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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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🎮 +Tom Clancy's The Division | Closed Beta v1.0 | 2016 | +Ubisoft

In short... I highly approve ...and it's not even the 'final release', yet played with few issues, in #8K (though my old kettle would not go beyond 29fps), happily over 60fps in #4K in Ultra and the atmospheric #8Ch surround audio is utterly delicious 😸

I'm already looking forward to +Uplay's Open Public Beta available to all in the coming weeks and of course the 8th of March 2016 ...maybe I'll see you in there too? 🎦

#ScreenShots as usual are in #4K and #8K flavours 📺

#eXZ (Beta v0.7) +Steam Controller Configuration for +Tom Clancy's The Division: (official update: 9th March 2016) 🎮

Find me as #EviLFazZ on 'everything' 😈
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...I see and hear Mortal Kombat's  #Toasty  

+Tom Clancy's The Division is +Grand Theft Auto V pretty and then some of course, with enough differences to make up for the lack of actual moving traffic and the in-game weather (will share my captured proof soon) is so far the absolute best I've seen in any game today 😸

The +Steam Controller really is a 'game changer' and very affordable I feel too... or two... or four... or eight (maximum allowed currently). Every time I hear anyone compare the +Steam Controller to the typical Xbox/PlayStation Controllers, saying it's basically the same thing for +Steam, obviously has not taken the playtime to understand the controller and how it will change the way you game, balancing the accuracy we previously only got from a mouse/trackball, the vast functionality of a keyboard, the comfort of a games controller (lightest and most comfortable I've ever used), suitable for #VR  as well as any old school game from our childhood and (what I love about #WindowsOS gaming) superior customisation, optimisation and freedom of usage 🎮

I've been creating custom controls for most of my games ever since I got the PSone controller to work on #WindowsOS , eventually going through many others including the very fun #Wii  controllers (which I got working with my failed 'Wii on my Windows' emulator (proof somewhere in my +Google Photos albums), but as usual, none had accuracy or flexibility. The last and longest running game related controller I used was +Logitech's excellent #G13  controller, which I used heavily for editing audio and video too. However +Logitech have turned into a rubbish brand over the past couple of years (customer support are nothing but brainless Cr'Apple users too) and now over twenty years on of using a lot of their various products, I've deiced to ditch everything I own of theirs and move on, though finding a decent #Trackball  these days is seriously difficult 🖲️

I will be officially dumping and sharing all my +Logitech  #G13  created profiles (hundreds) in the coming weeks, though I will no longer be updating or supporting it ⚰️

So I'll now be taking my vast experience of controller configurations/bindings solely over to +Steam's official Controller and sharing them publicly ( #eXZ ) the moment I feel they are up to my standard of gaming. The version numbers will reflect this and like software, v1.0 will indicate it's complete and ready for mass consumption, with anything under that (such as my #eXZ configuration for +Tom Clancy's The Division currently v0.7) only being available for testing or not possible to complete either indefinite or until further notice (game bugs, demos, alphas, betas, etc). I got great feedback on my #eXZ  configuration for +Introversion Software's brilliant Prison Architect and updated it to work even better with the latest firmware updates via +Steam 🎮

I'm also part of the +Steam Beta (BP, VR, WS and HW) which permits access to submit configurations/bindings to the Controller Workshop (hidden currently), which I hope +Valve will improve (it needs UX improvements such as simplified instructions for end users and a lot of graphical updates/additions) and show it openly 'very' soon to all. Meanwhile I'll be publicly posting my #eXZ configurations via my +Steam Artwork section and here on +Google+ in coming weeks too 😈

I'm not sure if creating a separate community page for my #eXZ +Steam Controller configurations is worth the effort or just keeping them here on my usual (public) gaming collections. Time will tell maybe and demand too of course 💸

