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Do you think Lady Gaga's dance moves are too sexy?
The pop singer had to cancel her sold-out concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. The reason: Islamic hard-liners claimed Lady Gaga's sexy clothes and dance moves would corrupt young people. Lady Gaga is k...
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No i dont think so she`s a sexy dancer..LOL!
not only in Indonesia i guess,,,many countries don't agree about her performance
F*** yeah! But, Lady Gaga too sexy, is good! If her sexy breaks a country in half, oh well: Time for a new country. lol! :)
hope you understand, our religion,
strictly prohibited in Islam because the things that smell of sex
What other erotic sway even to the kissing scene like a video clip lady gaga
i am from Indonesia and i am Muslim
Is difficult when you're dealing with hypocrite country. you can see it from the sold out tickets. They just mad because they don't get any portion of the margin.
it makes lady gaga more famous and least she's the "talk of the town' now
No, I think Indonesians are too damn intolerant... but hey, their religion is based on Intolerance... nothing we can do about it!

By the way, Hitler also justified his actions with Christian morality.

Now think: is religion helping you in any way or is it simply making you hate everyone who is different!?
+Ricardo Vasconcelos , I absolutely agree with you.
Religion supposed to make people can love other lives without any presumption to change or destroy it.
But, islam is totally different from other religions.
Perhaps, islam is not a religion ?
Only view people knew and completely understand what islam is.
I am an Indonesian, and I am not a fan of lady gaga, but I do not agree if the lady gaga concert canceled because it is a business, only a fool will be a particular organization of this business, I hope the concert is followed for all her fans

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In some her music videos,her dance moves and clothes are too sexy. But I think,for her concert in Indonesia,she can wear acceptable costumes.
Beside that,she is a high-quality-entertainer :-) . I'm Indonesian, a little monster,and Moslem.

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+Ricardo Vasconcelos Based off of that you would like every single religion based charity to end? You would like all of the missionaries that go to Africa to try and help people(they do more than just try and spread their religion) there live a better life by supplying them with food and water? How about the many projects that a ton of churches take up to provide mosquito nets to the world so fewer kids die from malaria? Just because a few people here and there used a religion in the wrong way does not make religion an evil thing.

Hate? I don't hate people if they don't follow my religion, heck I don't hate people if they go completely against and dis it every chance they get. I have been taught to love other unconditionally no matter who they are and that is how I approach life more often than not.

Now for the post itself. I have gone to one of her concerts and I can understand why a culture as conservative as that of the Indonesian one is would be against. We are talking about a place where whether it is enforced or not anymore there is a law that states the punishment for masturbation is decapitation. I am not saying Lady Gaga should change her ways but if she wants to be able to perform globally then she needs to respect these peoples' cultural beliefs. She can't go in screaming for all the guys to pull their di**s out over there the way she has over here(those were her exact words at the concert I was at). It is just outright not accepted there like it is here. As a performer, she should realize that due to her actions here, not everybody in the world is going to want their people seeing her. As her fans we should do the same instead of calling every country that denies her ignorant and intolerant.

Just my 2 cents.
gaga is beautiful women,, I am waithing in jakarta indonesia,, lady gaga come to indonesia,,
I agree +Nathan Buth. I have no problem with that.

That's exactly why I've asked:

"is religion helping you in any way or is it simply making you hate everyone who is different!?"

If it's helping you and others around you, that's good.

Otherwise, if religion is leading a person to become intolerant and to discriminate (and even hurt) those who are different, that person should review his/her position... and maybe should even considering changing religion.

My point is: Religion should not be used as a form to justify intolerant, racist and very archaic attitudes.
Religion should join people, no matter their divergences or cultures.
Unfortunately, many times Religion is a source of intolerance... and that has got to stop.
she is not a singer,she is a pornstar.
+Dimas Satria Don't get so upset by it man. XD Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I can understand where +Roman Rin would get their opinion of her from. I can also see where you get yours. Please do not result to just throwing swear words at the guy because rarely does that help. In the end Roman will believe what they want to, you will believe what you want to anyways so just let it be.
+Ricardo Vasconcelos, for me, this is interesting statement :
"Unfortunately, many times Religion is a source of intolerance... and that has got to stop."

