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Fantastic Maps

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More great ref from #earthview  
Nothing like the real world to give some inspiration.
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Delta, nice now u just need sister cities, one rich and one poor. They'd be ocean trading ports.
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Fantastic Maps

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More mappage coming out of the how to draw a map tutorial :) Great to see people starting to have the confidence to create maps like this!
This is where our Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition) campaign is currently based. It may remain based here, who knows, we're all making it up as we go along. (If any of my players are seeing this -...
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Roast chicken, and a plume of cloud hangs above Mars.

In other news - it's tricky to illustrate 'brown' and have it look apeallingly delicious...

#notamap   #marriedafoodwriter  
Mars has a black cloud over it, but all anyone wants to talk about is winter. Make this roast chicken recipe instead.
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Fantastic Maps

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Free world map!

This was the first map that I created in an isometric style. It acted as a test bed for isometric mountains, jungle covered peaks, and desert (as well as a massive whirlpool. I've been using it as a core piece of Fantastic Maps logos and banners for a while, but I never made it available. Here it is - CC licensed for personal use!
I create a lot of maps. Every now and again I get to create a map for personal use. Here's one created as a test, and is a free world map for personal use.
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Fantastic Maps

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channelling both my inner game geek and cartographer! thanks +Fantastic Maps you rock  #hexallthethings  
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For your next project, you need to have a utility that creates random new versions of old tiles based on what it was to begin with.
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Some people have been banging out maps in the test. Glad to see the big performance issues killed in this round.
Here's a map of Velay by one of the testers.
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And #hexallthethings  testing is back up. Hopefully release has fixed a core issue...
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Okay, thanks!
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River thoughts

1. is a little too simple. It doesn't fit in the feel of the map. It is, however, how I normally draw my rivers. Effectively it's a tapered line with a gradient. The adjustment when it hits the coast is harsh. It's theoretically doable as a programatic feature, where it's a stroke on a path, but would be hard.

2. is much more detailed. Here there would be sections - a meeting the sea section, a whole load of intermediate sections, and then source sections. I'd need to do some work on snapping ends (probably), but there's nothing too hard about this one - just a decent chunk of drawing.


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geographer? Gd work
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Fantastic Maps

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Sketching Road Ideas

1. didn't work. The flat colours are poor. They don't work, and the details on the roads are easily lost.

2. is an interesting one. it kind of works, but would be a totally pain to code in a way that let you create the road yourself.

3. is the most likely to work from a coding point of view. And I like the way it looks. The challenge is to create a piecewise system that makes it easy to build a road out of pieces like this. Coding up this one is challenging, but not impossible.
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+Derek Rawlings Indeed :) There's some fun projection maths that can be done on that, but that might be a step too far.

+Jack Everitt Thanks. That's interesting. Given how my river work is going - pre-drawing segments and having people assemble them int a road appears feasible. I'll have to see in practice.
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One of my first ever regional maps, and free to use under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license. Enjoy!
More free maps here:
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It reminds me of the Lakes District, coming from Man, but that might just be your use of -mere and [animal] place names, with the Giant's *. Lovely!
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The usual. Playing around with random stuff.  I especially like the sandworm.

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Nothing quite like seeing the impact of deploying a fix.

>3s response time drops to <20_ms_ response time. Thanks to all for testing, these improvements wouldn't be possible without you hammering on this. #hexallthethings  
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I illustrated the official maps of the Lands of Ice and Fire for Game of Thrones as well as maps for BMW, Wizards of the Coast, Will Smith's After Earth, and many more.

I post tips and tricks on how to create your own maps, here's a collection of some of the tips I've posted. I got into map making through RPGs, and I run a store of maps that you can buy for use in your own games. To see more of my work, check out my site.