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F.B. Purity - Cleans up Facebook
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Election season is here, and we are finding our Facebook newsfeed filling up with stories about politics etc.

The safe, free and top rated FB Purity browser add-on, lets you block posts on any subject you choose, for example if you wanted to block posts about American politics (or any other subject that annoys you) from your feed, just follow the instructions shown in the image.

Basically you just need to add the FB Purity browser add-on (available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera) then open the FBP options screen, and put the keywords that you want filtered out, into FBP's Text Filter box, then click the "Save and Close" button.

Thats it, no more posts about the keywords that you have entered.

You can get FB Purity here:

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Facebook has annoyingly moved the
“Hide post” menu to the bottom right. Install F.B. Purity to put it back to the top. Get FB Purity here:

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A bew FB Purity Beta, (v16.0.0) has been released.
FBP now has image content filtering functionality, an easier way to set Custom Reaction images, and theres also big changes for the Chrome and Firefox extension versions of FBP.

Please read the full version release notes at:
This version means a big change for Firefox v48+ users and also for Chrome users. For this reason I have changed the beta install process for this version as I have also had to update the stable FBP install page on FBPURITY .COM so this is a beta test of both the new install page, ...
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New FB Purity beta v15.1.0 fixes Facebook's latest attempt to break FBP's functionality. Get the beta here:

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A couple of new F.B. Purity Betas have been released.
1) *F.B. Purity for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10*
Microsoft have finally added Extension support to Edge in their Win10 anniversary update. I have managed to get F.B. Purity working on Edge. Try out the FBP Edge Beta via

2) *F.B. Purity for Firefox (with Multi-process architecture enabled)* In the latest stable version of Firefox (v48) Mozilla are enabling the Multi Process Architecture feature known as Electrolysis (or "e10s" for short) for some people. Unfortunately the current version of the FF FBP extension is not compatible with that new system. This new beta FBP FF extension is compatible with it however. As mentioned in the FBP FAQ the GM script version of FBP is compatible with electrolysis, and now this new Beta FBP FF extension is also compatible with electrolysis, read the post at for more info

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FBP HOTFIXES: If you have noticed FB Purity's "Wrote on Timeline" option has stopped working, or you've noticed Text emoticons are being displayed alongside graphical emoticons, or if you want the facebook "hide post" chevron menu back at the top right corner of posts, instead of facebook's new illogically positioned bottom right corner, please clear your browser cache then re-install as all these issues have been fixed in the latest "hotfix" version of FBP.
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F.B. Purity v16 has been released. FBP now lets you filter out Facebook photo posts based on the actual image contents:

FB Purity's new image content filtering options allow you to filter out Cat pics, Dog pics, Selfies, Memes, Food pics, Happy Couple pics, Baby pics and you can also select custom image subjects to be hidden using a free text box to enter your comma separated list of bugbear image types.

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FBP v16.0.0 has been released: Before installing the new version, please read the very important information below: This version means a big change for Firefox v48+ users and also for Chrome users. Big Change for Firefox v48+ users: I have … Continue reading →
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if you have any problems with FB Purity, please follow all the steps in the Troubleshooting Guide on the FAQ page on FBPURITY .COM :
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Dear Google Team,

I wonder if you could help me, it seems Chrome Extension developers are not getting the fair treatment they deserve, we work really hard keeping our extensions working and making them better all the time,

Then some scammer comes along and rips off our work and re-uploads it as their own, there is no way for us to get the fake copies taken down, I have sent 2 DMCA notices for the 2 fake copies of my extension ( F.B. Purity) currently in the Chrome webstore, and reported which i suspect to be harbouring injected malware (and have also reported them as such), but nothing gets done.

I know i am not alone in this situation, the developer of the popular Tampermonkey extension is also having the same problem, a scammer has uploaded 2 copies of his extension, with the exact same name as his own, but made them into Applications so they appear above his own extension in the Chrome Webstore search results, this is outrageous, he has also contacted Google to get them removed and yet you do nothing, why are we being treated so badly, and why are you letting the scammers get away with this? News article on the Tampermonkey situation: here:

Here are the 2 scammer copies of my own chrome extension (which has currently been "unpublished" from the webstore due to a DMCA notice from Facebook stating a claimed Trademark Infringement. Which incidentally I am currently seeking advice from the +Electronic Frontier Foundation  to get it restored back in the webstore)


(google has removed this one)

(google has removed this one)

The scammers have taken advantage of the fact my extension is not currently in the webstore (due to a DMCA notice served by Facebook claiming Trademark infringement) so anyone searching the webstore for my extension currently will be presented with the scammers copies of my extension, which I suspect to be harbouring malware, as they have changed the permissions on the extension to be much more permissive allowing it to work on any website, and adding lots of other unnecessary permissions, whereas my own extension only required permission to run on

Not only are they putting up fake extensions with dodgy inserted code, they are also using multiple fake google accounts to post 5 star reviews on them so they will look legitimate, you can tell they are fake reviews and fake accounts, because they were all put up in a short space of time, despite the extension having no publicity or website or contact address, also the exact same reviews from each person are posted on each of the copies of my extension.

Why are you not doing more to prevent this type of behaviour?

Why do you treat your extension developers so badly, we are the ones who have helped build Chrome's massive userbase, without the Chrome extensions, Chrome would no way be so popular as it is today.

I implore you to please help me and my fellow developer of Tampermonkey out, and get these pirated malware infested extensions taken down. Do you really want Chrome users to suffer in this way?

You should have the extension developer's backs, between F.B. Purity and Tampermonkey we have nearly 7 million users of our extensions, and yet it seems you couldn't care less about us, or the users who will get duped into installing these fake and dangerous extensions.

I hope we can get a swift resolution to this dangerous situation.

Best Regards,

Steve (F.B. Purity)

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+F.B. Purity - Cleans up Facebook Yeap.. seems so.. What a pitty as**es! :/
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F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity v15.1.0 has been released. It fixes Facebook's attempt to shutdown all adblocking software, and also fixes FBP''s other useful newsfeed filtering functionality that was also broken by Facebook's latest code update.

Clean up and Customize Facebook with the safe, free and top rated F.B. Purity browser add-on:

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Jo Welde's profile photoF.B. Purity - Cleans up Facebook's profile photo
you need to double check you actually have the updated version installed, it should say 15.1.0 on the fbp options screen.
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Contact info
FB Purity cleans up and customises Facebook.
FB Purity is a web browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Maxthon that cleans up and customises your Facebook. It lets you filter out the stuff you dont want to see and makes Facebook a lot less annoying to use. 

You can get FB Purity here:

You can disable Facebook Autoplay via the simple instructions here:

You can remove Facebook's "Trending Topics" via the easy instructions here:

You can hide the "People You May Know" box easily, this page shows you how:

Theres a full list of FB Purity's Features here:

Theres a user guide that explains how to use FBP here:

Theres a FB Purity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here: