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Fusion of Style & Technology
Fusion of Style & Technology


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Tasbih with Actual Experience

A best combination of Technology and Actual Tasbih Experience.
Zikr of Allah-Almighty anytime on your android device with actual experience, move tasbih bead with your finger as real beads. A list of popular dhikrs/azkars. with english pronunciation and reference from hadiths.

Elegant Style & Highly Customizable ,You can choose bead sliding mode or click mode to count. short vibration or beep on counting, you may use in silent mode also. if you used in silent mode, you can set one number to informed you by long vibration and one number for loud sound, so now you can set tasbih as per your need and deeply concentrate in your prayers.
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Holy Quran – القرآن الكريم
Recite Holy Quran with actual experience, feels just like an actual Quran in your hand.

Holy Quran has an elegant style, real page turning effect and smooth Nastaliq font for full page readability. Don’t bother yourself by scrolling up and down; now easily recite as actual printed Quran page by page.

You can add bookmarks while reading. With go to page number option you can jump to a page instantly. Sajdah ayaat are mentioned with color codes. Starting of each JUZ is prominent by first line with gray background. Screen will not turn off while you are reading Quran.

Most of the applications requires 50mb to 500mb external data download after installation, but HOLY QURAN doesn’t need any external data download after installation. This is only a single file download, just install and enjoy the app.
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Prayer Tools - Free Android Application

Prayer Tools provides accurate direction of Qibla (Kaabah) and Prayer Time with Adhan alarm and alerts from around the globe for all Muslims for all fiqh.

Prayer Tools is highly customizable, powerful, accurate and light weight app, specially designed for low power consumption.

Qibla compass provide accurate direction and angle and your distance from Kaabah, a special grid can be view to align your prayer mat, place the device on a flat surface and rotate until grid’s green marker point to Kaabah picture and find exact direction of prayer mat. This tool not relies on single technique or algorithm, it uses multiple algorithms to find exact Qibla direction.

Prayer Tools provides Prayer time in two dimensions, time range/starting time of prayer and salat time with three types of customizable alerts. Prayer Tools also provides Sehar and Iftar timings, not only for Ramdhan but for any day of whole year to facilitate Muslims in missed or voluntary fasting (sawm).

To meet the requirements of different school of thoughts (Fiqh) and different geological locations, prayer tools have a range of customizable parameters which you can set according to your requirements.

Prayer Tools supports Multiple languages like, Arabic, Bangali, Chinese, English, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.
More info:
Download from:
Prayer Tools
Prayer Tools
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Free Android Application
Namaz Guide A complete book of namaz in Urdu language with real page turning effect, experience as real book reading.

This app is a complete guide for Muslims to learn Namaz and other Holy prayers. You can learn the right way of Wudu, Ghusal, Namaz, Namaz-e-Janaza and other blessful prayers. There are also many useful Duaaein (DUAs) for routine usage. more info -
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