Some recent thoughts over the snafu that occurred on the Gnome Bugzilla site today.  You know, when a projects developers are outright rude or hostile towards users who file bugs it generally does not bode well for the project.

To write off users who have legitimate complaints as trolls, whiners, or otherwise troublemakers is counter productive and removing what for some was a major feature (transparency in the terminal) there ought to be a reasonable explanation.
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I've seen a lot of people (users and developers) drop Gnome as their choice of desktop because of Gnome Shell and the way it's been/being handled in terms of where it's heading and how it's getting there. +Linux Mint is making good use of Gnome underneath their own Cinnamon desktop (which can be added to different distros). And it's Cinnamon where I recommend people to head for at the moment. It's just clean, simple, easy to use and the devs are doing things in the right way. It's like a merging point of all things good. [Sorry +GNOME]
I was using Gnome on my laptop, but because it seems the devs are nazis I am going to uninstall it and move back to Xfce.
After using Gnome for the last 6 yrs, I just switched back to KDE (on Fedora).
Just working, sane defaults, too much colours, nice customizations options.
No need to complain - I am wondering what will happen when Gnome shell will hit RH 7.0 (probably) as the desktop default.
Was hoping cinnamon could just do it right (and take over on gnome..) but unfortunately it is not.
Why not QT based competion? Any reason for QT licensing limitations has long been removed. By the way, QT (and bindings) are really multi platform and well maintaned.
I still do not understand the "not KDE" / "not QT" stance from lot of OS Devs.
Last time looked at c++ was in Amiga / DOS days (circa 1995-1999). Been mostly Pascal / Java  and recently Python.
Explored some Python bindings options a couple of years ago and gtk was a mess, qt was working (and installing) properly.
I agree, I think the future is ultimately going to be QT, however, I don't think having only one platform is beneficial.  While I do not like Gnome, GTK isn't that bad it just lacks cohesion and a solid documentation.

What really gets me is the standard that Gnome 3 sets for design.  It is terrible.  While I can understand some decisions, others like spilling up application menus into an appmenu button in the top bar and and a tradition menu seem conflicting. They should have went with one strategy or the other because often times the user is apt to forget the appmenu button is even there.  Honestly, I would like to see the option for the user to have a choice between "Mac-style" and "Windows-style" menus just like in Unity and KDE.

The Human Interface Guidelines for Gnome 3 really need to be revised to shore up their short comings and Gnome should do a better job in creating what should be flagship applications.

Secondly they need to realize their software is being used on computers.  Not smartphones.  I expect, as other users, for applications that come with a major DE to be fully featured and generally usable out of the box.  The is one more broken thing that users will have to replace or work around, and that doesn't reflect good on the development team when they are adding inconveniences with every iteration.
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