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Designed for plastic or glass bottles, this unique pick and place capper is the perfect option for quick and seamless production.  

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Pro Mach is an Ohio based provider of integrated packaging and processing products and solutions for a wide range of industries.  As the power company for Federal, Pro Mach is able to utilize its brands to provide product packaging and processing equipment, installation, parts, services, and PMMI certified training in primary packaging, end of line packaging, flexible packaging, bottling and capping, and more. 

Pro Mach’s Federal division is a leader in its class for providing durable and hygienic filling and capping equipment for over 65 years.  With a clear understanding of consumer requirements and unique needs, Federal has established high quality filling systems that protect flavor, quality, and freshness of products.

Additional benefits to using Federal Manufacturing machinery includes the advanced technology used in each machine.  These systems are designed by experts to provide improvements in operations and productivity.  

Recently, Pro Mach made an important announcement regarding its acquisition by affiliates of AEA Investors LP.  This acquisition will accelerate global growth, however, the management team and employees will continue to operate from their facilities in North America and Europe.  

With more than 25 equipment brands throughout the world, Pro Mach is certainly a leading provider of packaging machinery and integrated systems for diverse food, beverage, consumer goods, industrial goods, and pharmaceutical companies. 

President and CEO of Pro Mach stated that the acquisition will bring a strong partnership for a world-wide expansion of integrated packaging, material handling, and processing solutions.  He added that AEA shares the same vision and will provide valued support as well as create new opportunities to better serve customers throughout the world.  

Anderson has stated that Pro Mach employees anticipate working with AEA to create greater value for current customers and new investment partners.  With over 18 brands, Pro Mach has an excellent reputation for manufacturing superior products and delivering impeccable customer service.

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Versatile Filling Machinery used in Various Industries
In October 2014, Federal displayed its latest filling technology at Pack Expo.  This machine is ideal for petroleum products, food, agricultural chemicals, edible oils, sauces, extracts, pharmaceuticals, and dairy juice.  Meet the needs of a wide range of industry, Federals filling systems are capable of meeting unique requirements at high speeds.
The new filling equipment available is designed with the latest innovations in technology.  The advance net weight single station is designed to fill a various products of different sizes.  Versatile to meet diverse demands, this machine can be used to package anything from agricultural chemicals to your basic liquid sauces.
Federal net weight fillers use a unique designed of damped load cells with overload protection.  This design reduces, or eliminates, the effects of vibration and initial fill shock.  High speed analog and digital electronics are incorporated to allow each station to be filled by weight or time.  This advancement in technology catapults production. 
Machinery from Federal is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel frames for a long lifetime of flawless service. For those who need it, explosion proof options are available.  The Federal AcuFill control system is incorporated to ensure optimum filling.  Other features include Ethernet connectivity for high speed communications, and an overall design intent for high uptime, low waste, decades of service, and, of course, ease of use. 
An additional machine on display during the 2014 Pack Expo was the 30-valve sanitary level filler.  This system can fill and cap 110 one-gallon HDPE containers of fresh milk or juice per minute.  Working at high speeds, this system offers premium features, incredible throughput, and efficiency unparalleled. 
All Federal equipment is designed to improve the production process.

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Extended Shelf Life Filling Technology
Federal specializes in durable and hygienic designs for filling and capping solutions.  With an understanding of customer demands, Federal develops filling systems that ensure quality, freshness, and flavor of products.  In addition to keeping products fresh, Federal also offers superior machine characteristics for a long machine life. 
In recent years, Federal has introduced a variety of innovative technology to provide the latest in filling and capping abilities.  At Pack Expo 2012, the company unveiled the extended shelf life filling system, ESL filler.  This machine offers the latest in filling technology.  Working at maximum efficiency, this 30-valve net-weight, non-contact system is available for a wide range of industries.
Features on the filling machine include a 10-station pick and place capping turret, a hot water sanitizing system for juice or drinking yogurt applications or steam sterilization for ESL Ultra-High-Temperature processed milk or dairy beverages.  With versatility to accommodate numerous products, this Federal machine works effectively in any production room. 
But that’s not all Federal has to offer.  At the same Expo, the company displayed a filler and capper.  This system is specifically designed for a picante salsa hot sauce application.  The filler offers a gravity pressure 42-valve system capable of running five liters through 350-milliliter PET bottles.  Features on this unique system include automated clean-in-place with bi-directional flow of cleaning solution and optional neck handling and sanitizing systems. 
Federal has a filling and capping solution for any product need.  For stand-alone capping technology, a five-station free-standing pick and place capping system is available. Designed to cap round industrial-style gallon bottles, this machine can be electronically synchronized to the operation of a filler.

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Federal offers a variety of cleaning equipment.  Cleaning and sanitizing machinery for processing and packaging dairy products is available to provide high product quality and food safety.  

