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It's the final stretch of #UDS Day 1! The last sessions focus on #Ubuntu app development, DevOps, Platform and Users.
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just you wait till we have the new Landscape logo, then we can take care of branding your biceps in such a fashion!
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Federico Lucifredi

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BeagleBone turns dot matrix printer into a Twitter ticker!
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Always a favorite in the Moscone Center area, and very likely SFO's most authentic Italian food.
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Advertised hours on Google: 12:30. Kitchen turns out to close at 11 - fix data please. Turned away at 11.03 on this one FRIDAY, apparently kitchen closed even earlier tonight.
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Excellent shucked oysters and the thin-crust Margerita is perfectly executed. Top it with a Bloody Mary and off to your flight you go!
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