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Feel Bach!
Feel Bach! flower remedies - bringing Nature's balance and wellness to your life
Feel Bach! flower remedies - bringing Nature's balance and wellness to your life


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Longing for love this Valentine’s Day?
Whether you’re wishing for a sweetheart to come into your
life this Valentine’s Day; longing for a more loving or stable relationship
with a mate; or wishing for a more loving connection with parents, children, or
siblings, Feel Bach can help. Perhaps you’r...

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When fear is ruling your life, use Red Chesnut
In 1933, during his first inaugural address, Franklin D.
Roosevelt said " the only
thing we have to fear is fear itself…" That's easy
to say, but for those who suffer from irrational fear, "fear itself"
is a huge obstacle.  Fear prevents the sufferer from e...

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Dr. Bach's flower essences can boost your career!
If your career is sagging, the
reason may well lie within you. Your emotions and your attitude are holding you
back. That's a good thing, because you have the ability to change the
situation.  Here are just a few reasons why you
may be being passed over for...

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A New Year – a Good Time to Go Natural
First, let me say that in spite of
my concerns, I don't encourage anyone to simply throw away their prescriptions.I do encourage people to think
"natural" before thinking that every little problem should be solved
by another pill.  News about the health haz...

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Using Flower Remedies Externally
generally think of Dr. Bach's essences as something we take internally to help
re-balance our energies. However, according to the book:   Floral
Acupuncture – Applying the Flower Essences of Dr. Bach to Acupuncture Sites , these
healing essences are also...

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Does the Thought of Thanksgiving Dinner Have you in a Knot?
While family get-togethers can be fun, they can also be the source of great anxiety.  If you're the cook, there's the fear of criticism from others who "could have done it better." Even if no one in the family would say a word, you could feel insecure and w...

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How to stop smoking in 2014
Is one of your New Year's resolutions a promise to yourself to stop
smoking? It's a very good idea - Chemical products flood the market, but if you have an aversion to
pharmaceuticals and worry as much about their side effects as you do about
smoking, I hav...

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Can You use Doctor Bach's Remedies if You're Sensitive to Alcohol?
When you read the history of Dr. Bach's
Flower Remedies on the Feel Bach! site, you’ll see that the flower essences are
preserved in spring water and Brandy. While other flower essence distributors
use grape alcohol, we use the same formula that Dr. Bach pe...

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Look Forward to School Vacation - With Help from the flower essence Impatins
The kids will soon be out of school
- and you may be dreading it.  The first week or so they'll be thrilled with
their new freedom, and then… They'll start the "I'm bored – there's
nothing to do" routine. And when they get too bored, they'll start

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Dr. Bach can help you benefit from the Law of Attraction
The Law of
Attraction states that you will get what you think about most – good or bad.
Many fail to see that it works because they're thinking hard about what they
want – from the backward position. They're thinking about the fact that they
don't have it. ...
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