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Affordable Therapeutic Far Infrared Clothing
Affordable Therapeutic Far Infrared Clothing


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Far Infrared Pants help man with Restless Leg Syndrome!

"Yes, the do help my legs. I put them on when I get home" Brian K.

find the here:
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All New product for MEN!
BossHead Stimulating Underwear

This new product is scientifically designed to improve microcirculation in the area where you need it the most.

This is not a gimmick or snake oil or anything like that.

Far infrared rays are natural light rays that are beneficial to your health. And that's exactly why you can benefit from wearing BossHead far infrared underwear.  Read More....
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What is De Quervain's Syndrome?
De Quervain's Syndrome is basically inflammation of tendons and the tendon sheath of a specific area of your wrist. Most often the pain is located at the base of the thumb and to the side the wrist.
Normally caused by over use and repetitive activities, #DeQueravinsSyndrome  can be very painful.   Daily chores like lifting heavy objects, gardening, house cleaning and washing clothes. 

Before the modern convenience of laundry machines, all soiled clothing was washed by hand creating excessive stresses to the wrists of the house keepers and cleaning staff. One  of the more common terms of #DeQuervain 's Syndrome is "Washer Woman's Wrist".

Assembly line workers are particularly susceptible to De Quervain's disease because of the repetitiveness of their jobs.

Treating De Quervain's

De Quervain's Syndrome is classified as an #RSI (#repetitivestressinjury) so one of the most common treatments prescribed is rest. Resting your wrist and thumb will relieve the stress to the tendon sheath. By reducing the stress on the thumb tendons, you will allow the body time to repair the damaged tissues.

For many of us, taking huge amounts of time off work is not an option, so the tendons never have enough time to heal.

Well, good news! These Prolotex™ Gloves, made with special bio-ceramic threads, will help to speed up the healing process and will reduce your pain.

Some doctors prescribe a brace to help immobilize the wrist and thumb. If you wear a brace, you can easily wear Prolotex™ Open Fingertip Gloves under it and gain the benefits of the stiff brace as well as the therapeutic Far Infrared healing rays emitted from the glove.
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Do YOU Have the Symptoms of Gout?

#Gout is a systemic disease caused by the buildup of uric acid in the joints of your #toes, feet and ankles. This causes inflammation, swelling and pain. Far infrared light rays effectively breakdown uric acid and help the body flush it out..

Your condition can develop for two reasons:

1) The liver may produce more uric acid than the body can excrete in the urine. A diet of rich foods (red meat, cream sauces, saturated fats and red wine) adds more uric acid into the bloodstream than the kidneys can filter. A condition called #hyperuricemia is most often the result.

2)Over time, the uric acid crystallizes and settles in the joint spaces, most commonly in the first joint (metatarsal phalangeal) of the big toe or in the ankle joint. Prolotex™ "RELAXED FIT" Far Infrared Therapy Socks sooth the pain and help breakdown and flush uric acid out of the body.

How to Treat Gout in your toes and feet?

Treatment for gout involves decreasing the amount of uric acid in the joint. If dietary habits are the cause, the patient's lifestyle must be changed to avoid the condition. We recommend using the safe far infrared natural healing method. For long term results, we suggest monitoring your dietary habits and wearing Prolotex™ Far Infrared Socks.

Guide to Preventing Gout
Alcohol and rich foods are primary contributors to excessive uric acid levels. Although some patients have a genetic predisposition to excessive uric acid production, most gout patients have normal kidneys and uncontrolled dietary habits. Prevention is the best defense against the disease. 

Often people who are afflicted with gout continue to indulge, and suffer frequent painful attacks, as a result. The continued accumulation of uric acid in the joints eventually damages them, seriously inhibiting movement.

Traditional medication makes it possible to live with gout, but Far Infrared Rays will actually help to break down the Uric Acid Crystals and reduce the acidity levels in the blood.
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Did you Sprain your Ankle?

Most likely, you just made a wrong step and "rolled over" on your #ankle. The #ligaments just don't stretch that much - actually they are designed not to, so that your ankle bones stay aligned. When the ligaments are stretched beyond their capacity, they tear. That's what hurts!

How can Prolotex™ Socks reduce a swollen sprained ankle?

Far Infrared energy is very effective in reducing inflammation. Reducing inflammation is key to improving the circulation and flushing out the #stagnantblood and fluid that is pooled in the tissues between the cells. Getting rid of the "dead" or used blood is an important aspect in healing the ligament and tendon fibers.
RELAXED FIT FIR Socks help to promote circulation in your feet and toes. Just by wearing Prolotex™ Bio Ceramic Socks you can help to heal the #sprained ligament fibers in your ankle.

Tips To Help Heal Your #SprainedAnkle :

*Ice packs at the beginning to reduce inflammation.
*Rest - Stay off your foot.
*Develop a therapy program to gradually increase the flexibility of the ligaments.
*Elevate the ankle to reduce stagnant fluid from pooling.
*Do not wear shoes & socks that cut off circulation.
*Wear Prolotex™ RELAXED FIT Far Infrared Socks to help improve circulation in the foot and ankle.
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Brand New Model of the PROLOTEX™ Far Infrared Open 3/4 Finger Gloves
Use these Open Fingertip Far Infrared Gloves for reducing pain, swelling and inflammation in your precious hands.

