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Federico Iosue
I don't always test my code. But when I do, I do it in production.
I don't always test my code. But when I do, I do it in production.


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Release 5.4.2

☆ Updated translations
☆ Widget showing two lines of content and top-aligned
✓ Bugfixes

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Release 5.4.1

A fast bug smashing for whom having trouble with the stucked navigation drawer! Sorry for the issue!

✓ Navigation drawer stuck opened on tablets and phablets
✓ Crash when trying to restore backup when no backups are available

As always is available both on Play Store and Github project page.

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Release 5.4.0

Hi everyone, a new release is available both on the Play Store and on Github

Thanks a lot to Dima-1 ( for his contributions!

★ Added file size to attachments'action dialog
★ When editing a note's reminder, if that's in the past, a future date will be proposed
★ Added an option to switch timestamps ON or OFF into home widget
☆ Revisited contextual actions when multiple notes are selected
☆ Improved memory usage
☆ Different text size in the "Text size" settings
✓ Bugfixes

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Thanks for helping Windows growing +Linus Torvalds

No polemics here, it's just a way to highlight how much Git is loved.
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Hi everyone,

As part of development of my #OmniNotes app I decided to refactor into a standalone library the analytics data class I used.

Moreover, due to the release of the app into F-Droid repository, I wanted to split the analytics provider depending on the need of a full open-source stack (Piwik) or not (Google Analytics).

Here's the result, still at its early stage:

Hi everybody,

development has been slowed down for a while due to heavy changes to my life but under the hood a lot of things have been done:

- A new cross platform application is being developed to work as Omni Notes companion on your desktop

- Automatic text-based (JSON formatted) backups are on the way and they'll allow you to easily sync data with third party tools with whatever-is-your-favorite-target (depending on what your third party tools support, of course)

- I'm working on a BasS ( to allow all Pro subscribers (cloud paid services have a cost, but the full stack will still be open-source) to automatically keep in sync their devices.


In the meantime a new 5.3.0 version is rolling out with the following changes:


★ FOSS version available on F-Droid issue
★ Enjoy the renewed help page (accessible from inside settings) that makes use of animated tutorials
★ Added Serbian Cyrillic language (thanks Slobodan Simic)


☆ New checklist items are now capitalized
☆ Category deletion button no more shown on creation
☆ Notes without title are now shown as they are into list instead of using part of the content to improve performances
☆ Updated translations


- Memory leaks related to checklists and geolocation
- Hidden attachments from locked notes into home widget

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