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Aspiring entrepreneurs: Listen to this uncensored conversation with +Laurel Staples about quitting a stable 6-figure job and jumping in both feet into my business. We covered some GREAT stuff!!!
Interview with Farnoosh Brock ( It’s a lot harder to quit a good job than it is a lousy job, no matter how miserable that you are in either one. So when my guest today, Farnoosh Brock decided that she wanted to quit her steady 6-figure “good” career after 11 years of climbing the ranks, she had to cultivate the right mindset to make the jump. Farnoosh is an entrepreneur, published author, speaker and business coach. After a suc...
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Farnoosh Brock

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The best way to predict the future is to create it. Peter Drucker.

Heard this on a podcast interview with James Shramko and +Anthony Tran today and was super inspired, take a listen:
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Very powerful quote!  Thank you for sharing +Farnoosh Brock 
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Careerists everywhere, listen up: You can hate the boss or love the boss but if you are making his or her life more difficult, then you are just shooting yourself in the foot. Daily! 

Care to stop that?

Spend 2min and 43 seconds with me below and I tell you just how:

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Thanks for having me on your show, +Zeb Welborn and sharing my Corporate to Entrepreneur story where I talk about the greatest fear of all plus ways to make your business HAPPEN!

Take a listen:

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And partners who help you promote your work - you make it so much easier for them. +Zeb Welborn 
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Are you doing these 7 productivity hacks? It can double your productivity as it did mine, so read up and be smart about using that time & energy wisely:

Share if you Care about Productivity!
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Seems like we have a lot in common +Project-Aria !
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Raw gluten-free vegan and irresistibly delicious brownie, anyone? If I can do it, TRUST Me, so can you! My hubby's most secret and delicious recipe!
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Have her in circles
4,494 people
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G+ peeps: Excited to be accepted on as an expert to help you get promoted, negotiated a higher salary, sell more books, or become an entrepreneur. Pick your area and let's talk:
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Working hard and harder every day to advance your career? What if reality is that it takes a lot more than hard work and what if you knew what those components were? 
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Watch this video to find out the answers.  I talk about why work hard is not the answer to a successful career. I see smart driven and hard-working people make this wrong assumption all the time: Work hard and get ahead. That's not the complete approach to building a career, and so here in this video, I reveal the 4 most critical missing pieces of building a successful career, especially at corporate.

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Love this list: 16 things emotionally strong people don't do: Thank you +Marc Chernoff for sharing this. I love: Don't envy and resent the success of others! AND Don't expect everything to be easy. Super stuff!
Emotionally strong people don’t sit around feeling sorry about their circumstances or how others have treated them.  Instead, they take responsibility for their role in life, work on changing what can be changed, and keep in mind that life isn’t always easy or fair.  In the end, happiness is not the absence of problems, but simply the ability to deal well with them.  So look at what you have, instead of what you have lost.  Because it’s not what the world takes away from you that counts; it’s what you do with what you have left. - via:

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Farnoosh Brock

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Sometimes our greatest progress in life is discovering which things don't matter. 

Joshua Becker, becoming minimalist.

Great wisdom +Joshua Becker even for a Monday morning :)
Sunday inspiration.
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Farnoosh Brock

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+Chris Bailey has written the most comprehensive, ridiculously useful and information packed blog post here with these 100 energy & time & attention hacks, the 3 pillars of GREAT productivity. Check it out:
My 100 favorite time, energy, and attention hacks that will let you get more done.
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Hey G+ peeps: Running a 24-hour 51% off special on my Green Juice Clinic. If you want to lose 10 stubborn pounds with me and the rest of the juice community, don't miss: this: 
Lifetime membership! Only 7 spots left! Expires Midnight Sunday July 6th! Yes, you deserve it and #greenjuice works!* 100+ recipes* Juice Fast guide included!*
Share this and spread the healing message of juicing!
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Have her in circles
4,494 people
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Published Author, Ex-Corporate Star, Entrepreneur for Life, Radical Career Coach, Green Juice Expert, Speaker and Ashtanga Yogini
writing, book marketing, coaching, career coaching, online business building, speaking, video blogging, blogging, social media, leadership, project management, motivating others, networking, negotiating, online business skills.
  • Prolific Living
    Founder and President, present
Multi-passionate entrepreneur, I escaped my cushy 11-year corporate career to start my own company. Today: Speaker, author, green juice expert, Ashtanga yogini, globe trotter, and oh yeah, just hired hubby into our company. Life Rocks again!

I help you do one of these two things REALLY well. Get Promoted in your corporate job and make all the money that you deserve. Or Go from Employee to Entrepreneur and build a successful profitable online business with multiple income streams.

My own story: I went from a strong technical and engineering background and a long career in Corporate America to the world of entrepreneurship, writing, speaking, coaching, podcasting and blogging. I now run a profitable business along with my husband and we are world travelers as well as partners in business and in love.

Today, my profession is as a full-time blogger, writer, speaker, podcaster, social media enthusiast, creat
or of digital products and green juicing expert.

I teach a popular course, Smart Exit Blueprint, which helps you create a step-by-step plan to exit your corporate job, figure out what you want to do and start your own online business. 

I offer an online audio program complete with group coaching, Crack the Code to Get Promoted, to help you navigate the corporate landscape and start your path up the corporate ladder with success, recognition and rewards.

In my coaching program, I draw from lessons (and mistakes) of 12+ years in technology, business operations, project management in the corporate world and 3+ years in online business, marketing, product creation, content management, and creating multiple income streams.

In my natural health business, I am a green juicing expert with 3 published books on the topic. Check out The Healthy Juicer's Bible and The Healthy Smoothie Bible.

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Left a 12-year lucrative successful 6-figure career at a Fortune 100 to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. Went from book deal signing to book on shelves in 3 months. Hired my hubby into our company.
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