Gloves are good for treating:
#Ganglions Cyst
#Dupuytren's Disease

New Improved Quality of the Number One best selling Gloves boasts improved thread quality, improved knitting quality & now in 5 sizes! Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge

Order NOW & Save
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What is #Fibromyalgia ?
Fibromyalgia is described as a chronic condition of #fatigue and all-encompassing muscle and connective tissue pain.

It most often occurs in women from 20 - 50 and can last for many years.  Proteins called #Cytokines , help to regulate your immune system. Medical research has discovered there is supposed to be a balance between the anti-inflammatory cytokines and pro-inflammatory proteins. If these proteins are out of balance, individuals may experience sleep disruptions.

The symptoms vary in severity from day to day and can be so disruptive, those affected cannot get enough restful sleep, and can become exhausted.

Individuals experience muscle stiffness, extreme tenderness, mild to severe #headaches and sudden fatigue
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What is Scleroderma?
#Scleroderma in an autoimmune disorder and a connective tissue disease - a thickening of the skin - by an overproduction of collagen.
The condition is not that common, but does affect approximately 300,000 Americans.

While scleroderma disease ranges from mild to severe, the condition is not contagious.

The two main types of Scleroderma (pronounced "sklare-oh-derma") are systemic and local.

Systemic Scleroderma is when more than one part of the body is included (skin, capillaries, veins a arteries, and internal organs). 

Localized Scleroderma affects only the skin, and possibly some of the tissue just under the skin.

Exact causes are still unknown, but there could be a genetic link, and the development of the disease after exposure to some foreign agent, such as a virus.

Early stages of Scleroderma are difficult to diagnose, as many of the symptoms of pain and swelling are similar to other conditions, like #lupus or #arthritis.

Treating & Preventing Scleroderma

Far Infrared Therapy gloves are a useful and positive treatment of Localized Scleroderma. The infrared energy rays help to regulate the production of collagen. FIR helps to reverse some of the skin hardening and assists the #autoimmune system to function closer to optimum levels. Healing FIR energy reduces the likelihood of excessive skin thickening.

Prolotex™ Infrared Therapy Gloves are soft and comfortable to wear. Wear FIR Gloves day and night to help prevent your fingers and hands from developing scleroderma.
That's right... all you have to do is wear them! And they even look good - no one will notice that you are wearing these special infrared "miracle" gloves!
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Your hips are the largest weight bearing joints in your body. The hip joint consists of two parts: the hip socket and the rounded "ball" at the top of the thighbone that fits into it. Smooth, glossy cartilage covers the two bone surfaces where they meet, providing a cushion for ease of motion. 

Every time you take a step the "Ball" at the top of the femur moves around in its smooth fitting "house". Range of motion is vast, but also the #pain can be if the cartilage is warn or damaged. Damaged cartilage can lead to various forms of #arthritis

Why do I have pain in my hip?
When the cartilage thins out and breaks down, unprotected bone surfaces rub against each other and cause extreme pain.

Common causes of Hip Pain: 
Injuries from sports activities, falling down, slipping on ice, or car accidents.
Disease resulting in a broken or deteriorated bone, irritated bursae, or worn cartilage. Damaged cartilage leads to various forms of arthritis.

#Arthritis: The three most common types are #Osteoarthritis , #Rheumatoidarthritis and #Traumaticarthritis . When the cartilage thins out and breaks down, unprotected bone surfaces rub against each other and cause extreme pain.

Whatever the cause Prolotex™ "Smart Material" clothing will help to relieve your hip pain and allow you to get on with your day.

FIR Therapy Recommended for Post Hip Surgery Patients
Total hip replacement is a routine surgery with very predictable results. Over 300,000 Americans receive hip implants each year.
Take Prolotex Far Infrared garments with you to the hospital or have your friend or family member bring them to you after surgery. All you need to do is wear the tops and bottoms while you are recovering to aid in the healing during post surgery.

The Far Infrared fabric will help to heal the tissues, mend the surgery incision, rejuvenate the nerve endings and speed up healing process.

Your rehabilitation program - which begins the day of your surgery - will be much easier and less painful for you when you wear the #cellrejuvenation clothing. We believe that just by wearing Prolotex FIR Clothing, your bed ridden days will be shortened, you will be sitting up more comfortably in your chair, and even walking around testing out your "new hip" faster than without.
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Yes, children get Raynaud’s too and not just when they’re exposed to cold weather conditions. According to Dr Thomas Lehman,1 who has treated children with Raynaud’s in 80+ degree weather, there are a number of factors that can trigger a Raynaud’s attack. Emotional events such as embarrassment or anxiety can also cause the “clamping down” of blood vessels and altering of blood flow to the hands and feet.

It’s not easy watching your child’s finger tips turn white, red or purple in normal comfortable temperatures. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they have an underlying medical condition like lupus or #scleroderma . Obviously, it would be wise to have a pediatric #rheumatologist who is familiar with Raynaud’s symptoms to examine your child and determine the severity of their condition.

There are common sense steps parents can take to help guard their child against the painful and potentially damaging consequences of Raynaud’s. Make sure there are dressed warm and be aware of what can prompt the condition. Like stress, coming in contact with the cold items or even air conditioning.

Prolotex Therapy gloves and socks emit far infrared rays that gently penetrate the soft tissues of the hands and feet. Far infrared rays have been proven to be safe and effective in dilating blood vessels and capillaries as well as increasing microcirculation. That’s why Prolotex products can help guard against #vasospasms caused by Raynaud’s.

Prolotex Kids gloves and the small sizes of the Open Fingertip gloves, the Socks and Wristbands will fit most kids hands and feet.
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