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I day dream about booty all the time!
Alex C.
No way. I daydream all the time, not sure when that ever helped me getting anything done.
verrrrrrrrrry trrrrrrrrrue
So I'm guessing those with ADD really got it good :)
JP Mosquera - HAHA. Thats hilarious.
Kittens and Puppies are nice. What was this post about.... oh yeah I was just going to say .... ah, look at the cute baby pictures.
Tell that to my sadistic teachers growing up :(
"late at night when all the world is sleeping i stay up and think of you" -lss
Wow..What a relief. Happy day dreaming to all:)
Daydreaming and napping are very good for mental health!
Intriguing. I've had a few situation when gaming where I've allowed my mind to drift and dwell or other things, and snap around to discover I've done a lot better than I would have when concentrating. I find racing games work best - I can knock a couple of seconds off a lap in Dirt 3 by not consciously playing it :)
hmmmmmmmm, good i was right when i told my teacher i am multitasking while day-dreaming and doing my got time out and i still was day-dreaming:)
Day dreaming is fuel for the neurons, its called memory recognition and copeing with mundane stimulus, also known as multi/repetitive tasking the DD become's a natural copeing mechanism
I guess I should lay off the boy, then...he's constantly daydreaming....
Daydreaming can be a great form of relaxation and allows the brain to recover from strenuous tasks... Perhaps like cool down after exercise:))
Yeah. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten work done while daydreaming about boobies.

Actually, I use daydreams to outline and organize story ideas. Helps to regiment my mind. Plus, it distracts me from thinking about how much I want to stab all the fools every single day of my life.
For me, daydreaming helps to see connections between seemingly unrelated things.
If only you knew how often I daydream! Great post!
today, i declare an official day dreaming day at work..
Well this is a good thing!
Going to have to save this for later.
Chan Li
My goodness ,What a relief !
wet daydreaming - a result of great mammaries - nice to know is good for you too
my teachers never believed me when i said this
It's a little known fact that Hugh Jackman trained for the Wolverine part, by naughty daydreaming. He would tell his other brain, 'You won't like me when I'm angry'. A little help from the hulk's motif, a bit of fantasy about busty full-figured women and larena bobbitt hand to hand swordsmanship - the result, hairy palms a grow, and Hugh becomes a superstar.
Great. Now I feel normal again.
I told that to my teachers but they never believed me, lol
I always daydream in class but wen im gaming never happens
But daydreaming is prohibited in class. =)
If day dreaming is good for the mind then I am in luck, lol.... (= I day dream in class but i have stern teachers... so i sorta pay attenchon, LMAO jk, i act like i am
Not when you are multitasking too many things.
I'm always day dreaming about vagina
Mine are usually at work, and the daydreaming is more like planning... my escape :D #startup
i'm definitely the daydreamer ... waking hours spent building ideas of love, success, and so much more ... nice to read this and feel reassured...
Awesome! I can finally present a good argument to my mom about why I stare off into space so much!
Jay Tee
Interesting....I do this so much I thought it was normal. LOL
Reassurring 2 read........Makes for interesting living .!!
well that's always good to know....your fantasizing helps you more than it hurts.
it`s like searching our own weakness or summary of the day
Doing two things at a time is impossible.That may not be get concentration.But one can expert doing like that by making practice,he can do two things simultaneously.
I day dream bout the future all the time.
Lau Z.
thank God! I thought I was the only crazy out there :)
Is true, I don't have any day dreaming , my memories are bad.
thank god its good i daydream a lot
and i dont no what that says but ill +1 it any wayz
I do this when I "read", but I don't remember anything I read after XD
It's stupid simple: Brain != Computer. What makes it great? Leaps of logic. How does that happens when it lets neurons frolic!
I believe this. frequently imagine I am... BATMAN! lol
this is awesome, thanks for the share!
I here that,my mind is thinking of so much stuff at one time being able to lission to 3-5 people at same time.but some times it sucks be able to do that..but cool....
If that is true, in a few more years I ought to have a photographic memory...
Or, if I day dream while driving, at least I will die with good mind.
I agree with this article and it coincides with other supporting evidence of such. Kepp posting good articles.
m totally disagree wit d article ,becouse dream is a stage of half relaxation as compare to sleep without dreams
O.m.g...i ws rite al along...yeah!! Dreamers keep dreaming on...coz dream realy do kum true. 
That's what i've been telling all of my teachers.
What a great idea! I daydream all the time. What were we talking about?
i think too much is being thought into this... we are practically robots. work a 9-5, we all have some sort of routine. daydreaming is our inner self trying to escape! (as i daydream about escaping) lol
is it? but i dont really think that day dreaming is enough :P
if its true than m perfect with mind
+Michelle Lyles You might be a robot, but you shouldn't speak for everyone. Chances are, if you are reading and writing on Google+, you have all the opportunities in the world at your fingertips. What you do with it is up to you.

But what's wrong with robots? Some of my best friends are robots.
I dont work im only 11 so for me i think that is such a lie but im only 11 so i cant really say anything. otherwise interesting i so wish i could do that.:P
i guess that's because our brain is more relaxed which helps us become more productive..
Roby Kj
I am confused
hence justified daytime sleep
I was busy reading this and then my mind started to wonder and I was once again daydreaming of a beautiful beach, with friends and family, and maybe....what was I saying?
Meditation is vital forhuman brain and health.
This article is confusing. I am a pro-level daydreamer. Do I have a low working memory or a high one?
it's correct, but some times. not always
ana innni daydreaming classil permitable avvum ennu karutham
I think you are a keralate. How are you. Enthu Cheyyunnu?
this is totally nonsense. any kind of dreaming whether day or night is a disorder. one should stay in present moment.
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear...............hw r u....???????????
so complicated to comment :)\
This is dependent upon the Axial and Dendrite synapsis, in some who sit and watch T.V all day this becomes dulled, thus the Cerebral Cortex activity also is dulled!!! ---[] +
+Devo Bideau the "lol" symbolized sarcasm at the end of my post. im FAR from robotic or ordinary. i truly appreciate my life and all of my preceded opportunities...there isn't anything about my life that i would consider standardized, and i understand the importance of individuality. soooooo yea. thanks for the motivational speech anyway :-)
thank goodness, I am doing my mind some good today :)
I've always told people to walk away from a problem if they are getting frustrated. Your mind will still be working on the issue while you are doing something completely unrelated.
Yea date dream while driving..let me know the results....if you live
I day dream all day and have trained my fingers to keep typing while my mind is elsewhere ;)
really?i didn't know that..thanks for the information...
Where was this info when I was in the 5th grade & really needed it?!
I like this, now I don't have to feel bad if i zone out in the middle of the day for a few minutes! ;)
It is good to know that Daydreaming is good for the mind. I day dream a lot.
That's what I've been saying to people all the time :)
This is just the rationalization I need!
i love daydreaming when the time i was really bored ^_^
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