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This is a video game review blog managed by Thomas MALICET (@tmalicet).
This is a video game review blog managed by Thomas MALICET (@tmalicet).

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Tick Tock Bang Bang - Bend the time and film it
In this game, you film a movie, bend the time and make great stunts all in one take. The time control mechanism is incredibly smooth but the obstacles follow a (mostly) random pattern which narrows gameplay's possibilities. It stills offer a great experienc...

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Adventure Lamp - Full Version
This game has been reviewed here when it was only a Ludum Dare entry. It's now a fully functional game and it's on Play It/See It

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Luxuria Superbia - Kinky Flowers
An awkwardly erotic exploration game where you touch flowers, change colours and hear zen sounds. Like most Tale of Tales games, it is more about the experience than just killing zombies. The feeling is intense and the immersion is powerful. Play it:  http:...

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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human - Post-Apocalyptic Fishing
A very retro-style game where you need to find your way in an underwater world. Make friend with fishes, make bubbles and kill monsters with minimalist weapons in this adventure game with a great atmosphere and stunning pixel-art scenery. The Kickstarter ca...

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Code Combat - Write, Run, Learn and Have Fun!
Today, I'm not going to talk about a game per se. But a serious game which teach you how to code. It presents as a real game but when you want to control the character, you need to write some code. There is auto-completion like a good IDE (integrated develo...

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5 seconds - Dash and Die
5 seconds is a stupidly simple but highly addictive game. All you have to do is to take a yellow square from one castle to another. It's a straight line and there is very few obstacles. But for some reason you end up dying a lot and just want to try again a...

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Survival Turn - Black & White and Wireframes
A two players puzzle game where you flip the world to pass from one level to another. It's all black and white and objects are only wire-frames. But it gives to the game an incredible sketchy look. Controls are really retro-style and it makes the game a bit...

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Dolly - Poetry and spiky thingy!
Dolly is an incredible puzzle/platformer filled with wonderful gameplay ideas, artistic concepts and a moving soundtrack. The level design is so finely tuned that you will think: "if only more games were like this". Every new screen is a piece of art and th...

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Future Love Space Machine: RPG with no pants
In this space sexploration RPG, your goal is to find new partners of all kinds and explore new worlds with your pants off. So, adults only! This game really look like an AAA title and that's amazing! I never played any sex or erotic simulation game as it al...

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An experimental game about a mother fish looking for her fingerlings.  Made for the MomJam , this game shows love, atmospheric music and cuteness at their best! It's short and simple but the experience make you go all Aww. Play It:
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