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My audio system has been upgraded!

On Monday I read the announcement that +Sonos now integrates with +Google Play and I wasted no time in ordering the starter combo.

+Sonos makes wireless audio beautiful. This is how all wireless systems should be... Painless to install and easy to use.

Thanks for the recommendation +Steve Djadoenath. 
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+Ken Liu there's a bunch of apps listed, including Spotify, Deezer, Tune in radio,
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Farhad Divecha

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Some of these are really funny
But I can't figure out which ones are actual headlines +Luke Rees 
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Farhad Divecha

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agreed ! this is great  +Farhad Divecha 
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Gay couples in the UK celebrate first weddings

Congratulations to all of them, especially my mates Peter and David

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Fantastic news! Some friends are busy planning some fabulous weddings.
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Spoilered Rotten Kids

#gameofthrones   #spoilers   #teaching  
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It was my daughter's 5th birthday yesterday. She loves nail polish, so when we went out for dinner, she got to apply some on her nails.

To celebrate with their sister, two of her brothers also sported nail polish, just like her, in an amazingly sweet show of sibling solidarity.

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Meg L
You have wonderful kids! What a lovely memory this will make for when they're older. 
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My mate, +Luke Rees has just joined Google+ after much coercing from me. Could we all give him a warm welcome and share some awesome content and circle love with him, to show him what a wonderful network this is?

And +Jamie Waddell, if I convert Luke - you're next in line!
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Pas de sarcasme +Nic K. Mowe
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Farhad Divecha

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Just Think About It

It's Mother's Day in the UK tomorrow. Millions of lucky kids will get to express their love for their mums and enjoy the wonder that is having a loving mother. However....

At any given time in the UK
- About 5,000 kids will also be in foster homes awaiting adoption
- Only 3,500 parents will be approved for adoption
- Thousands more will be in foster homes because their mother can't look after them
- Hundreds of kids under the age of 5 won't know where their mother is or when / if she will feed them next
- Just as many teenagers will give up hope and waiting to ever have a mum because they are now too old to get adopted and will resign themselves to a life of shuttling between foster homes and residences.

These aren't made up numbers. These are facts, recorded by the Office of Information and Statistics and the UK Adoption Registry.

So, I'm asking people, requesting every one of you, to just think about this:

When a gay couple adopts a child, is it not in the child's best interest?

Yes, there will be days like tomorrow, when kids of gay parents might feel a bit left out. There will be occasional bullies whose ignorant parents didn't teach them that families occur in all shapes, sizes and colours. And there will be sadness... Sadness for the loss of a birth mum who couldn't take care of them.

But does that mean that these kids are better off being shuffled through the system than being raised in a loving, caring home by two dads?

Nature always balances things out
There are parents who can't have kids. And their are kids whose parents can't look after them.

When a gay couple adopts a child, they aren't just fulfilling some selfish need. They are also looking after children that were born in an unsuitable heterosexual environment and weren't looked after by any of the anti-gay brigade who are happy to wax lyrical against gay adoption.

I'm not saying that we're all benevolent souls - far from it. All I'm asking is that people think before they speak or cast judgement.

And spare a thought for the children... those that have mums to be thankful for, and even more so for those that don't.
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Aww man I want to just stand up, applaud and then hug you.
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34 years ago in India, I spent my summers at our family home in a small seaside village.

The chief attraction there was this bullock cart ride.

No modern rollercoaster could thrill me and my cousins the way this ride did back then!

#throwback #thegoodolddays
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Farhad Divecha

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Road safety for children is incredibly important. Sitar the word. Teach your kids to be safe
Meet Horace, our child road safety mascot! He believes that every child should know how to stay safe around roads and vehicles and we agree!

Together with Aardman Animations, THINK! and Horace, we are inviting young people to set up a Road Safety Team in their school/class or club and create a road safety themed short animation film. We also have some fantastic prizes on offer!

Please help us spread the word and more importantly, promote road safety!
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