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Farouq Taj
I design converged WAN solutions and love photography
I design converged WAN solutions and love photography

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My Hobonichi cousin was finally delivered today. The paper has a nice delicate feel to it. I like the scent of the paper as well. I've entered key events in the monthly calendar pages using B grade pencil. I'll start using it fully in April. 

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Hobonichi use Japan Post for delivering the Planner to UK destinations. Japan Post use Parcelforce for the final delivery to the recipient. Parcelforce have added a £13.50 charge in addition to the UK government sales task.
The total cost of my Hobonich Cousin is now £68 ($84 USD) making this one of the most expensive A5 planners on the planet.
So before I've even received the item I'm left feeling disappointed. I expected the sales tax from UK customs but this Parcelforce charge has come as a surprise because I had already paid Hobonichi international postage. I shouldn't be paying more postage. Its appalling.
I'll call Parcelforce tomorrow and pay their ransom demand and hopefully I'll finally get my Hobonichi Cousin before the end of this week.

I ordered the Hobonichi cousin which starts April 2017. It's currently sitting in UK customs and I am waiting for the parcel company to let me know how much I have to pay for its release.

Its ended up costing me a lot of money as postage + handling + customs charges has made it very expensive. So I am really hoping it'll meet my expectations.

I'm aiming to use it for personal management and as a journal.

Which item should be the headline? a) A Mindless comment from Trump b) 69 murdered and 300 killed in terrorist attack. @thetimes #journalism

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An alternative and eye opening perspective of Pakistan Treasures of the Indus, 1. Pakistan Unveiled:

Was in the middle of my Sunday morning run when the heavens opened. Satisfying run if a little wet.

I have a Jabra Revo wired headset that I'd like to use with my OnePlus Two phone. The headphone mic doesn't work and neither do any of the buttons.

Is there any way that you can adjust the settings on the phone to make it compatible with this headset? 

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Catching up on the Serial podcast

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Let's see if a letter is more effective than a phone call at resolving issues.
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