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So our Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #4 streamed tonight and pushed out to YouTube! Here's the archived video. Next month's Hangout is May 28th!
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What is this all about? smile
Absinthe = Win. I have yet to find a bar that serves Absinthe though, which is sad.
I found this hangout to be insightful. Loved the Cthulhu parts.
Great hangout as always. I now get what steam punk is and I will now go think about "frenzy fridays."
Waduh. Ada banyak orang Indonesia/Malay menonton +Felicia Day di Google+. Apa anda pikir tentang dia dan video-videonya?
yay for Krakens, pirate mice, absinthe and a really fun chat about The Iron Duke & steampunk romance books!
Ho discusso questo post con una persona in un videoritrovo.
Another fantastic hangout. I watched it before I had my caffine this morning
Wait, wait...steampunk romance? I haven't watched the Vaginal Fantasy series because I lack the right equipment, but I'd fake it for steampunk romance.
Funny that she called you hippy ;) lol. You and your friends are hilarious. Herb-o-lishious!
can you do it with me,just add me in skype with vicrinze
Wait a minute....I don't have a vagina...
wah ada bule yang bisa ngomong indo rupanya
udah banyak kali yg bisa,,,, hahaha
What the ... is that a poster of Felicia in a faux romance novel cover you see over her shoulder?
That's a poster of her and Wil Wheaton from 'The Guild'!
Is it just me or was this the shortest one yet?
i did the audio book and it was good. hearing the characters makes a big difference. loved the book.
Is a Vaginal fantasy what comes to boys who are in high school?
Thanks for the shoutout! St. George is pretty non-traditional absinthe, but tends to be a big hit. Can't wait for next month!
Vaginal Fantasy? is that like the female orgasm? you know, because its fiction.
Hope the wizards in Eureka will bring you back!
The milky look is caused by particulates dissolved in the absinthe that are not water soluble. So when you add water the particles come out of solution.
So fun but I want to aid in a real Bay Area abssinthe experience - I have the Absinthe fountain and more just let me know. Added benefit neighbor is the creator of the game Felicia Day played in her early years!
Love it good times girlie chat. Absynth, Steampunk awesome. Steam powered nanobots, that's sure to stretch mind of your average SciFi enthusiast.
jajajaja estupido retrasado no soy chica que te pasa estas creysys smig
Vaginal Fantasy sounds very interesting, but... What? I agree with Nik Millender. 
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