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Love this 'Waste My Time With You' - from London based Indie Rock duo check it out 

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My website showcases Fashion, Lifestyle, Health & Beauty and DIY it is a shopping site, and place for inspiration for Men and Women many areas have affiliate links but we also showcase freely Indie Music, Authors a few Independent Clothing Lines and Businesses we think are useful. The site also highlights vintage shopping and easy DIY ideas as I feel far too many clothes are worn once or twice without thought for the environment. Why not invest in a designer piece if it makes you happy but it can be resold, outdated styles can be upcycled you can shop for unusual items in vintage shops, you can shop and share with friends.
It is frequently updated and just had a major overhaul to drop the mobile app and be fully responsive across all devices, now building back the visitors as I had a few errors and learning experiences thus far. Always learning, always sharing and listening. I am a Londoner currently residing in Kent. Interests apart from those mentioned above and on the website are all things tech and SEO related I love learning about code, watching sports, mostly veggie food and don't have enough hours in the day. Trying to stay incognito this is a biz link not personal all my social media are same but for this introduction, I am Linda the CEO and one doing all (most of) the work, I have just reached my fourth year where I started very part time I now spend 24/7 at it whilst looking after/living with an awesome family and pets. But we only talk about the pets lol. x

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We have a new look #fashion and #lifestyle showcase for #shopping and #inspiration and a little #DIY all our previous topics FASHION MARKETPLACE - women's and menswear, footwear, accessories, indie. INSPIRATION - horoscope, celebrity, icons, vintage. LIFESTYLE - film, books, indie music, gadgets, gifts, fun stuff. HEALTH and BEAUTY - make-up, skincare, haircare, grooming, nails, gifts. FASHIONDIY - ideas, tips, illustration, biz. With a fresh responsive you could call it responsible layout we work with many affiliates but we also showcase and hope to give you inspiration too. Always adding, oops to couple of pages work in progress but almost there

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Fashion shopping high end & high street for men & women we're full of it - fashion shopping & inspiration, Lifestyle indie music, books, film, gadgets & tech, fun stuff, Health & Beauty makeup, skincare, hair & grooming. DIY it's the simple things. Join us online x

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DMOZ Timed Out - Last day March 14, 2017 beaten by the robots 

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Love this have witnessed a much smaller swarm a couple of times that seem to appear out of nowhere our cat was mesmerized too but this is beautiful, any bird lovers out there? 

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Thought we'd share this, still in process of checking my site but it's full of useful information regarding Duplicate Content

It's gone quiet, been busy but not seen any notifications either so just checking in to say alive and well expect everyone is busy too
Who is sending Christmas cards this year curious they've well and truly dropped off the horizon used to painstakingly write hundreds now it will be just a few family and closest friends if they're lucky lol is that mean?
What about everyone else?
Here's an Imaginary Card for you ...
Merry Christmas Happy New Year
you'll have to imagine the picture ...

a blue sky, a red nosed reindeer charging through the fluffy clouds on the start of his journey, full of energy as he pulls Santa Claus along on his sleigh, bells ringing.
or you can have
a glass of wine, a mince pie, feet up around the burning fire logs, little Christmas Stockings hanging from the fireplace and Ant and Dec in the Jungle on the TV in the background ...
or something else
Have Fun 

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Happy Thanksgiving, great way to get in the mood by watching all-time favorite, the hilarious 'Trains, Planes and Automobiles' have a peaceful fun filled day - UK carry on as normal and get yourself ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday whilst keeping safe online, Happy Shopping.

Does anyone on here that we chat with firstly, help people with adding the SSL certificate, whether free information via a blogpost or as a service it is not for me I just added it through my hosting provider although additional tips are always useful.

I wanted to add a link as a helpful resource to visit, to a recent blog and could also add a link on one of our web pages, if there are more than one of you out there, I got a feeling, then I could add more than one link the more choices the merrier.

I was Googling to add a resource such as Wikipedia blah blah blah but thought better to try here first ...

I would love to add to our website briefly the reasons for adding for the website owner and then the LINK plus a How To DIY Guide and/or a service LINK

and more for the BLOG the reasons to look out for more for the visitor LINK it could also touch on Phishing Scams etc which I briefly mention it is intended to be a useful link for people shopping online.

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