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Smile for the morning!

“What did you find when you fixed my computer?”
“Awe, just the normal stuff people download by accident when they want free stuff.”
“But all I do is fonts and such”
“Exactly! That would do it ;-) Not much is free - it's free because it comes with a special gift. It’s ok, that’s why you have me in your back pocket.”

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We’ve had lots of questions over the last couple days on what to expect with Windows 10… will it be different, should I hold off buying a new computer, will my office work on it...  Here’s a brief run down.

When will Windows 10 come out?
Late July 2015 looks set to be the launch period for the new OS.
How much does it cost?
Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for the first year if you’re running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. No need to wait on buying new computers.  If you have Vista, you can upgrade to Windows 7 and get the free upgrade to 10… however we’d recommend replacing your computer at that age.  If you have XP, your computer needs to have been replaced last April 2014.
Do I have to update?
The update is not mandatory; however it will come in via regular Windows Update.  If you do not want it, ensure to decline the update.  The update is large, just under 3GB.  If you are on a slow connection it could  take 7-10 hours.  If you’re on a mobile connection wait until you’re on an unlimited connection.
What features would I gain?
1. Cortana, the female-voiced, somewhat sassy digital assistant that debuted in Windows Phone 8.1, will become part of Windows 10. Like Siri on the iPhone, you’ll be able to type or talk to get information through your PC.
2. Start menu returns like Windows 7, but with Windows 8’s colorful live tiles and adjusts its behavior depending on how you’re using your computer.
3. Users will be able to have multiple desktops (like a smartphone). 
What is the next version of Office, and will my current version work on Windows 10?
We expect Office 2016 to launch in October 2015.  Your current versions of Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 will work fine on Windows 10.
If you have additional questions or would like to have your systems/network reviewed for compatibility, backup or security please reply here and Rebecca will schedule you with one of our experts.
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