FanDuel Partners Basketball Championship 2/24/2016
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At LineStar we are honored and excited to participate in the FanDuel Partners Basketball Championship! Below you can read about our platform and learn about our strategy for this event. 

LineStar for FanDuel (iOS and Android, uses advanced machine-learning algorithms taking into account over 100 unique factors when formulating projections. LineStar has seen great success with our customers helping them improve their DFS skills and see success in their competitions. We pride ourselves on transparency and allow users to view projections for all previous game periods. 

For this tournament, we used the ideas generated from our app and along with our NBA knowledge of what's going down tonight,  we have created the following lineup... 

LineStar LineUp:
Kemba Walker      $8,600
Mike Conley $6,700
E'Twaun Moore $4,500
Danny Green $4,500
LeBron James $9,900
Luol Deng $5,800
Myles Turner      $5,700
LaMarcus Aldridge $7200
Marcin Gortat $7,100
Total Salary Utilized: $60,000

With only 10 participants in the competition it's hard to decide on the proper strategy, do you go with risky high upside plays, or play it safe and hope to land somewhere in the middle?

This being the first matchup of this competition, we're going somewhere in between, with mostly safe plays but taking some risk in some positions that are weak tonight.

John Wall: Bulls give up a lot of points to PG's, in what is going to be a close game, Wall should see a lot of time tonight.

Kemba Walker: Kemba has a nice matchup against the Cavs, and his salary fit nicely into this lineup.

Mike Conley : Grizzlies are still figuring out how their team is working after the recent set of trades and Gasol lost for the year, but Conley figures to be a big part of every play, and his price doesn't reflect his new status. Coming off a disappointing game, likely won't be highly owned.

E'Twaun Moore : His teammates love him, and he's adequately filling in the shoes of Jimmy Butler during his absence. SG is a wasteland tonight, I have to think Moore is going to be 100% owned tonight. 

Danny Green : Going against SAC who are giving up points to everyone, this is a bit of a risky play with a low floor. With the SG position as weak as it is tonight, I'm willing to punt this position and hope he doesn't flop in an easy matchup.

LeBron James : Has a nice matchup and coming off a bad game. The king is prime for a bounce-back.

Luol Deng : Dislocated finger or not, Deng has been solid with Bosh out, and in one of the higher scoring games of the night is hard to pass up at this price.

Myles Turner: Turner has been solid since gaining the starting job, and even has the coaches trust at the end of the game now. With CJ Miles down, maybe a couple extra minutes to go around.

LaMarcus Aldridge: Always nice to get any player going against SAC.

Marcin Gortat : Center was a hard choice, going against the Bulls Gortat is a very safe option, but by paying this price we'll be missing out on high upside and lower priced players like Jokic and Lopez.

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