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Fate SRD
Fate SRD is an online reference for the Fate RPG.
Fate SRD is an online reference for the Fate RPG.

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The Fate SRD encrypts traffic over https to keep what you do on the site secure. We completely honor Do Not Track.

Site is migrating to a new server, so it may be down for a while.

EDIT: Migration complete.

SITE DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE. Sorry for any interruption of service.

UPDATE—site is up but the SSL cert isn't working. In contact with the host about resolving this.

UPDATE 2—SSL is working now. If you have an issue, clear your cache.

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We did two things over the weekend—made the site faster and added a shirt for sale!

About the shirt — we're selling shirts to help support the site through Amazon. Buy one and earn the aspect "Supporter of the Fate SRD" with a free invoke. Two free invokes if you spread the word about supporting the site.

About the page speed — the site was already fast and small, being only 418kb on the heftiest page, the home page. But we thought that we could do better and cut it down to 172kb. The biggest cut was the Web fonts that were being loaded, so now we're using a nice selection of system native fonts. Fun fact, we stole the list of fonts from :-)

As always, thanks to the Fate community.

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The Fate SRD now has all of the content from +Evil Hat Productions Fate More Kickstarter!

::muppet hand wave::

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Want to kick the tires on the updated version of the Fate SRD?

I'm a few days (or less) away from launching the updated SRD with the new content from the Fate More Kickstarter. The site has been rebuilt from the ground up to eliminate a couple of bugs in the original site and to modernize the codebase (that was nearly three years old).

What can you do to help? Take a look at the staging site and tell me anything that looks off/weird/wrong. You can post comments to this thread, submit them via the Contact Us form, or post them to Github ( Yes, the code is on Github.

Where is the staging site?! It's up at

Please share this but when you do, turn off comments. That way folks will comment here. Thanks!

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