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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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fRiKiN finally ...but 'now' what's still broken in this official +Cyanogen OS ( #YOG4PAS1N0 ) update for our rather sad looking +OnePlus One's? []?,...,?]
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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Oh wait... is it midnight (GMT) already? ...Then grind up some coffee humans and snort it hard, because it's #PrimeDay ...time! \()^,...,^)/

The 'overly obvious' photo is our entry to's #PrimeLiving photo contest {}U,...,u}

The checkout code #LONDONNOW gives you £20 off towards your first #PrimeNow +Android app purchase []^,...,^]

...and apologise in advance in the very unlikelihood that we win the $10k prize, our geeky photo will be included in your #AmazonFire TV's #screensavers .
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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🙌 always ...and again ...having fun with +Google Local Guides​ at their sexy London store 🙌
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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It's been a little while since I've said ...anything ...or even #FusRoMeeeooow ...(which was almost four years ago): >^,  ,^<

So I guess it makes sense that in that time we've gone from old school #2K gaming to delicious 4K ...I mean ...' #8K gaming' []ಠ,...,ಠ]

Of course +NVIDIA's #DSR is used to choke #8K into our ageing #4K monitors ...coz I ain't made of +Bitcoin's in'it! So why even bother? Well, the average #PPi (Points Per Inch ...whatever an #Inch is) on a #4K monitor is high enough to not really require #AA ( #AntiAlias ) much any more and is usually the most power hungry monster for #GPU 's to render accurately in real-time. All games console thingys use the lowest possible #AA (less than 2x) or none in most cases, because they simply can not do any better, even though their maximum resolution is less than #2K . For those who don't know, disabling #AA on low resolutions visuals creates the horrid unwanted staircase affect on every diagonal line, off angled edge, curvature or circle, ruining the visual realism of any game. It's especially bad in-game when your in a situation where any movement requires your full peripheral attention, no matter how small (+Dying Light is a great example of quality enriched 3D environments ...seen here in #Stereo3D : and if the lines and edges of everything unrelated within the games environment is twitching like a cat on cocaine, the realism will be immediately broken {}>,...,<}

#DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) renders games at more than what your monitor is natively capable of and then cleverly scales the visual information to your monitors native resolution with zero latency or blurring

This is graphical witchcraft at it's best and allows us to completely disable #AA and use #DSR instead {}^,...,^}

After some months of game-play testing and of course improved support (such as the excellent +NVIDIA GeForce drivers), this 'feature' should not be ignored. The ability to gain improved visual fidelity, illuminate all rough edges (the horrid staircase affect) without blurring too and a noticeable frame rate increase whilst consuming less #GPU power, makes this more a of 'wanted' gaming standard and not just a 'feature' \[]^,...,^]/

Also, no matter how much I tried forcing #DSR to work with the +Oculus Rift #DK2 , it just wouldn't 'ave'it. This could possibly change with +NVIDIA's #VRDirect technology (if it will even be needed with newer #VR #HMD 's), but as I'm not waiting any more, particularly as +Mark Zuckerberg has already made it a system requirement to be logged into #FaecesButt just use your +Oculus #VR #HMD 's (desktop and mobile) was fun whilst it lasted ...I won't be able to tinker with #DSR 'ing a #VR #HMD until later this year []o.....o] ...TBC ...maybe ()?,...,?)

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some #RadiativeDweller inbreeding to leer over monitor ()o,...,O)

▇ █ ▅ ▂ ▁ ▁ ▃ ▁ ▁ ▃ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▄ ▅ █ ▄ ▅ ▇

+Steam: #EviLFazZ | +Uplay: #EviLFazZ | +Origin: #EviLFazZ |
#RGSC : and
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Haha yeah enbs tend to be huge performance hogs that don't play well with many other things. Game-breakers they can be, most of the time, but when done right can make the game look oh so much better. Any presets you can find on the glorious nexus are both good and bad, and can potentially save a lot of time and effort but they will never come close to the perfected one made by your own hands. While enbs are optional, in my opinion, texture mods are essential. Especially for older Bethesda games where the textures were... Lacking. All thanks to consoles... 
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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It's finally #OnePlus2 'o'clock \[]V,...,R]/
+Android App:   
More of my #OP2 launch photos:   
#OP2 pre-presentation:
#OP2 VR launch:    
#OP2 official first release date: 11th August 2015
#64Gb edition for $389 (VAT and delivery TBC)
+OnePlus: /
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Sadly no and my early intense review this time last year on the 'One' wasn't enough to secure me a couple pre-11th August, so waiting in line like the rest of us plebs []o,...,O]

However, at present ...I'm not convinced as the 'only' realy benefit' the 'Two' has over the 'One' to us is the additional 1Gb of RAM and that it might officially support +Android OS 5.1/Lollipop, let alone +Cyanogen or +CyanogenMod within it's first week of release ()?,...,?)

So for now, until the full specs, official OS support and the #UK pricing is officially announced... I'm officially calling this pointless #hype , the +OnePlus #OnePointFive {}¬,...,¬}
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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That slow moving hammer that's heading fearlessly towards the last and most likely unremovable nail in the +BBC's coffin gradually moving closer []x,...X]

#CompulsoryAnnualSubscriptionFee []£,...,£]
The BBC is planning to close a loophole which currently allows viewers to catch up on TV programmes through BBC iPlayer without a TV license...
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I think the government will change the subscription fee obligation soon to be honest.
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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...\[]^,...,^]/ #HeelClick \[]^,...,^]/

+Plusnet #Fibre / +TP-LINK #ArcherC9 / #AC1900
...and my referral URL should one be interested:
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Most likely +Eugene Sia​​, because isn't #Sky the most overpriced, low quality, feature less and slowest provider in the #UK? []£,...,£]
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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The 'meeting minutes' from our Unofficial +Google Local Guides Gathering at +Crate Brewery & Pizzeria ()^,...,^)

For those of you who sadly missed this gathering of sexy smiles, outstanding food and glorious bottomless drinks or possibly more like me, still trying to humanly compute that we all even actually met up (empty pint glass for a brain), one might enjoy this random and ultra short recap \[]^,...,^]/

Fancy joining us all or in your own city around the world even? Here's how: \{}^,...,^}/

#RealMenLove ... ... ... #Cats : >^,  ,^<
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All as +Stefano Durden, +Mike Dixson and +Katie Glass suggest, especially the Middle Eastern Lamb too, but all dunked in +Crate Brewery's very own outstanding #Stout \[]^,...,^]/

... #LimpPizza ()^,...,^)
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