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Live the goodlife and learn
Live the goodlife and learn

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This is cool. Great Work !

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Javanese is one of 14 Asian languages offered at the Australian National University."Sri Ngilang" is a language learning exercise for foreign students of elementary Javanese. By performing the play students visualise and practise the complex respect levels of everyday Javanese and learn a little of Java’s music culture and melodramatic theatre. 

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完全感覚Dreamer/ONE OK ROCK(Cover):

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【MV】光るなら Short ver. /Goose house:

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Goose house New Single『光るなら』TVCM:

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awesome! need the full one. x3 Goosehouse #04 『Beautiful Life』short PV:

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the last chapter of the year will be finish soon. the next is coming, so let me make an avowal.

if i have to describe about what's been going on this latest year, maybe i can say that 'i made so much mess this time'. too much that the results is far below my own expectation.
not that this year's bad, it's me who bad at handling it. even right from the very start, i wondered if i could even survive it.
but despite the mess, deep inside there's always things change. it's the year when broken and stand up happened most of the times, (maybe?) and mentally, it's grow my mind up. somehow i get the better point of view to see all that've happened. the point where i can understand how can be good is 'good' when i experienced how bad the 'bad' is.
being afraid, made me know how to be brave and grow me a will to face all the mess i've made instead of just avoid it for ever. like 'take responsibility for your mess already or you cant get the good sleep for your entire life, peb'. it's not good enough to cover them though, but i did my best.
being tired, made me realize that i've walked the road this far already, too far to stop and give this all up. that made me appreciate more for what i've done.
being sick, made me realize that all this time i have had the strength to keep up till then, that i could use to always stand up again.
being hurt and broken, made me learn how to respect my own self. taught me more about empathy for others.
and somehow i start to understand too, that everyone has their own battle. i just dunno what kind of battle is it. if they even seems so good, it doesnt mean that they dont have the war inside. they just so good at covering it, or it's just us, the other people not well enough to sense it.
however, they must ever be bleed once, twice, or even more, more than me, and i know they all must struggle to survive it.
at the very least all i can do is not to be a burden to them, to someone else, whenever i got my own trouble, like 'stand for your own self, peb. they get their own problem, and it's hard enough to weight them down'. so i kind of understand why people sometimes so selfish, it's just our nature to protect our own self, - since hey who else will? and in the end, it's just our own self who we can rely on.
that's what i thought. but then again, still i always kind of need a hand to back me up whenever i feel the road is slippery enough to make me fall. so i appreciate and be grateful for every lil hold everyone ever gave me so i can stand on my own again and again. till now.
for the last i want to say sorry for everyone who expected more from me, but in the end being disappointed by me. i really am sorry. and i'm sorry too for everyone who ever been hurt by my words, my behavior, or even my attitude. with or without i realized it i'm sure i've done it.

that's how i describe this year.i hope the next will be alot greater, that i can catch up for things i got left behind soon, very soon. and i hope for the more exciting and memorable years ahead.
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