun stuff. =)
My Gawd, you're like an episode of Fringe, connecting all the universes! Delightful!
I would love to see a segment of you driving around the Nurburgring.
Now I know why he really killed her in Eurkea
GET BACK TO EUREKA! plz..... :)
Aloha Felicia ,you are not in munich,aren't you? I am an awesome Tour Guide:-)
Eureka cant stop, and now holy is dead you better make a come back poor Fargo needed a break in the show
Jey he is a poor Guy , but think i don't like 'him'.

With Felicia Day's character gone, they might as well cancel Eureka now and be done with it. I really liked her :(
Eureka has been canceled since last August, my friend.
Ah see, I hate mid season breaks in shows, so I wait until the complete seasons are available to watch them. In the meantime I miss things like that because I don't bother paying attention. Didnt know SGU was canceled until after I saw the last episode.
Eureka is airing its Final Season Season 5 now Starts in the UK tomorrow and is on episode 5 in the USA and still being Aired and a Final Episode has been created to end the story properly so its better than SGU which just gets dropped
+Felicia Day Guess there's no law against Flogging & Driving! Just a little challenging! :)
Felicia, Germany is not too far from Ukraine. Come to Kyiv! =)
European vacations are nice, I'm visiting the Netherlands for a couple of months, probably going to Scotland, or London, or maybe somewhere Scandinavian when the wife takes her vacation time in late June.
why did she start you out on crochet with a magic circle!?!? How about starting with a straight chain? Sheesh.
Dr. Holly Martin lives!!!
By sheer coincidence, I was crocheting when I decided to catch up on the Flog. Followed the link to the yarn blog and am looking forward to making my own little mouse dude! I think I shall crochet him a shield...
You so should not have told me about Console to Closet. Now I can't stop buying clothes! Although, now I'm finally excited about clothes because of that blog.
You still over here in Germany? You doing any public appearances at all or just vegging out and seeing the sites? You going to be down by Trier?
Wait, we were in Germany at the same time?!?!?!  GAH!!!
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