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Federico Lucignano
Convoluted thoughts of a baroque mind
Convoluted thoughts of a baroque mind

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Marty: Hey Doc! Are we in the alternate 1985? They seem to have gotten C right... Look!

package main

import (

func WordCount(text string) (counters map[string]int) {
    counters = make(map[string]int)

    for _, word := range strings.Fields(text) {
        counters[strings.ToLower(word)] += 1


func main() {
    fmt.Print(WordCount("You tell me what you think and I will tell you what I think that you are thinking"))

Doc: No, Marty! You just stumbled upon a piece of Go. How do you like it?

#golang  is #awesome  

This is leadership in language design:

"Some have argued that the lexer should do lookahead to permit the brace to live on the next line. We disagree. Since Go code is meant to be formatted automatically by gofmt, some style must be chosen. That style may differ from what you've used in C or Java, but Go is a new language and gofmt's style is as good as any other. More important—much more important—the advantages of a single, programmatically mandated format for all Go programs greatly outweigh any perceived disadvantages of the particular style"

#golang   #codingstandards  

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#puregenius #holyshit 

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Because he's batman!

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And that's how SublimeText stopped having a reason to exist...


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EveRy University is the same :)

#ouchthathurts   #truestory  

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Waterworld, 20 years later :)

#shithappens   #hollywoodmovies  

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Just replayed The Room (yay, new Epilogue!), ready to play The Room 2.

#OneColdRainyDay #GamingWeekend 

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Standing desk, the next level :)

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