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Accelerate and innovate with the premiere Footwear and Apparel Network for Product Lifecycle Management
Accelerate and innovate with the premiere Footwear and Apparel Network for Product Lifecycle Management

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Part 1: Evaluate your true costs

Morale issues and employees jumping ship are often the final straw that results when your overall product development process is not running on all cylinders. Preceding this, are lost orders, mistakes, and delays that result in overtime, low margins, and sales reps who end up with cancelled orders. In order to get a true picture of what your costs are, you need to ask, and answer the following questions:

How many emails are you fielding and how much time is being spent on email communication amongst teams and groups within your organization?
How much time is spent coordinating various department calendars? Do you have a master calendar that everyone can see and plan around?
Are deadlines being met and is everyone clear on what those deadlines are? What if they change? How will people know?
Are milestones being met?
Do you have key metrics that are being established and how do you know if you are meeting them?
How much time are your people spending doing simple data entry into excel spreadsheets?
If you ask for specific metrics from a particular group, how much time is it taking them to find the answers? Can they even find them and report them accurately? How do you know they are even accurate to begin with?
Do people have access to information when they are on the go?
When you get quotes from the factories you use, do you know the true costs and how they are broken down, or do you have a feeling there are hidden costs?
How well is your PO process working?
Not only can these questions can be answered with the right PLM system in place, but the true costs associated with a system that everyone can adhere to, use and love, will far outweigh any initial investment required to implement. A user friendly system that provides transparency beyond the basics.

Click here to see how a PLM solution can streamline your product development process, or visit for more information.
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