Proper sanitation is used to lower waste, improve output, and ensure a healthy bottom line.  Before automated clean in place system, the dairy industry used packaging equipment that could be dissembled, cleaned with a brush and soapy water, and air-dried.  

After, the machines were reassembled and sanitized before production.  Utilizing this method caused unnecessary, time-consuming labor demands and was not as effective due to contamination during reassembly.  

With all of the troubles that came along with manual cleaning, it wasn’t long before automated solutions were created.  Federal offers the clean in place cleaning method to ensure sanitation standards are met with precision.  The CIP cleaning method uses tanks for rinse water and cleaning solutions, pumps, and piping circuits in order to complete a CIP loop.

The importance of the circulation system through the product is to remove dairy soils that could contaminate fresh products.  If circulation does not have the proper flow, temperature, or detergent concentration, deposits on product contact surfaces and residues cause contamination.  

The result of contamination, among many factors, is off-flavors and poor keeping quality.  

Early clean in place method problems resulted from inconsistencies in the procedure.  Issues, such as the construction of the equipment, seams in the surfaces, poor welds, and crevices that trapped milk soils, resulted in the presence of microorganisms.  

Federal established superior machinery to establish clean equipment for a wide variety of industries.  

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Tips on Choosing Clean-in-Place Technologies in the Dairy Industry

In the dairy industry, it is necessary to clean and sanitize equipment for processing and packaging products.  To ensure a high level of food safety, product quality, and to establish and maintain consumer trust, proper sanitation is required.  Additional benefits to sanitation include lowering waste and improving output.  

The history of sanitizing dairy filling machines sheds light on the new technologies utilized for superior sanitation and cleanliness in the dairy industry.

Before clean in place systems were invented and utilized, the dairy industry packaging equipment was cleaned with a brush, soap, and water.  Then, it was air-dried.  The machine were then reassembled and sanitized.  And, though this time consuming method was labor intensive and ineffective, it took several years before any changes in sanitation were created.

Manual cleaning was dangerous because the equipment was easily contaminated during reassembly.  Thus, filling machine manufacturers began making strides in automated solutions.  The start of CIP was a long time coming.  And, in its beginning, tanks for rinse water, cleaning solutions, pumps, and piping circuits were required to complete a CIP loop.  

There was much though and engineering necessary for successful clean in place solutions.  It was crucial to circulate solutions through the product contact conduits at an established flow rate to remove dairy soils that could contaminate fresh product.  

However, manufacturers realized that insufficient flow in circulation, incorrect temperature, and low detergent concentrations were affecting the quality and flavor of the products.  

A solution was created to control the basic requirements that ensure proper cleaning.  Time, temperature, flow velocity, and solution concentration became the leading factors to consider.  The new system developed included a skidded unit, a centrifugal pump, a sanitary, air-actuated divert valve, and a stainless steel steam heating package.  Later, an automated dosing system was added on to dispense acid, liquid caustic, and sanitizer.  Finally, a conductivity sensor was added for monitoring the acidity of the reagents.

The systems purpose was to ensure that a high speed flow rate was achieved at the proper temperature and cleaning solution concentration.  Federal created the E-Series filling valve assembly.  This machinery cleans the outside and the product contact surfaces of the filling valve.  

Using the E-Series filling valve with the CIP and sanitary-in-place canister in addition to the closed filler bowl allows for extended shelf life that cannot be typically reached with a contact filler.  

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Filling and Capping Solutions Upgraded with Advanced Technologies
Within the past year, Federal has introduced innovative product machinery that provides customers with efficiencies in the production room.  Last June, the company displayed a filler and capper designed for four liter containers of juice, milk, and free flowing liquids at Expo Pack Mexico.
The displayed filler and capper is the Federal GWSS2—a 12.4 system that features an innovative design made for wash down environments, stainless steel construction, and 3A sanitary standard achievements.  When customer products require advanced technology for quick production, this machine is the perfect solution.  It is compact and versatile.  Container size used on this filler ranges from 0.2 to four liters.
Federal specializes in creating hygienic and reliable filling and capping machines.  For more than six decades, the company has consistently created durable equipment to meet strict consumer demands.  Federal has developed its filling machines to ensure that quality and freshness are intact for customers. 
Additional benefits to using the GWSS2 includes high speeds, a sanitary product in-feed valve with positioner and level control package, sanitary handling, incredible accuracy, tool-less handling, and fast changeovers.  This system offers freshness, flavor, and quality to customers without compromising production speed and efficiency.  Other features on the GWSS2 include increased productivity, ease of use, cost efficiency, and much more. 
For companies looking to package liquids in four liter containers, this innovative filler and capper solutions is the perfect solution.  With advanced technology to preserve the integrity of the product, customers enjoy refreshing products with a longer shelf life. 
Federal works hard to provide companies with maximum value, innovative designed, and efficiencies unparalleled.  When industries need fillers for their liquid products, Federal is a reliable choice.

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