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Fantasy Grounds
The perfect blend of automation and control for any RPG Game!
The perfect blend of automation and control for any RPG Game!

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Castles & Crusades Table Demo video: Custom tables in Fantasy Grounds are a breeze. You can make anything from random name generators, to random encounter tables full of monsters. Tables can also be nested to allow auto-rolls against related tables.

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Chatnomicon Chat Extension:
Allows users to create a list of common chat phrases/expressions
Suppports normal chat, /action, /emote and /ooc
Supports setting moods
Each user can set their own favorites
Supports GM portrait and player portrait for chat messages
Supports GM /action and /story
Keeps list sorted by chat type for easier reference
NEW - Message of the Day feature for GMs allows players to receive the MotD when first joining
NEW - Categories for GMs
NEW - Export of ChatMon data for GMs
After a message is setup, a single click is all it takes to send!"

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Savage Worlds Global Effects extension: This is very simple extension which provides new GM tool (access it from GM tools view). The Global Effects tool can be used to define trait-related effects like in combat tracker, but they will affect to ALL combat tracker combatants.

What would you use this for in your games?

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5E Tool Proficiencies as Skills Module, an easy way to drag-n-drop Tool Proficiencies to the PCs.

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If the announcement of #Vampire 5th ed. got you excited, try out some #V20 with this community ruleset.

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Who doesn't need random gem generators for treasure hoards? Gemstone Items Module

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Want your FG dice in another location? Here's an extension to move the #dice somewhere else on the screen.

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#Cthulhu has arrived! You can now get the 7th edition of the Call of Cthulhu RPG on Fantasy Grounds!

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The new D&D season will be announced during the Stream of Annihilation on May 2nd! Join John Gregory and Doug Davison from Smiteworks live from Wizards of the Coast as they take part in announcement festivities. Will they survive?
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