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WH40K Chaos Defiler Conversion

Still working on it, but is almost finished.

#chaosdefiler #defilerconversion #daemonicengine #wordbearers #gamesworkshop #chaosspacemarines #wh40k
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GW just announced that a new edition of Talisman is on the way. It's not related with W40k RPGs, but was a product of FFG, so maybe in the future we'll see new W40K RPGs books, edited by Black Library.

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Hi folks.

Long time ago I commented the idea of start a Necromunda RPG campaing, based on Dark Heresy 2nd edition system.

I just finish a pdf with the character creation and would like to know your opinion.

PS: Sorry for any ortographic or grammatical mistake. English is not my mother language. :P

Kind regards.

Hello everyone.

Fantasy Flight Games, just start his Holiday Sale (16th to 28th of November) and looks like that they want sell all that they've got related with GW.

Really bargains, if you ask me.

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Hi everyone. 

I'm planning to begin a Necromunda game using a mix of 2nd Dark Heresy and Only war regiment creation systems.

For the moment I think that home worlds could be:
a) Spire = Highborn.
b) The Hive = Hive world.
c) Underhive = Frontier world.
d) The Sump = Feral world.

I would like to know your opinions and some advice that could be good for this project.

Thanks you.
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