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Welcome to all those who've recently found their way to my corner of Google+. I post material related to maps of real and imaginary worlds, and also tips on how to create them yourself. The tips took an extended hiatus earlier in the year (you can probably guess why) but here's a compilation of some of those tips:

Using a phone to 'scan' a line art map:
Drawing forests:
How to draw grassland:
Explaining blend modes:
Picking a background texture:
Drawing isometric cliffs:
Drawing Cliffs:
Drawing Mountains:
Drawing an isometric dungeon map:
Colouring an isometric dungeon map:
Creating a grungy brush:
Drawing trees:
Colouring Trees:
Designing a castle gatehouse:
How to resize published maps for vtt use:
Turning any map into an aged paper handout:
Top down mountain design:
Simple icon design:
City layout:
Using line art to convey information:

This isn't entirely comprehensive as G+ seems to not be the best place for archiving posts, but the full set can be found over here:

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Even though I can't draw to save my life I love seeing the art displayed here
Oh man, I had never seen these.  These are really good.  Thanks for posting them all in one place!
+Eric Quigley - there's a few more on the CG, it's worth checking those out as well, but this is all of the later ones.
Something must be wrong with my pencil - I followed the instructions but my map looks more like a bowl of pesto ;)
I look forward to your book on these collected posts. ;)
I remember a lot that were on your site, but I can't find them anymore. There was one about resizing maps for print and VTTs
My site's down for an extended revamp - hence putting them up here instead for the time being.
Do you have a similar one for overhead/traditional map views of forests?
I have always struggled with that.
Apparently not - I was sure that I did. I'll rectify that this weekend. Keep an eye out!
Johnatan, what do you think about Russian translation of your awesome guides (with all required permissions, copyrights and other)?
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