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+Bernie Sanders strongly believes climate change is real, catastrophic, and largely caused by human activities. He believes only aggressive immediate action can offset its future impacts. He often refers to it as the “great planetary crisis we now face”.

Bernie is one of the fiercest fighters for recognition of, adaptation to, and mitigation of climate change. Few have the resolve, clarity of understanding, and guts to both stand up against global warming in Washington and play a strong role at local and neighborhood levels.

Learn more at ‪#‎FeelTheBern‬ ‪#‎Bernie2016‬
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I don't think we can "reverse global warming" but we may be able to limit the advance, with industrial partners. That means incentives, a bad word on both sides of the aisle.
..... of all the people that talk about global warming, how many go out and plant trees on a regular basis? 
+Michael McGuire..... if governments charge a carbon tax, then that money should be used for tree planting programs! 
I assumed him to be a Jazz man...
Tell your boy I know where a glacier is tryig to form and the local culture go out every year and attack it driving it back to potential, and causing Global warming at least locally!
Dear Universe, hear our prayers -Grant us Bernie!
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