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I don't know what to comment about?
And apparently no one else likes hanging out...
Comments are what make it social.
ugh... I tried to join it and it was empty :P
You're not in mine...the one that matters.
So we are both hanging out by ourselves? Lame.
I will post this to Facebook, Like it, and comment on it, just to be a dick.
discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
The 1 other person in my hangout was +Alex King... just for the record.
I joined from my phone as well ;)
I wanted the comment to stay! And you wouldn't join mine +Bobbi Jo Woods
(PS. My flash plugin just crashed... which is why I left)
POO - well I'm going to bed, anyway :P
Nite nite
Resharing is for losers. Let the creators spread as wanted.
Ask you questions at the end of semester.
The points.
irish d
i like both +1'ing and commenting
Well, that thread nearly made it to 1 hour...before I commented...because I wanted to :)
what are the differences of these 3 stuff ?
+Al H.L. yes, all the +1 posts you have made can come into an independent space where you can find them very easily
+Dan Leveille Like most self-referential linguistic entities, it's meaning is indeterminate and entirely constructed of itself. This is the meaning of this sentence. Enjoy it. ;-)
What do I do if I prefer to ignore things?
Then please do ! :) It's ALL GOOD, Baby !
hello guyz any ttell me whats going here
please i don't know completely whats this
I am now going to google what 'hot list baiting' is.... and what a 'hot list' is... It must be some feature I am unaware of, as of yet.
I love seeing stuff like this cluttering up my G+ stream.
please ttellllll me how to i add friends here
internet wellcome to the +google
fast brother tell me about this
put your mouse pointer over the name and ADD TO CICLES easy
i didn'y know butt thanks u brother +robert tilbury for tell me how to add friend butt also guide me were can i chat with my circal friends
liking leads, commenting second, sharing fails lolz (even i m not sharing it)
I reported it for spam because that's my favourite thing to do with posts as retarded as this.
come now +Florent Jaby, that's a bit mean, it's not spam, it's a social experiment
also that wasn't one of the options ;)
and do not do anything .. if you like to do nothing...
Delete the post if you like deleting posts
That's kind of duh to me!
Share and comment for the win, +1 to approve and passively share, and comment to add value.
What hypothesis are we testing here?
I don't know what +1 is. Ain't that sad. Besides, I like to comment.
It implies that you should comment only if you prefer commenting - I prefer to +1 and sometimes comment - what should I do?
How come that my share's aren't reshared.... I hope not of the fact I'am an European among mostly Americans.
it was hard deciding coz i do all but i chose one...obviously :)
For me a comment and a +1 often go hand in hand however as there is no -1 button on balance i comment more than in +1, I Reshare much less often.
I do all three depending on the quality of the post.
When will we have a MINUS TWENTY button for GROSS DISLIKE?
I've never seen such blatant hot-page baiting! :-)
Mute, if this is BS (like this one).
Or give it a Zurk if your into Zurker... :)
ask your selfs who are you all and then ask all why who are you all by
I generally +1 to agree, and comment if I can add something worthwhile.
i favor plussing, but that`s because of the mario mushroom extension :)
Quite interesting! (It's obvious that I prefer to comment)
I could screw up this experiment by commenting twice :-)
Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage....of this social experiment.
Commenting is what stands sites apart. Pinterest hardly has any comments (in my circles at least), and is consequently boring. Likes and repins are ok, but conversation is what social sites are about. Facebook on the other hand has the opposite, lots of comments - this is why it's popular. Same goes for reddit, hundreds of comments.

G+ has a good balance, but more people need to comment to make it worth while and to ensure it sticks around.
Commenting is much more social.
Paul Ho
+3, all three!
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