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As one of the designers of the Dart platform, I spend a lot of time looking at your feedback in the form of bug reports and feature requests. I learn a lot from all of them, but sometimes I wish you would file bug reports of the form "please don't change or remove feature X".

Maybe the issue tracker really isn't a good place for such discussions, so I'll ask here instead: Which part of the Dart platform would you really hate to see us change? What's your favorite feature?


Every action of us will be returned to us

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For the handful of people on Google+ who use an iPhone and not Android, here's what's coming next week at the iPhone 5 event:

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An informative and entertaining presentation on CoffeeScript!

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Hi everyone!

If you're enjoying my tech and social media updates here on Google+, why not circle other Mashable team members as well?

Pete Cashmore shared a circle with you.

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Lightning Reveals Its Power in Slow Motion

If you thought lightning couldn't be any more awesome, you thought wrong. The power of slow motion let's you see every last spark as it dances across the sky.

One strike hovers in the frame almost the entire time while other hundreds of other strikes flicker in and out in single frames.
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