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Hey @Google and Google+ experts: I'd like to share all my photo albums with one other person (my wife). How do I do that in bulk?

My baby is nearing a year old. One of the best things about having a baby is the chance to evaluate a lot of baby-related products. But looking back over the year, I realize there are still some deep shortcomings in the baby product lineup. There are lots of baby-related products I'd like somebody to invent. Here are some -- do you have any? (Warning: this could become an article of some kind.)

-- A better motorized rocking/swaying crib or bassinet. We've tried several over the year but none was great. They all either used batteries (which need to be replaced quickly) or didn't rock or sway fast enough. I want something that rocks the baby at the same rhythm as I do in my arms.

-- A better way to warm breast milk (or formula). The warmers don't do such a great job; they're slow and not precise. The best way I've found to warm milk is place it in a plastic bag and swish the bag under running water. This is fast, but it's a hassle. Why can't there be a gadget that does this better?

I'll add more as I think of them. What about you?

Why Google can't fix the cable box:

"For one thing, there's no evidence that Google would be very good at remaking the set-top box; its own effort, Google TV, launched this year with a thud. Bringing online services to television is a notoriously difficult user-interface challenge, and Google hasn't shown that it can surmount the problems that have felled everyone else. But there's an even bigger challenge here. Even if Google does manage to improve set-top boxes, why would cable and satellite companies buy these better, more user-friendly devices? Answer: They won't."

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Here's my piece on Google-Motorola: "In other words—and I never thought I'd say this—Steve Ballmer was right. Android isn't free. In fact, it's not even cheap."

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Here's my Slate piece on why restaurant websites are so, so bad.

Nobody answered this important question on Twitter, so I'm asking here: Are people's fingers and nostrils proportional? IE, are there some people whose fingers are too big to pick their nose?

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Interesting things that The Daily has done recently (on the off-chance you haven't been reading it):

They used the AR Quadricopter Drone (the one I reviewed in December) to take aerial footage of the Tuscaloosa tornado; they're now doing a feature called Daily Drone, and the FAA is investigating their use of drones.

They commissioned a lab to test the water at Vegas hotel pools, and found lots of urine and bacteria in the water.

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Tom Vanderbilt explains how a new kind of intersection eliminates dangerous, time-wasting left turns:

What makes the DDI work is that it reduces the number of "conflict points" where traffic streams cross each other. There would usually be 26 such points in an intersection like this, but the DDI has only 14 (because, for example, drivers turning onto ramps no longer have to turn across oncoming traffic). But, as Chlewicki explained to me, not having those left-turn movements adds another advantage. In a standard "diamond" interchange, where traffic entering the highway has to turn across traffic, the two sets of traffic signals, because they have to account for the left-turn phase, are difficult to synchronize—which means cars wait in longer queues. But with the DDI, Chlewicki told me, "each signal in the interchange is only two phases, not three. And each of these two phases have some unique characteristics. The left turn from either ramp gets the same green phase as the arterial thru movement that does not conflict with that turn. It's as if the design doesn't need a separate ramp phase since it is built into the design."

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By far the best commentary on the debt ceiling.

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I did a SlateV video reviewing my very awesome GeekDesk sit-stand desk. Watch!
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