👊 🔥
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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It's been a little over a week since the very sad passing of David Robert Jones aka +David Bowie and shortly after the lovely chaps at +Square Enix (who sadly stopped using +Google+ a while ago) freely gave to us +Steam gamers a 'free copy' of David Cage's 1999 Omikron: The Nomad Soul in memoriam to +David Bowie who is digitally in the game twice (including his wife Iman) and, wrote and performed much of the music (with Reeves Gabrels) that is featured throughout in entire game 😃

I personally never got to play the original Windows OS version, (released in 1999), but did play through much of it on my beloved #Dreamcast around 2000-ish and now I thankfully can now finally play it through fully thanks to +Square Enix ...though play it through not as intended again and (as one does) pushing a VGA (640x480), 2Ch audio (16bit) and #DirectX9 based game far beyond it's intended original output 🖥️

Despite the games age, it runs perfectly well in typical #4K (3840x2160) at 120fps, with only cut-scene animation audio being a bit of an ear-sore due to the 30fps pre-renders and overly compressed 2Ch audio limitations, which simply has (minor) issues when playing the game far above 30Hz/fps (which is normal for desktop gaming, but not so for games console toys), but even set free within #DirectX12  it plays amazingly well and 100% responsive 🎮

The best and quickest way to get the game fully running if you're anything like me and does not start correctly on #Windows10 ... use the excellent Dege's Voodoo Wrapper, which is essentially a virtual graphics card that sits within your actual graphic cards ultra fast memory. Install: #dgVooDoo2 (currently v2.5) via and install it like any typical application on your desktop using the installer. Once installed, you'll need to point #dgVooDoo to Omikron's installed folder, which is where ever you install your +Steam games too, for example, mine looks something likes this: "D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Omikron" 📂

This will add Omikron's to #dgVooDoo 'running instances' and once saved, it will create a dgVooDoo.conf within Omikron's installed folder. Don't worry about modding etc as the games is actually #DRMfree (yeah, big grin), so it won't affect your +Steam account/s in the slightest. Now within #dgVooDoo , you'll need to configure it to enable (blindly force even) the game to work... for some, this might be easy and for others, I 'may' have lost you at this point... fear not, you can grab my own custom built dgVooDoo.conf from the sub-post (below), un- #7zip 'ing it and then simply drop it into your Omikron folder. Note: Make sure #dgVooDoo is closed 'before' dropping my custom dgVooDoo.conf into your Omikron's folder, otherwise #dgVooDoo might overwrite it and lose those my precious settings that you've just copied to your folder 🔥

...aAaAand, you're done... start the game via +Steam, preferably in #BigPicture mode or without +Steam at all (again it does not require any DRM verification) and the rest is just like running any other old school gaming fun. If not for whatever reason or you're still using an older OS like #Windows7 or 8/8.1 you can read lots more here: 💻

Lastly and importantly, the controls for the game are heavy based on keyboard and mouse or an old school #Xinput joypad/stick (if you still have/use one), which is normally fine, but as I'm personally getting away from using a keyboard and trackball since mid-2015 due to the outstanding +Steam Controllers we have, I did something a little more for you and 'everyone' on +Steam. Yep, even more freely shared gaming love from me 💕

The issue I had with Omikron: The Nomad Soul even when it was released on the #DreamCast back in 2000, the game uses 'tank controls', which for those who know #Capcom 's +Resident Evil will know exactly what I mean, which is fine normally, but only for games that have a certain amount of functionality. Omikron: The Nomad Soul is not that simple and in fact, more complicated than it should be, which even today still breaks the games playability. So after some many hours of perfecting a suitable control layout, I've now created, submitted and shared a completed +Steam Controller Configuration (aka Steam Controller Binding's) for Omikron: The Nomad Soul via +Steam and can be found and downloaded within usual +Steam Controller manager right now. All my configurations shared on +Steam will show the version number of my shared configuration, the build date (YYYY.MM.DD), include the tag #eXZ (aka #eXistenZ named after the film), use my usual game handle/tag as #EviLFazZ and are based on the games default configuration so no further settings need to be done, just install and play 🎮

