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My online China Agency! One Stop Solution for your wholesale business!
My online China Agency! One Stop Solution for your wholesale business!


Local Exchange rate update: 1USD = 6.00RMB; 1Euro = 8.00RMB; data from local BANK. updated in Jan. 2014...

Exchange rate update: 1USD = 6.25RMB; 1Euro = 7.6RMB; data from local BANK
All our service is available currently, welcome to inquiry and order... :)

Summer 2012, get your business stock up.. my dear customers! Hope all succeed. 

May Day vacation 2012 coming soon, from 29th April to 2nd May 2012... Happy Holiday! guys

We are back to work now.. If you have any questions or new orders, please go ahead and email us, Thanks!

New Year and Spring Festival coming, the local deliveries are very low due to the holiday season, please arrange your orders as early as possible, or you could send the orders to us next year in early 2012. Thanks all.
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Simon Lau (manager)

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Got new looks with
Check out, guys!

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Fashion Bop was founded in Oct.01, 2009, which is a professional China agency in Guangzhou to assist you sourcing, shopping from China , online China wholesale, and OEM/ODM manufacturing, like fashion clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry accessories, electronics, digital products, and other small commodities goods. Service fees FREE!! (Why?) Worldwide delivery!

At present our customers and partners are all over from Asia, Middle East, Europe and America! It benefited from our team knows from A to Z to the China manufactures and the products and know well about the Chinese business rules.

In short, we are your one-stop-wholesale business solution. To see how Fashion Bop can help your business to increase profits and maintain a competitive position, please check out the details:
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