Question is : How to stop it ??
By killing the people in that religion ?
By change the religion it self ?
By deleting that religion at all ?
+Nathan Buth im sorry,, only a rough reprimand, I will remove my comments earlier ☮

#peace (^.^)v
+yose aldo I think the best way for it to work is for people to stop being extremists in their religion, accepting that not everybody is going to agree with them, and realizing that because of this not everybody should be expected to live the same lifestyles as them. I think the biggest thing here is the extremist part. By this I don't just mean people killing others in the name of their god I mean the people that practice hatred towards any who disagree with them. If you look in most religions, their theologies state to treat others in nonviolent manners, physically or verbally. If all religious people approached their religions truthfully and fully from a theological standpoint we would not have as many problems.

That being said their are also problems on the non-religious side that would need to be taken care of. If you don't want to be judged by a religious person then don't judge them.
I don't have that answer, +yose aldo, but I think a good start would be to give a tour ticket for Auschwitz to everybody, religious or no religious. ;-)
+Nathan Buth if the place you have TVOne television channel, you will laugh about how to answer the answer of lady gaga rejection by harsh religious organizations in Indonesia
I didn't have to read this article, i hate the topic. I don't have to like Lady Gaga but she is an artist. That is maybe commercial music and stuff but also art. There's no religion to stop that, only very evil and stupid people who don't wanna let their people to have some fun.... so they can keep them stupid and unhappy, agresive and willing to die anytime. Who wouldnt, it they don't want you to live, and see the world around you.... listen some music.... :-/
I dont think that her dance moves are too sexy, i think that she needs to make a exercise tape then we all can learn how to be lean (for people who likes to diet and exercise). Teenagers can benefit from that too instead of sneaking to vommit up food they can go in their bedrooms and pop in the dvd and get to work. Stop criticizing!
i like freedom, music, life, to dress as i want and to do what i want.... that's my religion.... :)
+Dimas Satria I don't think I have that channel but all the same I am sure it is ridiculous. I don't agree with them keeping her from coming. I just understand why they would to an extent. XD
hey hey ....... the concert will be held in june 3th
+Nathan Buth, hoping an extreemist to realized that they them selves were on wrong way ? I think, that can be very not easy.
Especially if the foundation of their wrong path ways of thoughts are in the opposite manners of live and their religion core of thought is closed. Seems that they need an enlightment from their ways of thoughts.
+Ricardo Vasconcelos, yups, I found that's not easy to answer.
Because, from my point of view, if we kill all people in that religion or delete the religion it self, we would be the same as them. We are as sadistic as them.
If we change that religion, we can not understand where to start to make some changes, because we are not in them.

If we try to go in to their religion, I think, it would be the same as we put our selves on a black hole, where we would be eliminated before can make some changes.
I think there is no problem of religious difference but a difference in peoples out thereand in Indonesia and we have to adhere to one country with traditional country, and in this world there are only two differences are good guys and bad guys, so I as a citizen ofIndonesia is very love lady gaga concert but it must comply with the existing customs in Indonesia it would be better :)
+yose aldo That definitely a part that is not easily changed, but it is possible to prevent future extremists from being created. Only to an extent though. It is one of those problems that there really is not a solution to in the end. What could help some is if the media did not portray different religions and their belief systems only based off of what the extremists do. E.g. How they have in the past acted with Muslims due to the extremists of Al Kaida and how they often portray Christians whenever talking about gay marriage.

There really is not a solution in these words since I don't know how to go about making the changes unfortunately.
I guess they need to close the Internet, stop publishing books and bun photo. The young people are safe then.
Schhhh,+Konstantin Samoylov...
Don't give 'em any more ideas, please.
They are already trying that. SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, CISPA, H.R. 1981...
Oh... and I must I remind you the book "Huckleberry Finn" is interdicted in American schools? ;-)
I love Gaga! She´s unique, but the countries have the right to choose what they want for their people.
Thats hilarious really!!!Well for what it's worth....The young people missed out!!!They are probably watching her music videos on Youtube right now!!!
there terrible and im terrified by what she wears
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