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FCE Tips and Advice
Tips and Advice on Passing the FCE Exam.
Tips and Advice on Passing the FCE Exam.

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How good is your reading comprehension? 
Find out by trying out this FREE #FCE  Reading Paper, Part 7. Tips and advice on how to tackle this part of the #FCE  exam.

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Do you know how to fill the gaps?
Try out this FREE FCE Reading Paper, Part 6. Tips and advice on how to tackle this part of the FCE exam.

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What do they look like?
How would you describe one of your friends? Brush up on your vocabulary for describing people.

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What is your plan?
Do you have a plan for tackling Reading Paper 5 on the #FCEexam ?

Find out how to best tackle this #FCE  paper.

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Transform Your Words
Try out your word transformation skills on this FREE #FCE  Practice Test!

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Time to test your listening skills again!
Try out this new FREE #FCE  Listening Test.

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Test Your Skills!
How good is your word formation skills? Try out this FREE #FCE   Practice Test and find out!

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FREE FCE Use of English
Practise on our latest FREE FCE Practice Test & tips and advice on how to best tackle the FCE Reading Paper, Part 2.

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Try out this FCE Reading Paper, Part 1
Previously part of the Use of English, Part 1 is now counting towards your #FCE  reading score.

You can be tested on vocabulary, idioms, collocations, shades of meaning, phrasal verbs, fixed phrases, etc. so you will need to do this part with great care.

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FCE Reading Paper 4 - All You Need to Know!
We are continuing our new series on tips and advice with the Cambridge FCE Reading Paper 4. In this article, you will find both tips and advice as well as a FREE FCE Practice Test you can practise on.
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