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So's just me then? []Q,...,Q]

#CalbucoVolcano originally photographed by #DavidCortesSerey
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but doesn't it look like an evil face? :)
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Roy G
Nice one Here's mine 
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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#RotFLMAO ...Best. News. Comedy. Sketch. Ever!

Next up: #Cyclists told it's the law to make car #VRooM sounds whilst cycling []^,...,^]
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#1 choice of ninjas
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Over Twenty four hours later...

...the +Grand Theft Auto V 'Launcher' has installed, but is still doing what +Rockstar Games do best []o,...,O]

...and i have not even began installing #GTAV (60Gb's worth) itself yet {}O,...,O}

#GrandTheftOfMyBitcoins #GrandCrashSimulator2015 #SoUtterlyBORiNG \[]b,...,b]/
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Apologise for my delayed replay, we're currently in the middle of extreme cave renovations and #borked  games that have no support are the last thing on my mind []o,...,O]

+Rockstar Games are still making go round in circles with +Grand Theft Auto V and haven't helped at all. Have about six replies from them, yet all with useless information that I had already stated to them in my first message to them. I honestly think +Rockstar Games Support is taking the p**s and deliberately not helping and just throwing pre-scripted junk at me \{}V,...,v}/

+NVIDIA's current #GTX  drivers v350.12 won't help me here much, as the issue is 'just' the installer for +Grand Theft Auto V and not the actual game itself. As the animated #gif  shows, I'm using an old school +Intel #i7 #3960X , which does not come with an integrated GPU, thankfully too, as it's just wasted CPU space and a completely pointless feature to me, but may have been helpful for this 'one off occasion' to possibly get round +Rockstar Games poor quality installer/launcher ()o,...,o)

It will be no surprise to anyone that it's the  #RGSC / #RockStarGamesSocialClub  library that fails and is part of the +Grand Theft Auto V's  #Launcher , which allows the user to first log in to their  #RGSC  account, verify the serial key, DRM check (as only one instance is allowed per serial), then install the game and lastly launch the actual game ...I am assuming all this though, as I still have not even got past the first part, due to still being stuck with a crashing #Launcher  (as originally posted) {}o,...,o}

#DxDiag  gives me this and 'only' this, as nothing else crashes on my system, as like any decent and well kept system would be:

P1: GTAVLauncher.exe
P2: 1.0.331.1
P3: 552e6c3e
P4: socialclub.dll
P6: 5529e19f
P7: c0000005
P8: 00000000006ec449

If I ever get anything useful from +Rockstar Games or they issue a #Launcher  fix (for socialclub.dll), I will update this post again, but we all know very well what +Rockstar Games are like, so don't expect it any time soon []Z,...,z]
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A 'promising' start... one of +Rockstar Games​'s +Grand Theft Auto V​ 'pre-install' for #WindowsOS using their awful #RockstarGamesSocialClub client ...Fail ...Crash ...Fail again ...Zzz {}o,...,O}

#RGSC : #EviLFazZ []^,...,^]
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I'm not actually familiar GTA's money cards ... #PayToWin {}?,...,?}

At this crashing rate +frank erck and +Rockstar Games awful support, who have replied with nothing actually relevant to my current problem ( the game will probably be heavily discounted by July and of course still be a crashing mess {}¬,...,¬}

The last games I remember being this bad was BioShock Infinite and NBA 2014 (crappy '2K Games') which at least were freebies, but out of over 600+ games on my little system, GTA: V will be my third official useless purchase ()£,...,£)

OK, I'm being harsh and there's still a week to go before it's officially unlocked, but why was it delayed for so long and then delayed again, and again? Why create yet another disgusting #DRM system that does not work at all {}?,...,?}

...and I'm still ROTFLMAO at you using the word "stable" in relation to a +Rockstar Games product \[]^,...,^]/
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#Bowser gone done been Browser'ed \[]^,...,^]/

#Mario64 For all +Unity enabled browsers (such as +Google Chrome in'it):

Downloadable version for and for +Linux OS:

Outstanding work Erik Roystan Ross: ()^,...,^)

Before the truly amazing #DolphinEmulator was gifted to our beloved gaming world (which is still improving by the month and I highly recommend it to all you nostalgic gamers:, I did try it for myself some six years ago and called it Wii on my Windows ...some old screenshots here:, but I bitterly gave up that same year's fRiKin time consumingly difficult {}o,...,Z}
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Have him in circles
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Yet again ...another outstanding evening with the sexy +Google Local Guides chaps and many of its fun loving #LocalGuides contributors for #London (, all in my absolute favoured location of #London ( #EastLondon ) for (queue hyper-dramatic score) #MissionEast \[]E,...,E]/

Fancy joining us all or in your own city around the world even? Here's how: \{}^,...,^}/

#NowWhichStoutPintGlassDidOneLeaveOnesBrainIn ? ...()o,...,O)
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For old school #1080p and basic #6Ch versions, costly it is []£,...,£]

#BuyOrBuyNotThereIsNoRefund ()Ó,...,ò)
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TitanX FTW. 
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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This, but with Hook and loop covered #Zorb 's and humans = iRL #Katamari  \[]^,...,^]/
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+FazZ Khedoo ยยงาาวง่ไ
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It's going to be a busy #AprilFoolsDay []^,...,^]

Play on +Google Maps​​​ right now (desktop or mobile) or via the excellent +Ingress​​​ {}^,...,^}

...and if one is feeling old school, there's always the original +バンダイナムコエンターテインメント​​​ #PacMan on +Google Play​​​: though it's not as much fun as +Google​​​'s #AprilFools2015 edition \()^,...,^)/

Happy April Fools maze chomping and ghost catching all {}^....^}

#IngressPacMan #PacMaps #BandaiNamco #パックマン #Pakkuman #BlinkyPinkyInkyClyde #NomNomNom
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\{}^,...,^}/ hApPy biRtHdaY +Nadia Guillemin \{}^,...,^}/

This sexy talented human runs and owns the très chic +Cameliha where she creates, fabricates and sells beautifully hand crafted hair accessories for daily usage and luscious occasions {}^,...,^}

I lovingly recommend #Cameliha to one and all, should one be in need of some alluring crowd dazzling hair accessories ...and of course if you have hair on your noggin ...old man sigh []o,...,o]

Pssst ...she's currently got a delicious #sale on right now, with free delivery on all orders over £Twenty GBP and further 5% off (today only) if you use #EviLFazZ : ...haZaAaAa ...hAzAaAaAa ...hAZaAaAaAaAa \()^,...,^)/
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OMG! You guys are so cute!! Thank you so much!!! I look forward to see you both next week to celebrate that!! LOVE YOU!!!
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