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F.B. Purity - Cleans up Facebook
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Facebook is bringing in bigger sidebar ads :  

Luckily FB Purity users won't be seeing them.

Clean up and Customize Facebook with FB Purity :
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Bigger, more intrusive ads?

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If you have noticed the size of the FBP icon in the left column of the Facebook newsfeed has changed. It is due to a facebook code change. Clear your browser  cache and re-install FBP for the fixed version :
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Gentlemen, have a serious situation with FB Purity. When playing words with friends, it cuts off the screen on the game. This has just happened .  I have a 13 in smaller screen. Does not do this when i disable the FBP extension. I am the person who suggested the GIF image fix which you recently added. Please correct the resolution or you may have many disable the program.  Thanks
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A lot of people will be relieved to hear that Facebook has finally added a built in option to turn off autoplay for videos: 

Of course FB Purity has had this capability for months now, and has many other useful functionality for taming the beast that is Facebook.
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FB Purity v9.8.0 is out now. It now works better with the new newsfeed design, and features options to widen the newsfeed, hide the random header images on lists, plus extra bugfixes etc:

Full release notes here:

Install latest version of FB Purity here:

(Image is related to the fact Facebook just bought the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset for 2 Billion dollars) 

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The Innovation of Loneliness : What Facebook is doing to your brain

The full transcript of Sherry Turkle's Ted Talk that the video is based on is also an interesting read and expands on various topics:

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+xWenDELL xBETTON  i didn't write it.
+Unkle Paulee  its working fine for me.
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FB Purity Video Tutorial : How to hide any element on a Facebook page using FB Purity's Custom CSS feature.

This is my first attempt at doing a screencast. So there may some issues. You need to view it full screen to see the steps clearly.

BTW There are lots of example Custom CSS codes on the FBP CSS page at that you can experiment with.

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Help test out the latest FB Purity Beta (v9.8.0) via  it has new features to tame the new newsfeed like widen the news column, and hide the random images at the top of friends/interest lists.

FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated browser extension that lets you clean up and customize Facebook:

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It's working now. And I don't know what I changed before it started working. 
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I've released a new FB Purity Beta, that fixes most issues with the new newsfeed design:

You can get it via #fb #fbpurity #cleanupfacebook   #customizefacebook
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FB Purity cleans up and customises Facebook.
FB Purity is a web browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Maxthon that cleans up and customises your Facebook. It lets you filter out the stuff you dont want to see and makes Facebook a lot less annoying to use. 

You can get FB Purity here:

There is also a method for disabling Facebook Timeline here:

You can disable Facebook Autoplay via the simple instructions here:

You can remove Facebook's "Trending Topics" via the easy instructions here:

Theres a full list of FB Purity's Features here:

Theres a FB Purity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here: