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Careful, Snow. You'll die.


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Jim Preis
Mechanism for restraining hair in a wave like position at a distal longitude.  Apple patent 217-333-971111.  That bitch is toast.
Thats definitely a poisonous apple.
i actually support apple products as a whole, but regardless this picture is pretty brilliant.
Question is.. do the seven dwarfs agree with Apple products? 
I think Apple is great, but... THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!
snowwhite: apple? YUMMEH. queen: IM FIRE IN MAH LEASER. snowwhite: X.X
Go on girl! An Apple a day keeps the reboots away ;-)
Don't eat the apple, Snow White!
You are not alone Miss White
Yup, it's sleep .... FOREVER. :-)
great pic, go ahead girl, bite that Apple and you will have only good dreams
LoL... your comment is the best, bro!
arent u supposed to be dead nowww
If my memory is right, that should be a red apple
That was cool.... Now who wants a kiss?? ;-)
where is the one with the Wicked Witch and the apple or the one with Adam, Eve or Satin?
I like apple's product . But they're so popular that they now look like any other electronic device 
Greg, per market. That is exactly what apple sells, lol. The New Retnia Macbook has better specs than a Razer Blade for nearly $900 less. The Macbook Air tends to be a price winner in the Ultrabook market. The Mac Mini can be gotten with descrete graphics and an i7 for less than $700.
Cliff, if it's like you say, why do you pay!! 
Tell Snow White not to have the apple but she can have a blackberry instead.
And despite all those reasons, they are wildly profitable. Just like why people line up to buy Nikes, made for a fraction of the cost. Beyond the hardware that makes up something is the mindshare it takes up. People who are exclusively techie often fail to see the distinction.
Don'w worry snow white you have 8 dwarfs to protect you! Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean.
She wont die....she'll get ripped off....
Ralph H
Funny.  I actually named my Apple // systems after the dwarves (Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Doc, Bashful, and Grumpy).
That's one poison apple alright. 
I've known it - all along!  The Forbidden Fruit!

Obviously, this type of BAD FRUIT does not come a Tree in the Middle of a Garden (otherwise, there would have been Two Bytes taken out of it?)
Olá como vai todos aí quero deixar minha pagina em português 
Do you think the person who did this realizes it's a statement against Apple? What's the message here? This computer company is poison. 
I find it ironic that, if Apple had made that cover (without permission), they would be getting sued by Disney.
The only fruit I see here is +Farran Lee.
Get over the fact that you all are delusional and suffer from apple complex. 
Priceless! Poison in all its Retina Display glory.
I must blend in hiply and pretend to also hate Apple—Go Google Glass and Microsoft Surface! I am sure you will experience many years of profitability and success.
When she eats Apple's Apple, she will be poisoned, and be forced to buy the next juicer Apple!
Bunch of crybabies, pay half for the same thing that you can get somwhere else.
Great concept of a character. Good thing you did not come with “Adam n Eve”, that would've been awkward !
Is that a skin cover on a laptop? If so where was it purchased?
So loving apple products .they are realy cool, them
Looking around the house.....we must be odd.  There is not a single Apple product in our house.  and no iThis or iThat either.   Damn! LOL.
There's a worm in the apple I'll sue
You don't want to bite into that apple, it'll give you illusions of grandeur.
you better dont bite it,you will get high and start sueing people
Love the pic! Android ftw
How about leaving our empty Samsung boxes at Apple Stores.
Google Play still has the Galaxy Nexus for sale as of Sunday afternoon.  Wonder if it's not too late to place an order and have it filled.

Fuck crApple.   #boycottapple  
Love this decal, a kid at work has one. 
intelectual property still property. In todays world the GUI is the only real difference between devices. The GUI more important or as important than the hardware tech. Why do people feel threatened by apple?
Apple computers, when they do as they're supposed to, are excellent. The corporate Apple is the real problem. Not an easy fix no matter what's done. A Boycott won't happen.
+David Dyer better question is why apple thinks its ok to "be inspired" by others, but thinks no one else should do the same?  Those notifications in ios5?  Yeh ... Android did it first.  Hopefully Google will sue them over it, and have their product blocked; I think turn about is fair play.
i bought a nexus 7 and a samsung s 3 today to replace my i pad 2 and iphone 4
#boycottapple i never liked them anyway
+Jay Rimmer it shows that about 1000 of the maybe 1500 who have seen this hate apple
Any minute now she'll is bitten!. ≧﹏≦
After apple is finished suing God for the Apple, they will sue the letter i
apples suck teh life out of you. trufax
Careful Snow, Apple will try to sue Disney!!!
I'am totally disagree to boycothing apple's product
get snow white off that mac, she's ruining it!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can't stop laghing
What i do agree is that sould stop going to court fighting with another tecnology company.
Thankfully Prince Charming (PC) came around and saved her....
Uninspiring crap - most intelligent comments support apple - what does that say to you Farran- please post your accomplishments and we can.all judge?
Yeah - we Apple users are so dumb we just keep investing in the company - oh! like Bill Gates and we all know he I'd a loser.
Panasonic with an apple on it !!!!!!
its cool ecept the apple should be red
Jah android has jelly beans snow white much better than appels
And if you want a ice cream sand wich snw wte androids rocks
And the baker man dosent piosen his ginger bread men ........ He roots them
Guys come on im being funny now i feel like im only laughing
ok, now i feel like i shouldnt of opened the comments for this, there was alot DX
It's suppose to be a rotten apple which they are. 
Take care with that symbol.INDIGESTION.
A whole bunch of cheap ass Android users who don't pay for shit, don't support the dev's buy not paying for shit and then they all steak from each other and they call it OPEN lol! I owns many Apple and Android based products but damn this is crazy... I never realised how much love Apple does not get. Oh what was that sound, oh it was another Android phone stalled at customs lol fuck off ppl.
Ah... it was sleeping beauty that ate the apple. And Android is truly a Sleepimg Beauty - question is: who will be the Prince Charming that awakens this beauty. Samsung can't do it alone.
  snow white looks like she has a hangover
don't eat it don'teat you will get poisoned and die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!
Its so cute I wish someone would give it to me
will never buy macbook cuz this company is sick
my 25 year old sis would die 4 that
So cool. Do I really wa ant to work her up? Hope so. pucker up. 
nice apple.................hahahaaaaa
what about the seven dwarfs
Asa they also hate that apple.
If only that apple was in the real thing :3
oh my ,she is still alive?do you see the apple was bite?
jin li
everything is forbiden by apple
she's already ate it...
how did you get the image on to your laptop?
I like the image itself... Who cares about overpriced equipment anyway. Just make it work please.
Are u finish??? Could i have my lap top back! Lol.
Where'd we find the prince? Steve Jobs is dead too!
Yuck. Fandroid crybabies everywhere. 
Hmm, +Farran Lee our innocent lunch and photo of you with an apple were strangely prophetic, no?
Awesome....every apple should come with this warning

Awesome....every apple should come with this warning
Y boycott it I mean who invented the phone anyways shud they all b sued for fallowing him.... Oh that's right it not wrong when u do something but let's pick on whos doing good I think they call that jealousy 
Bite that apple like your name was Eve!
Just finished watching the movie Mirror Mirror, Snow White didn't take a bite of that Apple
She probably won't die...most likely get sued for not paying a licensing fee for using the apple :)
I've always wondered who bit that apple..
First Adam and Eve, then Snow White, now innovation!
too late for snow-white, seems like she already had a bite .. ;-)
(shakes her head and looks at the floor) omG. -_- i know you're out there now stopitt
you didn't have to go this far. I haven't done anything to you.
it's to late she is dead think goodness she is alive agian
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