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Faruk Ateş
Writer, Product Designer, developer
Writer, Product Designer, developer

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The finale of the Quantifind Foosball Tournament, Series B will be held today at 5 PM Pacific Time (and recorded for posterity). Our finalists are: Vineet + Jeuel, squaring off against Nachum + Bethany. 

This is a double-elimination bracket, and these two teams have squared off before with Vineet + Jeuel as the victors. That means that if Nachum + Bethany win the initial match, a tie-breaker follow-up match will be played to determine a final winner.

The Finale is a BEST OF THREE SETS match. The tie-breaker, if there is one, will be as well.

Serious question: does anyone around here actually pay attention to my Google+ posts? Like, if you're truly reading this, I'd love to know so that I can (cross-)post my writings here as well for people.

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I cannot recommend the Dare Conference enough, it was immensely valuable. So the good news is: it's coming back! With a mini-event for only £165 in London:

Their tagline, People skills for digital workers, kind of says it all. It applies widely, too—designers, engineers, managers… Anyone working on the web will find it a valuable event.
This is what #dareconf  looks like. +Faruk Ateş presenting. Credit: +Paul Clarke photography.

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If only Americans cared as much about freedom from invasion as they did about freedom to shoot themselves in the foot (literally). 
Stellar job by the TSA stopping these obvious terrorist with their fondling session.

America land of the free? 

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My co-founder sent this to me earlier today. Then I found out my buddy Geoff is behind this (among other fine folks, of course). Double Awesome!
Hey, I'm excited about this. It's a responsive wireframe-annotation tool we've been working on at Elliance, and today we released it under Creative Commons for anyone to use, modify, and redistribute. We're calling it Metaframe. Full story here:
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Hey Google Plus, it’s nice and all that you tell me there’s “1 new” post, but when I click that I kind of expect to see an indicator of the new post(s) — when people post generic, similar-looking content a couple of times in a row, or the more common one, multiple people re-share someone else's post, it is really hard to tell what's "new" and what's not, and that's confusing and unnecessary. Would love to see an indicator on the new posts :) +Chris Wilson +Chris Messina 

The new Google+ is pretty snazzy, feeling a lot like Medium meets Pinterest meets, and this part I like less, Tumblr’s Archive page. What are your thoughts on the new UI?

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Did I mention we launched our private alpha, recently? Hit me up if you want an invite!

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My Project 365x52 album
Project 365x52
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The first talk given with Presentate, now featuring the right thumbnail. Online in its full glory.
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