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‪#‎AgeDiscrimination‬ - Age Discrimination Senator Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats need to discuss the employable, but unemployed people whose age are 50 and over. ‪#‎unemployed‬ and ‪#‎employable‬ ‪#‎veterans‬ ‪#‎vetetans‬
Where does Bernie stand on H1B visas?
Count me in. I can't stand Hillary Clinton. I'm going to set something up on my Site here in hope others will read it and respond. Our Ace in the Hole may be a company called Forest City Enterprises or Forest City Ratner in some places. They are very corrupt Real Estate brokers with direct ties to Terrorist Groups. Even George W. Bush wouldn't stoop down to accepting Campaign Contributions from this company. The same couldn't be said for Obama. In return Obama gave them many bailouts to give them the money they needed to do their dirty work in Brooklyn. Obama also put a member of their family in the Justice Dept. (Ronald Ratner). Michael Ratner is an attorney who represented many terrorists including those connected to Bin Laden. I am almost certain that they"ll be attempting to contribute heavily to the Hillary Clinton campaign. If she accepts their money, we can use that against her.
I can't stand HRC and will not vote for her. 
I completely agree.So much so that if Bernie loses the rigged process.And does not run Independent.And I'm not allowed to write him in.I will friggin vote for Trump.Then kidding about the...
Whether I write in Sanders or vote for Jill Stein (I'll do one or the other), HRC supporters say my vote will magically transform into a vote for Trump..  
She or they will tell any lie to get her in that chair.It's bullshit.Trump doesn't stand a chance.Personally I say what's the damn diff between HRC or Trump? Not much.I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY.
People need to check the facts.Bernie was there for Martin Luthers I have a dream speech.Nobody cares more about the minorities than him.His record speaks the truth.It's funny,sometimes it seems like he is Captain America.
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