I'm telling you all this because there's many more of my configurations on +Steam already and 'even more' to come from me shorty 😎

Further details on this games specific +Steam Controller configuration and many others will shared and detailed here on +Google+, with a short-form feed via +Steam too 📝

So... if you 'still' have not grabbed your free copy of Omikron: The Nomad Soul, you now have around 12 hours to do so directly from here: ...using the check-out coupon code omikron 👈

Happy gaming one and all ...and again, RiP #DavidBowie 🎶

Find me on +Steam, +Google Play​, +Origin, +Uplay, #RGSC , #GoG , #HTCVive , etc as #EviLFazZ 😈
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Shit, missed it by 27 minutes lol
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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Cue Meg Ryan's... YyEeS yYEESs YYEESS 😲
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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...guess it's about time we watch this old little unknown film from #farfaraway 🎥
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...yep ...the first moment I'm ...sober 😂

...and meanwhile (i'm actually going to say this despite my love for #3D films), avoid seeing +Star Wars​​ it in #TreeDee, it's disgusting lies 😡
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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...I could be wrong ...but I think our Mushroom really hates her Christmas gift 😸
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#Mushroom 'demands' we bring the fight to her or just fur'get abou'd eet 😸
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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Outstanding Real-time High Frame Rate swinging #Lightsaber fun 'simply' using #ThreeJS, #Polymer, #Gulp, #SCSS, #Jade, #vFactor, #CSP, #Vulcanize, #JSON, #Crisper, #WebGL and more via +Google Chrome (desktop and +Android) 🙌 thanks again +Google Chrome Developers 😄

Complete details: 💻
Master your lightsaber to escape the First Order. #LightsaberEscape
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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For those of you (mainly in 'my circles' only) who were aware of what happened to my beloved #Canon #EF #28mm f/1.8 lens and the loco quotes I was getting from #London based repair stores (along with all their excessive time wanted)... I'm mostly up and #shooting again 🙌

I've managed to fix three out of four faults, one of which meant I could not take 'any' photos with then lens, but now can (see photo of Kitt), however (as shown in one of the photos) I can only really use manual focus due to a break in the flat ribbon cable (which connects the focal controller to the logic 'thingy'). It's too difficult to patch, so will try to source a new/used housing or possibly a damaged (exactly same) lens to reuse the housing only. Hopefully soon, as these old hands are not efficient enough to rely on manual focus only, which will cost me capturing the entire moment all too often 😴

If you or anyone you know, has an unwanted Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 (obviously damaged/unusable lens, but good enough housing), I'd be more than happy to recycle it for you 😀

On that, if you have a damaged lens and like me, really can not afford the cost of the repairs, drop me an email or Hangout message and like any of your desktop/entertainment/musical needs, I'll do what I can 😉

To my own amazement, photos are now noticeably (to me only probably) cleaner and sharper than before, plus the focal ring moves smoothly without a sound (using my own micro dampers from old HDD parts) 😊

The photo of Kitt was the first I took with the lens after rebuilding it (using manual focus)... not bad right? 😸
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Just... (be)cause 😸
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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Another very sad goodbye to yet another great 😢

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman 
21st February 1946 to 14th January 2016
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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A very sad goodbye to another great 😢

+David Bowie
8th January 1947 to 10th January 2016
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FazZ Khedoo (EviL FazZ)

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Ťö èvéřý şėxXxý øńê õf ýöű åĺľ

Have a very hÄpPý... #Pagan, #Christmas, #Hanukkah, Extended Duvet, Take the bin out, #Yule, #Laundry, #Eid, Wash your hair, #Birth, #Heathen, #Kwanzaa, #Green, #Heretic... whatever day/week/month 😻

Lovin'fun regards from möí 😈

Find me on +Steam​, +Google Play​, +Origin​, #RGSC, +Uplay​, #VRVive, #GoG, etc as #EviLFazZ 🎮
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Tony C
Merry Xmas bro and family
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