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The Practices of Doing Business

For any practice to have any significant meaning beyond the obvious and expected, it needs to spill beyond the concrete practice into life. Moment by moment. Daily.

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Craft Your Home Page Text With Logic & Heart
Your Business Narrative & The Foundation For Your Stories

Reveal your business narrative from the start. Bring it to light on your Home page and it will serve as the messaging foundation for the entire site. Familiarizing your site visitor this way will support giving them what they’re looking for right away. It will also support the unfolding of the stories you’ll tell throughout, rounding out the narrative with each piece, every detail you include. Craft what you need to say with concise, succinct, easy-to-understand language to work within the context of today’s web. Shape your Home page text for your customers and as the basis for your identity online.

If you don’t put your attention to crafting and fine tuning your business narrative you run some risks. It may dangle with lack of underdeveloped clarity. It may become a closed-circuit barring open-ended continuing participation from your customers or expressed in some way that is outside of your control. Perhaps even passively through inaction. None of these would work in your favor. Intention or omission. Choose which it will be. Choose to be proactive and direct the communication in the way that will serve best. Give it thought.

#WebsiteContent #HomePageText
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Your Business Identity & How You Feel About The Work Your Business Does

Think about it. Take the time to become familiar with your own relationship to the work your company does, how you drive your philosophy and actions. This will ultimately uncover something valuable about your relationship to your customers.

It makes this kind of self-knowledge a healthy place to start when creating your content and designing your website. Revealing what you learn and the nature and depth of that commitment creates fertile ground for the relationships you will cultivate.
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Creativity, Process & Creative Process At Work
Binding Threads

Creativity and the creative process are recognized as sterling motivators and known to be critical factors in much if not all of the work we do. Yet even though there are theories and explanations of how they are understood to function, they’re still rendered somewhat invisible, lurking quietly waiting to be uncovered, illusive and undefined in many cases. Their life and breadth is both conscious and unconscious and that may make them difficult to track, define and to power up. Especially to those not trained in creative disciplines. But uncomplicated, basic processes can also lead us to creative thinking no matter what our training has been.

Here’s what got me thinking about this- I asked myself recently what it is that I love most about the simple activity of work and combined with that the work of creating content, one of the more tangibly creative activities that engages me in my job. Also my work with clients on tapping into their creative thinking for their website content has me thinking on this.

The answer to my personal question came with a realization that it’s basic process and not only overtly creative process that teases me forward with a craving to do more, to work harder and more effectively. It quite literally makes me want to work to know, in advance, that I will become engrossed in process once I begin. Its beguiling, preoccupying charm is like a carrot tempting a hungry rabbit.

Post shared by +Gina Fiedel for +Fat Eyes Web Development

#Creativity #CreativeProcess #Process
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Fat Eyes Web Development Has A New Website
Put On Your Dancing Shoes & Let’s Dance Because This Cobbler’s Children Finally Have Some New Ones

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the newly designed Fat Eyes Web Development website. We’ve been at it for quite some time and now here we are! Launched. Ta da!

We are in the business of marketing businesses, non-profits, individuals- by way of the web; web development and web design. Visual communication and the communication of language. Demonstrating identity and answers, information, solutions. It is a commercial endeavor and it is an art. It is a means by which we promote the work and dreams of others.

For this project, that communicates our identity and how we join with our clients to communicate theirs, we let our creative vision lead the way and allowed for a true collaboration wrapped in the art and thought that we each brought to the table. We constructed a site that includes and incorporates our multi-dimensional selves. Who we really are.

Handmade evidence leaves a trace, shows itself, materials of physical process, transparency and intention. The pieces and parts that go into a project, any project. Central themes and satellite themes.

We think, we consider, we produce.

An image we see all the time on the web -mechanical representations of dots joined with the lines that symbolize global connection. We thought it would be cool to make an overtly handmade version of it to suggest our joined humanity, our individuality, human imperfections and all that we each bring to the environment of the web. We explored that theme in its potentiality. And then there’s the sky, the place we gaze up towards. The compass, a symbol of direction, locality, our context and respective North Stars, following the paths we construct for ourselves and the recognition of others along the way. A crow escorts us. We make stuff.

We had a blast. We hope you enjoy checking it out.

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Fire Up Your Collaborative Spirit In Your Work
What Do We Mean To Each Other?

The art of collaboration has its origins built in to being human, woven with an awareness of how important we are to each other; the natural interdependence that exists between people and all the systems we create and are created by. Vitalize your ability to join forces, team up, listen and act upon the ideas of others. Share effort. Step back and let someone else lead and then trade places.

True collaboration benefits all involved and ripples outward. Identity. Collaboration. Everyone matters. Ubuntu.

Post written and shared by +Gina Fiedel for +Fat Eyes Web Development

#CollaborativeSpirit #Collaboration #CreativeMarketingBlog
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Learn To Infuse Your Business Identity With Your Personal Brand
It's More Important Than You May Think

Starting from scratch when conceiving who your business will be and how your personal brand fits into the picture, developing its business identity (and in parallel, your online identity), can feel like this. Dropping a tiny marble into the sea from a plane and hoping it will roll up onto the sand at the beach from where you took off.

