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Philip Colbert and Richard Ascott are British +Fashion Designers that started the fashion brand Rodnik Fashion.

The two began selling Russian goat wool Scarves and the company grew quickly, diversifying, quickly attracting a number of celebrity clients including Queen Rania of Jordan, Matthew Williamson, Karl Lagerfeld, Sienna Miller, Lily Cole, and Peaches Geldof.

Colbert went on to Establish The Rodnik Band label in 2008, a "venn diagram" label encompassing Fashion, music and Art. The Rodnik Band have performed in New York, Milan, Tokyo, Hull and London.

Colbert is known for his publicity stunts which have included a Gorilla fashion show during London Fashion Week in the National Gallery, where in a reference to The Thomas Crown Affair, 100 bowler hats were handed out to members of the public, whilst models walked up and down the gallery, exhibiting the clothing.

In February 2010, Colbert launched a collection through Coin (department store) of iconic art themed Rodnik clothing.

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