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Paul Walker's family appreciates the outpouring of love and goodwill from his many fans and friends. They have asked, in lieu of flowers or other gifts, that donations please be made to Paul’s charity Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW). Donations can easily be made through their website at

Its comforting for them to know that the son, brother, and father they love so much is equally adored, respected, and appreciated by so many. Paul founded the organization with the genuine desire to help others, and it's important to his family to keep his memory alive through ROWW.

(via the Walker Family)
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 Paul Walker was an amazing actor , Each and every roll that he 
had appeared In . He would put not only his heart but his soul 
Into his performance .
he will be forever missed but never forgotten .
we love and miss you Paul ... RIP . 
There are no words xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yes I will miss paul walker .I want to comfort his family with all my sympathy and respect and say God bless his family hoping there recovery for this loss soon.
You will be forever in our hearts. Great friend and great man. The wings of angels is delivered into your hands, friend Paul Walker. Embrace friend Paul
i wish RIP meant Return If Possible :(
R.I.P Paul Walker Fast and Furious will never be the same without you 
Rip Paul Walker my deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends <3 
Bye paul.,.
Kowe aktor sing josz lan apik ning atiku.,.
For myself and a lot of my friends, Fast and Furious was a special movie that we could relate to in many ways. I will miss Paul very much as Brian O Connor. His family will miss him as a father, brother and dedicated humanitarian. I am very sad about what happened. My sincerest sympathy to his close friends and family. He seemed like a really awesome guy.
I am just so sad about this...we miss you Paul Walker. .RIP♡♡♡
i miss him a lot, he was my mentor :'(

 but there are few questions which i doubt :

1) How can a super car blast when he crashed and hits the tree and pole. super cars are designed this way that their compartment gets away from rear engine side, in this case engine got away from cabin , so how can it blast. Fuel pipe remain in limits it rotates in rear end only it doesn't reach front side as engine is at back so does petrol mouth.

2) his friend who was a professional racer and had won many championship, how was he not able to negotiate turn , in race he must have negotiate more sharp turns and with more high speed.

3) car in which he left the event has different number & car which crashed has different number. (as pr the pic showing that Paul is leaving charity event)

4) there was a rumor on a day before that he died which was of course rubbished by his management ,but next day he died in car crash which was said in rumor.

all these cant be co incidences might be its for promotion of F&F 7 , might be there is a scene in which Paul has existed the series by showing him crashed.

Its just wat i think 
I am sorry for your lost i know paul walker is at rest but no one can replace the best
It was shocking to hear paul walker died and feel as if I lost someone dear to me. No I never met him, but was such a hugh
Fan of fast and furious and other movies and feel weve seen him grow. You never heard anything negative about him and he is going to truly be missed. RIP PAUL WALKER! 
We lost a star on earth but gained a star in the heavens. Goodbye Paul. You will always be in our hearts. A truly gifted and kind soul. #RIPPaulWalker ♥ we love you. 
RIP Paul Walker heaven gained a new angel :(. Fast and Furious will never be the same again

to paul walker family and his daughter. he is my prayers and I am sorry of your lost.
to the paul walker family and his daughter you are all in my prayers he is in a better place stay strong because jesus loves you no matter what.
R.I.P. Paul Walker We Will Miss U And U Are Very Hot..... I Cry Myself To Sleep
Paul will be missed...My heart breaks for you...You are in my prayers and I pray you all get through these tough times...He will be watching over you,so be strong..He is counting on you to be there for his daughter,she needs you...Remember Paul was and is the light of your lives...Keep him alive in your hearts....RIP Paul   Love always Your Fans
May God continue to bless those who past though Mr.Paul's life he is missed in many ways and my cencear condolences go to all who feels the lost. Paul has passed on to a much better place and time
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