Not only that but hoping it will happen while you’re watching and that its bright colors will make it easy to spot from the air. Impossible.

But we all know that it’s not because, well, the world is made up of businesses that have clearly defined identities. Their personality, good qualities, values and value are readily apparent, their brightness easy to spot from a distance. Everyone starts from somewhere. They had to have a talent for mining those qualities and bringing them to the surface (or the beach).

That’s the fanciful way of saying it’s hard to start a business and settle into its personality - to grow its character. It’s even harder to commit to and follow through on making it genuine to who you really are and will be as a business and then to continue doing so regularly. No matter the size or stage of development.

The origin of this article and the original version of the story I have written within it comes from a share I wrote for a +David Amerland Sunday Read a couple of weeks ago.

Post written and shared by +Gina Fiedel for +Fat Eyes Web Development

Pre-remixed photo: Copyright p_saranya iStock

#PersonalBranding #BusinessDevelopment #CreativeMarketingBlog
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Don't Under Estimate The Power Of Your Company Narrative

How readily can you describe your company and its place in the larger context of your community or industry?

Your best response to that question, the most carefully thought out and deeply authentic, is not always within easy reach, even though at first it sounds pretty much like a simple question. The declaration that hits home most effectively will carry you into the future. It will connect you most powerfully with your customers. Yet it might be a little bit buried under the surface and you may have to do a little digging to unearth it.

Post written by +Gina Fiedel for Fat Eyes Web Development

Pre-remixed photo: Copyright Devonyu (iStock)
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Schema and Its Relationship To Serendipity & Creativity
A Triad You May Not Have Considered

How do Schema or more specifically, Schema Violation, Serendipity and Creativity join forces to affect your digital marketing efforts and your business on the Internet? You might be surprised to learn the answers to that question.

There are mysterious and powerful forces at play underlying what we notice on the surface of things. Like some gravitational pull or thrust forward to unforeseen events, connections and productive detours, their momentum can be unrelenting. Examination reveals that they might be harnessed and utilized and it multiplies when we comprehend their relationships to each other. For instance…

To make sense of the world, we organize internal information and knowledge to understand and engage with our environment. As a natural part of our ordinary existence our brains create categories and relationships, units or patterns of thought and behavior; preconceptions that act as our cognitive building blocks in every situation we encounter. These shortcuts constructed from our past experiences for present and future experiences, for interpreting, systematizing information in our environment are called schema. When referred to in psychology and cognitive sciences they’re called social or cognitive schema. In Internet terms, simply “schema”.

But what happens when there’s interference or unexpected change in the structure of the information? When these linked mental representations, the cognitive framework that describes and predicts our environment, place, people and events, are inconsistent, in violation or discombobulated in some way, we are left to make sense out of nonsense. Things appear illogical. Topsy-turvy or like the image in a funhouse mirror, hard to grasp. It can be displacing. Disquieting. This is known as a Schema Violation or Schema Inconsistency.

When schema is in violation, the expectations we place on the world are thwarted and we don’t know how to respond to incoming stimuli. It may seem like a bad thing. But it doesn't need to be. Actually, it can be a rather good thing. We can learn from it and make it work for us. It’s an opportunity to capture and boost creativity and its kin, serendipity. Each of them have a role in your experience online.

Post shared and written by +Gina Fiedel for +Fat Eyes Web Development

Pre-remix photo credit: Copyright iStock: 13460889
#schema #serendipity #creativity #schemaviolation
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Optimize Your Odds For Serendipity
Plan For Randomness

Are we familiar enough with the nature of serendipity that it becomes wallpaper we don’t notice much? Is it loitering on the sidelines taken for granted, surreptitiously nudging us to not move on and put our attention elsewhere? To other phenomenon, strategies? When we consider personalization in search and the semantic web serendipity is ever more critical.

Have we forgotten to really pay attention to this mind-bending, life and work-changing thing that’s rich and complex enough to be one of the ten most difficult English words to translate? That would be a shame.

How Do We Safeguard Our Odds?

Serendipity is to be cultivated. Invited. Innovation comes from maintaining flexibility. Too much order closes doors. Limits the possibilities available. Thus we get the urge to move into ideas like (un)strategy and (anti)discipline just to go against our own rigid tide.

Serendipity is the underground original disruptor, the thing that is always quietly, just barely hiding out in our peripheral vision waiting for the moment it can present itself and throw us off guard, surprise us. Hand us something new and unexpected. Make us scratch our heads in happy wonder.

It will turn nothing much into something that feels like a charm, arriving at fruition. It disrupts because it cannot be tamed. If we took it out of our equations, things would flatten out, lose vitality and we would be missing something crucial; one of the best things we've got lingering around waiting to happen. That thing that feels like magic. Are we forgetting to notice and taking it for granted?

Post written and shared by +Gina Fiedel for +Fat Eyes Web Development

Pre-remix photo credit: Copyright: Gajus

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